Android N Troubleshooting

10 Android N Problems and Troubleshooting

Android N Troubleshooting

Android N is getting ever closer, and a select number of users have been trying out the new preview. However, there have been a number of reported problems, so we’ve prepared the following guide to help you out.

If you’re trying to troubleshoot the new Android N update you’ve come to the right place. Here’s 10 of the most common issues, as well as information about anything you can do.

(If you want to get the preview working on your device, here’s a guide that will take you through the necessary steps.)

Let’s get started;

1. Voicemail Issues


These issues cause users to be unable to retrieve their voicemail, and there isn’t much you can do to get them back. Rolling back to a previous version of Android might be the most viable option, though these issues should be patched out by the time Android N is properly released.

If you use your device for work voicemail can be highly important, so be careful if you’re planning on continued use.

2. Settings Controls Are Unresponsive


If you’re having trouble with unresponsive settings controls, rolling back your device is probably the best way to ensure no repeated problems. There isn’t much else you can do, although a restart should help to clear the cobwebs.

3. Bluetooth Stops Working

Bluetooth is still used to a large number of people, so it’s a shame that Bluetooth issues have plagued Android N. It’s pretty unstable, so expect repeated disconnects. In the long run, it might be better to send files or complete tasks using a different method.

4. Video Playback Lag

If you use your device for watching videos regularly, you might see limited functionality due to Android N. You can try a number of different apps, but users have reported that there is severe lag that renders videos unwatchable.

It’s definitely something to think about if you’re planning on using it to catch up with your shows.

5. Limited Split-Screen Functionality 


To be fair, this should be expected considering that Android N is still in beta. If you want to use the split-screen it does work for some apps, but expect some loss of functionality with the majority.

Unfortunately, this also includes Google’s apps as well as third-party offerings.

6. General Lag and Crashing 

As with the above, these sorts of issues should be expected due to the beta status of the release. It’s unlikely that they’ll be solved in coming weeks.

Google said:

“System and app performance is known to be periodically slow/janky, and device may become occasionally unresponsive. These problems may become more acute with prolonged use.”

In other words, the problems can easily get worse if you continue to use Android N.

7. App Issues 

Apps may not work as well as they did in previous updates, but they’ll soon be patched nearer to the release date for Android N. (Google have said that they are well aware of the issues with multiple apps.) They’re also aware of flickering issues when resizing apps.

There isn’t much you can do, but there might be some comfort in the knowledge that you’re not the only one affected.

8. Android for Work Issues


If you’re trying out Android N on your work device, it’s not the best way to keep all of your information secure.

Security is the most important aspect when it comes to work devices, and the bugs don’t give any cause for concern. Nonetheless, it’s not a good idea to use Android for Work with Android N, so stick to Marshmallow for now.

9. Keyboard Issues  


Pairing your Nexus device with a Bluetooth keyboard might seem like a good idea, but there’s limited functionality with Bluetooth devices, as noted above.

You may have to rely on the stock keyboard for now.

10. Accessibility 

Many users rely on their device to help them to communicate, and accessibility options are a must-have depending on their needs. We’re sorry to report that the update will mess with some of the accessibility settings found on your device,

Google have said that the release;

“has various stability and performance issues on all devices that make it not suitable for daily use on phone or tablet, especially for non-developers.”

It’s worth bearing that in mind if you need accessibility options to use your device properly. Rolling back the phone to Marshmallow is probably the best option for you.


Are you excited about the new Android release? It looks to be packed with features, but we’ll have to wait for a more polished experience.

Despite these issues, Android N has a lot of great ideas, and it should be a successful update. We’re excited about the next step for the Android OS.

Anyway, these issues are to be expected when it comes to an unreleased beta, and it shouldn’t put you off the final product.

If we’ve missed an issue or you have questions about Android N, let us know in the comments below, or you can contact us via Facebook or Twitter.

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