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Android Gift Ideas for Your Office Exchange

android christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of year when everyone starts asking for your money unabashedly. Inevitably, this rears its head in a White Elephant or Secret Santa gift exchange. Granted, you’ll receive a gift like someone’s unwanted wedding serving tray in return for your efforts, but you probably still want to do your best while keeping finances under control.

That’s why we have compiled a list, $25 or less, of Android accessories that strike the right note between being suitable and useful, yet fun and something that someone would actually want as a gift.

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You could also receive credit for making the exchange more fun with Android apps. One such app geared toward social interaction is Greedy Gift Exchange.

Download: Greedy Gift Exchange

Or if you want to use technology to simplify the process, the Secret Santa Lite app will provide random assignments to participants as well as notifications.

Download: Secret Santa Lite

And if you want to get your Christmas gift list organized and under control, check out apps like Christmas Gift List

Download: Christmas Gift List

or Xmas Organizer. Now for the gifts.

Download: Xmas Organizer

1. Camera Accessories

These days, even your professional photographer may find themselves taking some photos with their Android. Here are some tools that can help them out:

GripTight Mount $17

This tripod claims to fit any phone (and most cases) or any small tablet. That phone or tablet does need to be 2.1 to 2.8 inches wide. This allows everyone to be in the photo or video, without timing, movement, or distance problems.


Photojojo’s Magnetic Android Lens (Individual Lens) $9

This is a pro-quality lens for your phone, tablet, or monitor. It works with most cases. This link is for the SUPER Fisheye Lens, but there are others as well.  If they’ve ever struggled to fit all of their subject in your photo, this is extremely helpful for horizontal pictures of an entire room or to just add a fun twist.


Pocket Tripod $8

Similar to the Griptight Mount, this tripod specializes in giving you any angle that they need for their picture. They can also use it to prop your phone up to enjoy some TV or a movie. This particular model is for Samsung, but there are also several other options for other Androids out there.

pocket tripod

ROCK LED Selfie Light  $14.21

For the selfie connoisseur, this light clips onto one’s Android to create flattering lighting. Create some warmth in photos instead of the usual dilemma of a harsh flash vs darkness with very low resolution.

selfie light

Aukey Ora Lenses $24.99

This lens can accommodate a variety of photography scenarios. It’s ideal for detailed close-ups. The wide angle of the lens allows one to capture even the most spacious of landscapes.

aukey lens

2. Phone Holders

Sometimes Android users need a helping hand, to prop up the phone while their hands are otherwise occupied. Some may also double as a navigation device holder.

Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount Holder $19

For your co-worker who rides their bike to work. Let them get their exercise without having to worry about their phone clattering to the ground. Right now there’s a special going on to receive 10% off if you use the code TDB7O32V during checkout.

bike mount

WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Holder $8

This accessory uses a magnet to hold your phone up in your car. It gives them the flexibility to rotate or swivel their Android into different positions.  It’s very well-reviewed on Amazon—to quote—”This is one of the best purchases I have ever made” and “This makes my life better.”

magnetic mount

2-in-1 Mobile Phone Car Mount $18

This mount uses a suction cup, and is made of durable materials throughout. It will mount to either a windshield or an air vent. It also supports a large range of device widths—1.5 to 4.3 inches.

suction mount

Belkin Armband for Jogging $25

Although Belkin seems to cater more to iPhone users, they do make armbands for some Android manufacturers like Samsung as well. These are built for comfort while they are exercising, which is good, because isn’t exercise painful enough?

belkin jogging

3. Media Transfer

You can make the transfer of files between Android and PC far easier for your co-workers using these accessories.

Leef Bridge $17.36

USB 3.0 32GB that requires no connection, cables, or battery. It’s well-constructed according to reviews. It is compatible with all operating systems, making it a breeze for your co worker to move photos or movies from their Android to PC or vice versa.

leef bridge

Transcend RDP9 Smart On-The-Go Card Reader $12

This provides a micro USB interface for Android to share files between micro SD/SD memory cards and USB flash drives. It provides service for up to two years with a limited warranty. Their Android does need to be running 4.0 or greater.

transcend reader

Moultrie Smart Phone SD Card Reader $25

The Moultrie accessory makes an Android capable of displaying media from an SD card, even when it doesn’t have this built-in functionality. It does support most file formats as well as some cloud services, such as DropBox.

IOGEAR Go For 2 USB OTG Card Reader  $6

Simplify the transfer of photos, movies, music, and other media between on-the-go compatible Androids and PCs. Android devices must be 4.0+. USB3 makes it fast.

iogear reader

4. Android Entertainment

From pens to digital media streaming, there’s something for everyone.

PenGo BrushPen Stylus $25.99

For Android-lovers’ touch screens, this pen comes with interchangeable tips. It can function as a paintbrush, and can be used for writing or drawing.


Chromecast $25 (Regularly $35)

You will have to pay a bit more to get this totally brand new, but this refurbished dongle will still send anything from the web to an HDTV. It can be controlled with an Android. It supports Netflix, Google Play, YouTube, and Google Movies.

chromecast dongle

Google Play Gift Card $10, $15, $20 or $25

If you want to keep it personal and thoughtful, but want your coworker to be able to choose what they want, you can’t go wrong with a Google Play gift card. They can use it to get games, apps, music, and movies.

google play

Google Cardboard $15

Virtual reality headsets can get extremely pricey, but here are several much more affordable versions. Smartphone screens aren’t exactly the optimal viewing experience, but these headsets can turn them into a cinematic event.

google cardboard

5. More Power

What’s one of the number one complaints we see about any Android phone? Users can never have enough charge for their battery. Therefore, it’s hard to go wrong with these products that can stretch battery life longer.


Poweradd 2nd Gen 3.4A Pilot 2GS 10,000 mAh Portable Charger $16

Your gift recipient can fully charge the Pilot 2GS in about five hours, which will get it ready to supply a lot of charge to their Android. Also, the company does listen if you have a complaint.

power bank

Car Charger Maxboost 4.8A/24W 2 Smart Port $10

This little car charger plugs into a car’s cigarette lighter receptacle and can also charge MP3 players, digital cameras, and PDAs.

car charger

Anker PowerCore 10,000 $24

This power bank is very compact and speedy.

anker power

Choetech 50 Watt 6 Port Travel/Wall Charger $20

Not only can this charger service a lot of devices quickly, but it claims that it can charge almost any USB device.


6. For the Gamer

Everybody knows someone who perhaps is maybe even a little too dedicated to their mobile games. Indulge them with this gaming gear.

Fallout Pip-Boy

Download: Fallout Pip-Boy

Ok, ok, this is free, but it could still make a Fallout 4 fan very grateful.

Travel Hard Case Cover Bag for NVIDIA SHIELD Controller $15

If you know someone with this controller, this bag comes in handy to prevent dents and scratches.

cover case

Nyko Playpad Pro $20.49

Do you know someone who enjoys playing games on their tablet? This playpad will give them practically the same experience that they have on their console at home.


MOGA Mobile Gaming System $11

Not only can this charger service a lot of devices quickly, but it claims that it can charge almost any USB device.


7. Practical and Pretty

Find an accessory that matches their personality, or is bound to protect or help locate anyone’s phone. Some sites even offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

Custom Phone Cases on Etsy from $8

Although many of these revolve around the iPhone, there are several Android versions available too.

whiskers case

OverBoard Waterproof Case from $14

The front of this case is transparent so that your coworker can feel at ease using their Android on their boat or in the pool.

waterproof case

Smartphone Vertical Heavy Duty Rugged Holster Pouch Case Cover $8

This is more of a holster than a case, but can help their Android withstand tough conditions, if your jobs are a little more strenuous than sitting at a desk.


Tile Mate $25

This Bluetooth tracker is perfect for your absent-minded coworkers. It can attach to just about any object they might lose.

Android Andy T-shirts $25

There are a variety of Android shirts for both men and women in different sizes.

android shirt

Samsung TecTile NFC Tags $4.49

These tags enable automated phone settings that can be setup to vary based on circumstance, such as location. For instance, if your coworker wants their Android to automatically connect to Wi-Fi when they get home, they can program these tags to make it happen.

8. Music Lovers

Is there a music nerd in your office? Give them the gift of Android musical bliss. Or you might want to keep these gifts for yourself.


Skullcandy Ink’d In-Ear Sound Isolating Headphones $15

These headphones are equipped with an in-line mic and allows the user to remove or make calls, switch tracks, and control the play/pause buttons.

skullcandy headphones

Spotify Gift Card from $10

This will give your coworker the opportunity to access millions of songs, up to the limit of the gift card.

Aduro Amplify Wireless Earbud Headphones $18

These headphones are Bluetooth capable.

Panda Bluetooth Speaker $18

How adorable is this? It will play 3-4 hours of music. It also features a built-in microphone and can take pictures for you remotely.


How many days do you have left to shop before Christmas? We hope, and undoubtedly your coworker hopes, that you find the perfect Christmas gift for your party. Gift-giving shouldn’t be painful, or a challenge.

Do you have Android gift suggestions of your own? Have you tried these products? Let us know.

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