Android N vs iOS 9

Android N vs iOS 9

Android N vs iOS9

I’ve owned both Apple and Android devices, and there are pros and cons for each. Personally, I feel that Apple has stagnated a little over the last few years, but they still make very good products.

(This is actually being written on a Mac, so I’m not especially biased either way. I just think they’re not as innovative as they once were.)

Thanks to the new developer beta release of Android N, we now have a better idea of what’s on offer for the next update to Marshmallow. Here’s a guide if you’re not sure which to pick for your next device.

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iOS 9:

iOS 9

iOS 9 might not have been the biggest update, but it’s still an improvement on iOS 8. Siri is smarter, and menus and notifications have been redesigned to make for a better overall experience.

Apple users generally seem to be happy with iOS 9, although quite a few I know have been looking at making the move across to Android. Will Android N be enough to sway the undecided majority? For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

The nature of Apple’s walled garden has always annoyed some, but it’s reasonably effective. It means people tend to view Apple as more of a safe bet when it comes to their personal information. (Even the Government are currently having issues with cracking Apple’s security.) The release of Android for Work is Google’s answer for business phone users.

Droid Work

That doesn’t mean that it’s all clear sailing. There are still issues with the iOS eco-structure, while some users aren’t sure why they’re upgrading to a similar device every two years.

It’s a great option and it’s available right now, so it depends on whether or not you have enough patience to wait for the Android N.

Android N:

Android has been making gains in the last few years, and it’s mostly thanks to an attractive range of handsets from a number of different companies. That being said, it’s likely that only the Nexus devices of 2016 will have the new OS update ready to be downloaded at launch. Even now, many older devices are still waiting for Marshmallow support, which is a shame for owners locked away from the latest update and all it entails.

Droid N

Android N will be coming in hot, and iOS 9 has had a while to establish itself considering it was released late last year. Android N is unlikely to come out until the second half of 2016, and it’s likely there will be bugs when it first releases. It’ll have to have a smooth launch if it wants to fight off iOS 9.

It’ll probably take an extra couple of months for Android N to start being released on other brands and devices, so you might have to wait even longer.

Droid App Fan

I’m not going to change the mind of any stubborn fans, but it is worth considering which will be best for you in the long run. We’re going to be covering Android N extensively up until its release, while there’s a wide variety of great sites dedicated to all things iOS.

If you’re willing to wait for Android N, the new features make for an interesting addition, while iOS 9 is a great update. It’s always going to be up to you.


No matter what you end up going with, make sure to research which OS and device will be best for your needs. If you’re going to be getting an expensive device on a contract you can be tied in for a long time, so choose wisely.

On the other hand, you can always get used to a new device over a couple of weeks, so don’t be afraid to take the plunge to another OS if you’re interested. Either way, you’ll be sure to adapt in the long run.

What are you going to choose? Let us know in the comments below, or you can contact us via Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. I’m on Marshmallow 6.0.1 with a Nexus 6. No chance I’ll be moving to apple, but eager to upgrade to N. Whatever it may bring, I’m pretty sure it will be for the better!

    1. Hi Pablo,
      Many users are trying out the developer preview, but I am going to wait since it´s still buggy. I have to confess that I am very tempted to try it and I am still deciding if I will do it or not. Upgrades are usually always great since they bring new features, but also drag a few bugs with them too. Thanks for commenting. =-)

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