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There are times that we want to share what we saw, while browsing the web on our Android phone, with our friends. However, telling them alone might be hard enough to make them believe. One way to share information on what we saw is by taking a screenshot. A screenshot captures an image of what’s displayed on your Android device.

Each phone has its own way of taking screenshots, different key combinations, shortcuts and so on. So we’ve written a couple of guides and lists to help you with android screenshots, from how to take them with your phones’ options to apps that get you out of the trouble.

Method 1: How to take a Screenshot on Android

Taking Screenshot
Taking Screenshot

With Android, the process of taking a screenshot is different per device, model, and version. If your phone runs Android 2.3 or above, taking a screenshot on your smartphone is a matter of pressing a few buttons together.

The process of taking a screenshot doesn’t require or need for installing 3rd-party apps. You can easily master the technique of taking a screenshot by reading our “How to Take Screenshots on Android” article. It will walk you through the basic steps that would technically work on most Android device.

However, as we mentioned above, there are a few differences between the methods that could be used. Basically, each the general process of taking a screenshot could vary depending on the structure of your phone, how the manufacturer altered the basics of the Android OS, and it solely depends on what phone you have.

So, below is a list if various different Android smartphone models and how to take a screenshot with them:

1. How to take a Screenshot with Samsung Phones

2. How to take a Screenshot with Motorola Phones

3. How to take a Screenshot with Specific Phone Models Below

Note: Even if your phone is not on the list, don’t worry! The process for taking a screenshot is extremely similar. So we encourage you to use a guide for a phone with the same producer as yours.

After you’ve taken a screenshot of something funny, you obviously need your friends to see it! so check our article “Share and Edit Your Screenshots on Samsung S6 Edge”.

Method 2: How to Take Screenshots with Android Apps

Screenshot Geeks.Lab.2015
Screenshot App by Geeks Lab

If you want no complications and no weird Mortal Combat Combos style key combinations, there are plenty of apps to help you with taking screenshots on Android.

There are many apps that claim to do the job perfectly, but we made a list of Android Screenshot Apps where we included the best ones for you to chose from.

Using an app is perfect for the older phones, with Android 2.3 or below, that usually don’t have built-in methods for taking screenshots.

Android Screenshots – Disambiguated!

Android screenshots can be one of the simplest things to do on your smartphone. Whether you choose to make use of your phones’ built-in options or prefer to install a specialized app, you’re sure to find the perfect option here.

Also, we recommend reading our guide on How to Record the Screen on Android, if you need more than a screenshot to capture your content!

Still having problems with taking screenshots on your Android phone? Hit us with your questions in the comments below!

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