Best Android Launchers in Seniors

6 Best Android Launchers for Seniors

Let’s be honest:

Technology is improving rapidly over the past few years. Unfortunately, some people, especially the elderly, can’t keep up with the improvements.

With that said, Android has tons of customization features, which makes them more complicated for some people, especially the elderly.

So, are there any apps to make Android phones more accessible for seniors?

Thankfully, we now have Android launchers designed for seniors out there. These apps tweak the interface of your device to make it more simple for users.

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Most of our elderly are capable of adjusting to the rapid changes in our technology. We need to give them time to keep up with everyone.

With a simple Android launcher for seniors, we can give our seniors the Android experience simply and understandably. These apps can help them adjust and familiarize themselves with this new type of technology.

Isn’t that wonderful?

The thing is, there are tons of launchers out there, and finding the suitable ones for the elderly can be difficult and time-consuming.

Don’t worry!

We got here a list of the best Android launcher for seniors out there. These apps tweak your phone’s interface to make them more simplistic for the elderly to use.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

4 Best Android Launcher for Seniors

1. Simple Launcher

Best Android Launcher for Seniors - Simple Launcher Logo

The first on our list is Simple Launcher from Cloud Innovations. Compared to the other launchers in this list, this app has the closest interface to other regular Android launchers.

You can already tell from the app name that it has a very simplistic and friendly design. This app is suitable for the elderly that are having trouble with the default Android interface.

Best Android Launcher for Seniors - Simple Launcher Home

Simple Launcher Home Screen

With its enlarged fonts, you wouldn’t have any trouble using your phone without glasses. You can also add shortcuts to your homepage, for smooth access to your contacts and apps.

This incredible launcher has a control center so that you can manage its features in one place. Also, with its safety lock turned on, users cannot change headset volume and app positioning accidentally.

Best Android Launcher for Seniors - Simple Launcher Shortcuts

Contacts shortcut

That’s not all!

It also has an SOS shortcut in case of emergencies. Users can view their contacts easily to call for help.

Make your interface simple with this Android launcher. Download it now on Google Play!

2. Senior Safety Phone

Best Android Launcher for Seniors - Senior Safety Phone Logo

Senior Safety Phone is perfect for making Android phones ideal for the elderly. With its friendly interface, there won’t be any trouble in using a smartphone.

Give your phone a simple and friendly interface for smooth navigation. Access your favorite apps easily by adding a shortcut to your home screen.

Best Android Launcher for Seniors - Senior Safety Phone Home Screen

Simple and friendly interface

This Android Launcher also provides single-touch access to your frequent contacts for easy navigation. With its large font design, reading and accessing all of your phone’s functions can be done with ease.

Manage the app’s features through its settings. Set up your volume lock, add favorite contacts, and change the layout in one place.

Manage the app in one place

The only problem I noticed with this app is its advertisements. Ads can be pretty annoying for users if you don’t opt to remove them.

Overall, Senior Safety Phone is still an excellent Android launcher for seniors. Click the Google Play button below for more details!

3. Grand Launcher

Best Android Launcher for Seniors - Grand Launcher Logo

Grand Launcher removes all of the complicated features of your phone and replaces them with large and condensed shortcuts on your screen. Specially designed for the elderly, this launcher is one of the most simple ones out there.

With big fonts and buttons, users won’t have any trouble navigating through the app. You can also modify shortcuts and add your favorite apps to it.

Best Android Launcher for Seniors - Grand Launcher Home Screen

Simple home screen

This app has a built-in photo gallery, camera, language settings, and color modification features. Transform your smartphone into a simple, fast, and useful device for the elderly.

Best Android Launcher for Seniors - Grand Launcher SMS

Easy messaging

If you want to access Messaging and Contacts, you need to download two separate apps called Grand Phone and Grand SMS. If you don’t mind doing so, this is one of the best launchers for senior citizens out there.

Another thing that I noticed is it has a keyboard with alphabetical letters. I honestly struggle using it, but we don’t know if its easier for the elderly.

Nevertheless, Grand launcher still deserves a spot on our list because of its features and simplicity. Get this Android launcher from Google Play now!

4. BIG Launcher

Best Android Launcher for Seniors - BIG Launcher Logo

Like the Grand Launcher, this app also needs other apps for its messaging, contacts, and other features. If that doesn’t bother you, read on to know more about BIG Launcher.

A quick and manageable app for seniors, BIG provides simple shortcuts and apps for smooth navigation of your device. With a single touch control for all features, you can minimize accidental errors when using your phone.

Best Android Launcher for Seniors - BIG Launcher Home Screen

BIG Launcher Home Screen

Add app shortcuts, widgets, and contacts to your home screen for quick access. Its color schemes and large fonts allow users to use their phones even without using glasses.

Best Android Launcher for Seniors - BIG Launcher App Search

Instant App Search

With the BIG launcher, you can hide unnecessary apps to protect users from accessing them. You can also easily find apps with instant search or view the most recent of them from the top.

To fully experience the app, download the BIG SMS, Phone, Alarm, Notifications, and upgrade to the full version. Although it might seem quite a handful, I’m telling you, it is worth your time.

Transform your phone’s interface with BIG Launcher. Get it now on Google Play!

Help Launcher

image credit: Google Playstore
image credit: Google Playstore

If you are having trouble finding features or apps on your smartphone, the Help Launcher app can be a great solution. You can easily navigate any feature through using the Help Launcher app. It is hard for some people to understand how a smartphone works, especially with older people. 

This app makes it easier for you and makes your life easier. It is also designed for blind and visually impaired people. This app identifies the icons and makes it bigger with bright colors and bold fonts.

Square Home

Image credit: Google Playstore
Image credit: Google Playstore

This app is just great for older people. It uses the device administrator permission. Square home launcher is free and easy to install on your android phone. This app makes things easier for you. It covers screen space and fills the screen with the most important apps and features. You can customize which app you consider is important to appear on the main screen. You can also add and personalize settings using this launcher.

You can use this app with a free version. But with the paid version, you can unlock different features and apps on your phone. 

Related Questions Other People Ask

What is an Android launcher?

A launcher is a part of the Android interface where the user can customize the home screen and how to access the other features of their phone. Now, there are Android Launcher apps in Google Play that modifies your default launcher to a different theme.

How can Android launchers help seniors in using smartphones?

Android launchers modify the default home screen of your phone, making it more manageable or more customizable. There are Android launchers specifically designed for the elderly and people with impaired vision.

These types of launchers typically have larger fonts and buttons for reading and easier access. They also have a much simpler design and one-touch access for smoother and stress-free navigation.

Are Android launchers safe to use?

Android launchers are pretty safe as long as they only modify your home screen and not access your data. If you’re still having doubts, use one of the best Android launchers out there, Nova Launcher.

What is senior mode on Senior Safety Phone app?

Senior mode is a feature that helps seniors to use smartphone. To enable senior mode, Go to Settings > Display > Easy Mode, then turn on the feature on the activation page

To Sum It All Up

Technology has been improving rapidly over the past few years. Unfortunately, some people, especially the elderly, are struggling to keep up with the changes.

Our Android phones nowadays have tons of customization features that may look complicated to those who are not familiar with it. Thankfully, there are Android launchers for seniors out there in Google Play.

These apps, with their simple design, will help the elderly in adapting the new and unfamiliar technology for them. Through Android launchers, we can let them experience how to use smartphones and familiarize themselves with it.

Did we miss a notable Android launcher for seniors? If you wish to share your thoughts or ask a question, please leave a message on the comments section below!

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