How Android Can Help to Fight Loneliness

There’s no shame in feeling lonely.

We’re all pack animals, and there’s a limit to just how much time we can spend alone before we start feeling the effects of a lack of contact with others.

It’s argued that loneliness serves as a social pain, that can protect people from the dangers of becoming isolated. It’s also described as a way to force us to confront any feelings that we’re struggling to deal with, which is healthy in the long run.

Being lonely is not a form of weakness, and it’s a natural response depending on your situation. You might feel alone, but you’re not the only one to feel that way, and things will get better.

It’s tough to deal with, but there are steps you can take to get back to normal. The earlier you deal with your problems the easier it will be, and everybody has the capacity to start building relationships once again.

It’s questionable just how much help you can get from an article alone, but we’ve tried our best to come up with a helpful guide that you can use to get back on the right track using your Android device, as well as more information about what you can do.

Let’s get started;

Why Are People Lonely?


Nearly everybody feels the effects of loneliness at some point or other in their lives. It’s tough to pinpoint just why some people are lonely compared to others, but there are a few common factors at play that seem to affect most people.

It doesn’t matter if you have lots of friends, or if you spend your days filled activities. If you’re not getting enough meaningful contact with people who respect you, it’s going to have an effect on your wellbeing in the long run.

A lot depends on how much contact you need with others. Everybody has a different set of needs in terms of socialising, and it can sometimes be more about genetics than anything else.

Times of transition can sometimes be the cause of feelings of loneliness. If you’re adjusting to a new home, job or school, it’s common to feel a little lost, although some people struggle with feelings of loneliness for extended periods, no matter what their personal circumstances are.

Loneliness is said to be contagious, but there’s no definitive proof of that. Instead, it can impact on your social skills, giving you limited opportunities to make new friends and meet new people. It can be a vicious cycle, but it’s important to establish that you do deserve to have friends.

It’s sometimes easy to feel like everyone is against you, and that can halt any progress you make with new relationships. It’s common to build barriers to keep others away, but it’s worth focusing on the underlying reason why you have those barriers in the first place.

Studies have shown that loneliness can also have implications relating to your health, so it really is worth sorting out as soon as possible. In the short-term, you should accept that you’re feeling lonely, and start taking positive steps as soon as possible.



Acceptance is one of the hardest stages, but it’s the first step to recovery in most treatment plans. If you’re willing to admit that you’re lonely, it takes the strain away from maintaining the pretence that everything is okay.

Removing the stigma is a problem, as loneliness is often seen as something that should be hidden away and dealt with in private. In reality, it can often be very hard to deal with without the love and support of others, and it’s near impossible if you blame yourself for the situation.

Introspection can often be helpful, but it’s worth remembering that relationships take time to build, and there’s always a wide range of services and treatments available. Talking to a professional might seem like a big step, but it’s advisable if you start feeling really depressed about the situation for a prolonged period.

If you don’t want to talk to somebody, we have some alternative methods listed below.


If you’ve been feeling lonely for a while now, there are a few things you can do to start making changes.

Everyone is affected differently by loneliness, but we can all agree that it’s not a nice feeling. Some people like to think they’re an old soul, but there are ways to to create or improve your relationships with people without changing who you are.

Your Android device is a gateway to the entire world, so there’s always a way to escape (or get help) with your feelings. Distracting yourself with apps and games will only serve to push the problems to the background, and its worth attempting to deal with feeling of loneliness directly if possible.

It’s common not to want to talk to anyone as barriers slowly start to build up, but is it possible that the people you know aren’t aware of how you’re feeling? If you let people know that you’re feeling down, there’s always a chance that they would be willing to provide support.

There are numerous self-help apps available if you want to deal with it yourself, while you can always practise on a talkbot like SimSimi using your Android device before you get started.


Either way, remember that feelings of loneliness will go away in time as long as you remedy the situation, but sometimes it can be hard to start relationships in the first place.

Thankfully, that’s where your Android device comes in.

Building Relationships Using Your Device


It can often be tough to make new friends, but there’s no reason why you can’t use your device to start building meaningful relationships.

Dating apps are an obvious choice, but there are also lots of different ways to broaden your horizons and meet new people at the same time. It depends on whether you’re looking for friendship or something more, but nearly all of the bases are covered on the Play Store and beyond.

You could easily join a new forum and start getting to know the regulars, or you could play Words with Friends with a relative. It depends on what you need, but it’s hard to trump real human contact, and the socialisation that most of us crave.

With that in mind, you can always use an app like MeetUp if you want more of a community feel.


The app allows you to “find groups of people meeting up in real life who share your interests”, and it’s mostly for fun events. If you want to meet people in your town who speak Portuguese, or fellow dog owners, or even a new book club, the app could be a helpful way to set you on the right path.

If there’s no group for your hobby/interest, you always have the option of making your own, while there are a number of different apps on the market if you don’t want to start off with a larger group.

It’s fine if you want to take it slowly, and it’s often better than rushing into things. Coming on too strong can be an issue if you’re desperate to make new friends, so don’t worry if there are setbacks along the way, and don’t push too hard at first.

These places and groups usually love taking on new members, and you’d be surprised at just how accommodating most are when you first meet up. It’s okay to be nervous, but that’s no reason to stop you from trying out for a local amateur sports team or film club.

(You don’t have to use an app, since there’s lots of sites you can find to meet up with like-minded people on the internet depending on your location.)

If you’re more interested in dating, (and who would blame you) there are so many apps competing for your attention. Many are free to download and try, and it’s up to you (again) to find something relevant to your interests.

Communicating with people via the internet is one thing, but sometimes you have to meet up with people in real life to fully appreciate just what you’ve been missing.

Staying Safe


There are lots of options on the market, but be careful when making friends online. It’s true that online relationships are more socially acceptable now than in the past, but most of us have seen how easy it is to get away with pretending to be someone else when the other person is desperate to make a connection.

It’s worth noting that people will prey on your vulnerability if they can sense it, so be especially careful before you begin to open up to anyone that you don’t know. A simple Google Image search allows you to check the origins of an image, and it would save a lot of heartbreak if it was used more often.

It should go without saying, but never send money to somebody you haven’t met, and be careful when meeting up with people for the first time.

There are so many people looking for romance online, and it’s usually only a few taps away thanks to the wonders of modern technology. Sometimes it can be hard to convince yourself to get going, but remember that studies suggest:

“Online dating functions best to the degree that it introduces people to potential partners they would have been unlikely to encounter otherwise and facilitates a rapid transition to face-to-face interaction, where the two people can get a clearer sense of their romantic potential.”

In other words, it’s a great way to meet people that you might not have using traditional methods, but there’s no proof that the magic algorithms dating apps and sites use are as effective as they claim.


It’s not easy when you’re feeling down in the dumps, but there’s lots you can do to get yourself back on the right track. Loneliness can be a sign that something needs to change, and there’s always going to be someone out there who wants to spend time with you.

It won’t happen unless you start being proactive, so try to keep a positive frame of mind, and remember that the world isn’t against you. Downloading a motivational app like Positive Thinking could be helpful if you need to get in the right frame of mind.

If you’re feeling really depressed as well as lonely, never mind your Android device. Consult a doctor if you think you it could be helpful, and remember that there’s nothing wrong with asking for help to become the person you want to be.

We can sometimes be our own worst enemy, but there’s always light at the end of the tunnel, and things will get better. 

If you’ve struggled with loneliness in the past, let us know if you have any tips or stories to share. Did we manage to help you feel any better? Let us know in the comments below.

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