What is Android Bootloader? A Quick Guide

There are so many complex-sounding names for the different parts of the Android operating system, so it’s easy to get confused by all the technical jargon. One of these confusing terms is Android bootloader, but don’t stress, because you’re about to find out all about the Android bootloader.

What Is Android Bootloader?

A bootloader is a kind of software that runs as soon as you start up your phone. It tells the phone which programs are loading in order to make your phone run smoothly.. This software packages all the instructions that are supposed to boot the operating system, and initializes hardware and serves as security checkpoint.

Aside from that, the Android bootloader also puts new versions of Android on your device for updating after the official release. It is also responsible for starting all software and checking all the partitions of the Android device. Without the Android bootloader, viruses and damage of parts cannot be known.

What is Android Bootloader? A Complete Guide | Joy of Android
The Loading of Programs at Start-Up

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Importance of the Android Bootloader

The main role of the Android bootloader is to start up your Android phone as you turn it on and check that nothing goes wrong with the operation of the phone. The bootloader also has added security that automatically checks and allows only the approved operating system.

Obviously, the bootloader is a very important part of the phone, so it’s stored in a reserved part of the device’s memory so the user won’t accidentally delete it or remove it without knowing it’s importance.

Unlocked Bootloaders After Opening
Unlocked Bootloaders After Opening


Why Google Locks the Bootloader

By default, the bootloader is locked, which means that installing your own OS is impossible. Google (and Apple and Windows), in cooperation with device manufacturers, does this for a very simple reason: so you can’t use anyone’s operating system but theirs.

However, you may be able to unlock the bootloader on your device to allow you to upload the latest hardware and custom ROMs on your Android device.

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Whether you can unlock the bootloader and, if so, how depends on the manufacturer and model of your device. However, be warned that unlocking the bootloader can void your warranty and, depending on your location, the device manufacturer, and your service provider, may be a violation of the terms of service.

And, of course, if you’re perfectly happy using the Android OS, then there’s no reason to bother unlocking the bootloader in the first place.

Locked Bootloader Problem
Locked Bootloader Problem

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Now You’re an Android Bootloader Expert

So now that you’re familiar with the many different features of the Android Bootloader, let me know what you think.

Do you think unlocking the Android Bootloader can be useful to you? Do you think it is good to have it unlocked or to just leave it locked? Tell us your ideas and fill out the comments section below, then share this on your favorite social media platform to help your friends too!

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