STUDY: Android Most Popular Platform for Developers, Windows Phone Catching Up Fast

In the biggest mobile developers study in history, involving a whopping 6000 respondents from 115 nations, android is the most popular platform among developers. iOS came in second, amid findings that windows phone was shooting up with many entrant mobile developers developing for it than any other platform.

According to the study, 71 percent of mobile developers are already developing for android, while 56 percent are already engineering apps for Apple’s iOS. 35 percent of developers are planning developing for Windows Phone in the third quarter of 2013 – which is more than the 26 percent who are thinking of developing for iOS in the same timeshot.

Developers Economics Study

The Developer Economics Study was commissioned by VisionMobile to track developer mindshare, mobile ecosystems and monetization trends. It will be available for free download,

Developers build apps or more than one platform, with the study establishing that the average mobile developer develops for 2.9 ecosystems simultaneously – mostly a mix of android, windows phone and iOS. 84 percent of the time, either android, iOS or HTML 5 is the primary platform.

Blackberry has fallen out of favor in this regard.

Most developers choosing to develop for just one platform will go for iOS first, at 59percent against android’s 49percent.

Despite the growing interest by developers to build apps for Window Phone, Vision Mobile says that it is still going to be very hard for the platform to break into the top two positions in the smartphone market – currently help by android and iOS respectively.

In the same report, iOS is the most profitable platform for developers, with the average mobile app engineer earning $5200 per month on the platform. Android developers banks in $4 700 each month.

It will be interesting to see how each company reacts to this report, in terms of strategy.

  • Via VisionMobile


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