How Android Can Help Me Do My Homework

As long as I can remember, homework has been a huge chore for me. That’s why I would stay late in school to finish everything up before I went home. That was almost a decade ago, these days not only the homework quality has improved but also you can get external support. With power of Internet and Android combined, you can be done with homework in a very short amount of time and absorb a lot more information than a regular book. Heading to the library and dealing with physical books is a good way to get educated about a certain subject but when you are in college and have deadlines, the Internet is a lifesaver.

During the course of my 16 years of education I have completed a ton of assignments, given a lot of exams and submitted thousands of pages of homework. Looking back, if I had Android by my side along with a 4G connection, it would’ve taken me a lot less time to achieve everything. I started learning 3-D modeling and for the very first time I really enjoy doing homework, that is not only because I love remodeling but also Android has my back. Android has helped me in being more organized and spend time targeted towards learning rather than finding the material to learn. So, here are some of the best ways Android can help you in doing homework.

1. Organize

With the power of google you’ll be able to better manage your homework and do it well before the deadline. Even if you are the world’s best procrastinator, the best alarm apps for Android will wake you up from your forsaken slumber. I’ve been setting up alarm clocks to better motivate me to do a well-organized job a few days before the deadlines.

One of the good things that Android offers are the to-do list apps, they also help you in managing workload really well. Plus you have the added benefit of breaking down a full homework task into smaller pieces, so you don’t get discouraged when you see a mountain of homework. Prioritizing the work that needs to be done first is the best way to tackle a huge homework load. This way you’ll do the chemistry homework first because it’s due in a few days rather than doing the enjoyable English assignment just because you enjoy it.

2. Manage Time

Taking out small chunks over the course of several days enables you to finish the homework well before due date. I understand that it is highly tempting to delay the work and try to work it in the last few days, but I highly recommend that you chip away at work rather than waiting for the “doom and gloom” period.

You can manage time in numerous different ways thanks to the power of Android. You can use the best calendar apps for Android, the alarm clock apps for Android or even the best to do list apps for Android. However, if you have the Google Assistant on your smartphone, setting up reminders on it is extremely easy;

  • Say OK Google or long press the home key to activate Google Assistant.
  • Tell the Google Assistant to set a reminder for homework.
  • She will ask you when to remind you about it, set a realistic time.
  • That’s it, Google will remind you to start homework at the set time.

3. Google Assistant

You are doing a physics assignment and all you need is a definition for something small. In old days you would have to open up Google, search for the term and get the answers. Thankfully we live in a modern age where Google Assistant exists. Now, all you need to do is say “Okay Google” and ask the question. You don’t even have to click anywhere, the Google Assistant will display the most appropriate result right on the screen. If you need more information you can tap on the answer and get some. This is one of the best ways to save time fitting around textbooks and Wikipedia. I highly recommend that you start using Google Assistant as your personal homework assistant.

4. Get a Homework App

In order to help you with the homework there are a ton of great homework management apps available on the Google Play Store. Here are a few of them that will certainly help you get the work done in no time at all:

I highly recommend the first one on this tiny list because it is very well designed and offers a good balance between management and work. If you need a little bit more than just a homework manager then the 2nd app is the best one for you.

5. Collaborate

There are multiple people working on the same assignment? Collaboration becomes a chore especially when you go back to home. Sure you can use some of the best calling apps for Android to ring up everyone but that is not always efficient. This is why I recommend these apps for some epic collaboration:


Google Keep


Everyone will be able to contribute evenly with these apps in the play. If you are done with something, you can easily update everyone in one go, without having to send individual messages. All the progress is displayed for everyone so you don’t redo anything your buddy has already done.


These are a few great ways Android can help you do your homework. I hope that with these suggestions you’ll be able to wrap up the productivity and always deliver before deadline. If you have any more suggestions that can help people excel in doing homework, feel free to share them with us.

I would personally love to hear what you have to say because I still feel my mind wanders off frequently. Until next time, stay on top of your homework.

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