4 Best Android Flip Phones for the Ultimate Nostalgia

Do you remember when you were able to take out your phone and snap it closed? It felt so cool doing this every time, and let me tell you, I wish I could get that feeling back. I would walk around in my high school, the first few days I had a phone, and just play around with the phone as if I was the king of the school.

Sure, some of those earlier flip phones weren’t all that great in terms of durability, but the times have changed, so you can actually find some nice Android flip phones to make yourself feel cool again. Android phones are all pretty large, with brick-like designs, so you can’t close it like a flip phone and slide it nicely into your pocket.

If you miss the compact nature of flip phones, along with the ability to snap it closed, we are going to showcase the best Android flip phones to feel that good old fashioned snap in your hands. Keep in mind that there is a severe lack of Android flip phones on the market.

Samsung and LG are both coming out with rather expensive flip phone models, but there are four that are currently quite interesting.

Let’s have a look.


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Best Android flip phones

Best flip phone in camera qualityOtium Foldable Flip Super Slim Phone
Smallest flip phoneMotorola Flipout
Best overallMotorola Flipside
Highly recommendedSamsung Golden
Best Android flip phones

1. Otium Foldable Flip Super Slim Phone: $129.99

Otium Foldable Flip Super Slim Phone

A Nice Camera with Strong Designs

The Otium Foldable Flip phone is one of the only Android flip phones you can find for a reasonable price. For some reason the Android interface has trouble integrating with flip phones, or people just don’t want them as much anymore, but the Otium phone has a nice design with plenty of processing power.

The phone only has a 3-inch screen, but you get one screen on the front and another when you open the phone up. The resolution is decent, and of course, you get the nostalgia of carrying around that trusty flip phone.

Why should you buy it?

  1. It comes with 512MB RAM
  2. The phone supports apk files so you can put whatever games or apps you want on there
  3. It supports dual SIM cards
  4. The phone has two cameras on it

2. Motorola Flipout: $193.99

Motorola Flipout review

Tiny, but Pretty Cool

The Motorola Flipout is one of the smallest devices you will ever see. It is shaped like a square, so it feels a little strange playing with it in your hands. The screen slides out to reveal the keyboard, and you can see a full Android interface on the front screen. I enjoy the fact that it has a physical keyboard for fast typing.

The screen is obviously too small for the Android interface, but it’s still interesting to screw around with. Android is built for large screens, so this phone fails in that respect.

Why should you buy it?

  1. Works with tons of carriers since it comes unlocked
  2. It has a fairly nice camera
  3. The battery lasts for a surprisingly long time
  4. The screen is only 2.8-inches

3. Samsung Golden: $767.49

Samsung Golden

A Premium Phone, for a Premium Price

Yes, that price is accurate. The Samsung Golden is designed for the wealthy in mind, and it seems to show it with the design and functionality. The phone features a dual screen so you can play around with it while the phone is closed. The buttons are sleek and it has a sturdy structure just in case you drop it.

The coolest thing is that you get a touchpad and keypad, so you can use either one depending on your own preferences.

Why should you buy it?

  1. Comes with a built-in FM radio
  2. Has a super AMOLED screen for the ultimate durability
  3. Unlocked for hooking up to just about any carrier

4. Motorola Flipside: $54.99

Motorola Flipside

Just Like The Old Ones

This is actually a sliding phone, but I like to consider a sliding phone similar to a flip phone. You receive a nice physical keyboard with the Motorola Flipside, so you can fly whenever you are writing those texts or emails.

The phone comes with a touchscreen Android interface, so you can use that when the phone is closed. The display size is 3.1-inches for a decent view of what you are doing on the phone, but it doesn’t compare to your standard Android phone. It also has a decent camera.

Why should you buy it?

  1. The price is pretty unbeatable
  2. The battery lasts up to seven hours
  3. It only weighs about 0.7 pounds
  4. The processors isn’t that bad for a flip phone

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Are there any smart slip phones?

Yes, smart flip phones are available in the market. One such smart flip phone is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. It sports a 6.7″ flexible AMOLED glass display with a hinge to flip the phone.

Who makes a smart flip phone?

Samsung, Motorola, Otium, Nokia, and LG are some of the top flip phone manufacturers.

Which is the smallest Android flip phone?

Motorola Flipout is the smallest Android flip phone with a 2.8″ screen. It is shaped like a square, so it feels a little strange playing with it in your hands.


Like I stated before, there isn’t much of a market for Android flip phones, but these are the best you can find. If you really want to shell out a bunch of cash you can try out the premium Samsung Golden. In my opinion I would go for something cheaper if you are really looking for a flip phone.

Some of the dual screen Android flip phones offer a unique take on the platform, and you can also get the nostalgic feeling of walking around with your flip phone the way we all used to do.

Let us know in the comments section below if you have any questions about the best Android flip phones on the market. Share your thoughts if you have used any of these phones or if you think any other options should be included on the list.

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