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8 Android Game Hacks You’ve Probably Never Heard


Playing video games has always been one of my greatest hobbies and I tend to look forward to it every day. However, video games are not always about having fun. Sometimes, it can also be a feat that the majority cannot comprehend.


One thing is for certain when it comes to video games, it’s not always going to be a straight progression. No matter what games you play, you will hit a roadblock at some point in time.

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But you’re probably not here to read my stories. You’re here because you’re stuck on a certain stage of your Android game. Which then prevents or slows down your progression. One way to get around your problem is by buying XDA Developers’ Android Hacker’s Toolkit on Amazon. With this book, you can learn and master Android rooting, game hacking, ROM installation and more like a pro.


If buying the book is too tedious for you, that’s okay. Regardless of your reason, you’re here because you want an easy way to pass through these problems. Fret not, as we listed down 4 Android gaming hacks that you probably have never heard before and could probably fix your problem.

Android Game Hacks, Cheat, Root, Without Root

So, without further ado, here are the 8 Android game hacks that you might not have ever heard before.

Android Game Hacks – Without Root

Before anything else, please note that online-based Android games cannot be cheated or hacked. An example of that is “Clash of Clans.” You cannot use software or apps to hack and gain resources for this game.

If you do so ever find one and successfully used it to gain resources in-game, then good for you. However, it will just be a matter of time before their system detects such anomalies. Once they do they will either revert your account or worst, get it banned.

1. Modified Android Game APK

tower king defence modified apk unlimited resources
Tower King Defence Modified APK

If there’s one thing that we will highly recommend when it comes to Android game hacks, that’s downloading a modified version of a game.

Right now, there are various websites that offer modified Android games for free. You can easily find one by Googling the name of your Android game that you want to hack along with the words “MOD” or “MOD APK.” For example, “Tower Defence King mod APK.”

Google search result modified apk
A List of Modified APK from Google

You can then download the modified APK of your Android game. These modified APK versions usually come with an unlimited premium and non-premium resources. It depends on the game and what you need.

2. Using Mods with Private Servers

Modified Clash of Clans private server
Clash of Clans Private Server

As we previously mentioned above, online-based games are almost impossible to hack or cheat. However, you can use a modified APK version of the game that use private servers to successfully hack this type of Android game. This is the best and probably the only way to hack online games.

To do this, you will need a modified app that you can usually download on Google. These apps have a different in-game signature created by the developers.

Once successful, you can start enjoying unlimited resources or much more with this type of games. However, one major flaw of hacking online-based Android games is that everyone within the private server has access to all cheats. So, it’s going to be total mayhem.

3. Cheat Engine – Modifying In-Game Parameters

Cheat Engine Android UI
Cheat Engine Android

If you haven’t heard yet, Cheat Engine, one of the popular game hacking tools for PC, is now on Android. Cheat Engine can easily modify the values within the game. It can give you freedom and it is the most efficient way of hacking into games.

Using Cheat Engine on a game
Hill Racing Parameter Altered

With Cheat Engine APK, you can make alterations to most of the games that will give us gamers the advantages such as infinite health, unlimited resources, or more. Lastly, Cheat Engine works best with a single player type of Android games. It also doesn’t require rooting your device.

4. Altering Device System Time

Android Time Date UI
Changing Device Time

Back when I was working as a QA tester for a company that test games, one of the most common hacks we do is changing the time of the device. This method of hacking is the most common exploit that anyone could do. This type of exploit usually works with games that are time-based and are not online-based.

Here’s a good example, the game called “Drive and Park.” This game provides you with a new set of cars every day. It doesn’t have any in-game currency that you can use and it’s only one of the two ways to earn you a car.

Just by adjusting the device time, I can keep receiving gifts that contain a new set of cars. No need for rooting or any 3rd party hacking tools. A simple device manipulation can greatly work in favor for us gamers. Pretty cool, huh?

5. BlueStacks – Emulator

Bluestacks Gaming Emulator
Bluestacks Gaming Emulator

Another incredible way to cheat games that are considerable risk-free is the use of emulators. Emulators make game hacking on Android safer than other methods. The best emulator that we can highly recommend is BlueStacks. It’s a proven Android emulator that is surely recommended by most.

With BlueStacks, you can turn your computer into the most powerful Android system that you’ll have.

Android Game Hacks – With Root

To get things really done, here are some hacks that freely lets you do anything you want inside the game as long as it is within the parameters of the game. Also, your phone needs to be rooted for these to work.

1. Xmodgames

Xmodgames Hacking Software

One popular mobile game hacking software is Xmodgames. This hacking software can even hack online games like clash of clans. Xmodgames is arguably one of the best alternatives to modded APKs from random websites.

However, as we already mentioned above. There is a high probability that you will get banned from any online games that you use this launcher on.

The official version of Xmod app is not available in the Play Store.

2. BOT Maker App

hacks bot android game cheat
Bot Maker App for Android

Another hack that’s probably not yet widely popular is the creation of bots. Bots can basically play the game for you if programmed correctly. They can gather resources, level up your character, basically play the game for you.

Although, it might take a couple of research for you to be able to create a bot specifically for your needs. You will also need a rooted Android phone for this hack.

Google Play

3. Cheat Engine

The most popular PC hacking tool is now available for Android. Cheat Engine can be used to hack games running on an emulator on your Windows PC, which can be highly effective or use it on your Android to alter the memory of the app. Giving you the option to instantly changes the number of resources you have in-game from 1 to 99999.


Is phone game hacks safe?

Hacking anything are not risk-free and that includes game hacking. If you don’t know what you are doing, you could potentially damage your phone.

Do phone game hacks work?

With proper knowledge and skillset, phone game hacks do work if done properly. Otherwise, it could potentially harm your device permanently

The best way to hack games?

We highly recommend using Emulator and Cheat Engine to hack any games you want. It’s by far the safest and easiest for us.

If there’s one hack about mobile gaming that you can use to your advantage, it’s gonna playing with a controller hack. On Amazon alone, there are tons of different controllers available for your phone. These controllers are designed to give you the advantage in various mobile games such as Player’s Unknown battlegrounds, Battle Royal games, MOBA games like Mobile Legends, and more!

Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller for Android Phone 

Android Game Hacks: BEBONCOOL Mobile Controller for Android

This wireless controller is designed specifically for hardcore gaming. It utilizes the standard gamepad protocol that’s supported by Google. Making this controller compatible with various hundreds of mobile games for Android.


Hacking or cheating Android games is not cool and will never be cool. Achieving your goal/s through hard work and skills is far more fulfilling than cheating your way. However, there are times that our favorite game/s are just too difficult for us or requiring more money far more than it should. The latter is far more emphasized and truer with Android games.

No matter what reason you have for needing a hack, the decision to do so all depends on each one of us. We hope that this article, at the very least, have helped you in your need and search. If you think that there are more hacks that should be in our list, do let us know in the comment section below!

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