Android Secret Codes

Every Android Secret Codes-Must Be Aware in 2023

Want to find out some secret Android codes and what their uses are? If yes, then this article’s for you!


Why do Android phones have secret codes?

When manufacturers process their electronic goods, every product must go through a quality check, where devices are tested and analyzed. This is done to ensure that the products pass the quality standard set by either clients, companies, or manufacturers.

But that’s not all.

When it comes to Android devices, especially smartphones and tablets, they undergo various performance testing to make sure that the product works and has no issues.

The downside is…

It will be time-consuming and sources are limited if they won’t have any special means of testing. Thus, the “Android Secret Codes” exist for this sole purpose.

With these or Hidden Menus, you can make your Android phone perform certain tasks. Furthermore, you can also use these Codes to verify various information about the device.

Sounds pretty cool right?

So, if you’re here for those reasons, then you’re in luck. We listed down a ton of dialer codes and every Android Secret Codes, Common Codes, Hidden Menus, as well as Samsung Secret Codes and HTC Secret Codes regarding Android diagnostics.

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However, you must keep in mind that:

Some of these codes are universal while some are not. Making some of the codes useless for some phones while some are exclusive to specific manufacturers.

Furthermore, it is best to remind yourself that some of these codes can and will wipe your entire smartphone and factory reset it. Yikes!

Be cautious and read the description.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into some great Android secret codes, hidden menu, and dialer codes.

What are USSD and MMI codes?

USSD and MMI codes are Android codes that start with a pound or hashtag symbol. These symbols are updated as and when Android releases a new version. Also, some smartphone manufacturers have their own USSD and MMI codes.

Typically, USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) codes are used to communicate with a smartphone and a mobile network operator. This means, for USSD codes to work, you always need to stay connected to your carrier.

On the other hand, MMI (Man Machine Interface) codes let you access interesting information about your smartphone, like IMEI number, hidden menu, repair services, and more.

1. Android Common Codes.
2. Android Secret Codes.
3. Samsung Secret Codes.
4. HTC Secret Codes.
5. Huawei Secret Codes.

Android Common Codes

Here are all the common Android Dialler Codes that anyone with an Android phone or tablet could use. You can find the downloadable file of the common Android codes below.

Android Secret Codes
Common Android Secret Codes
DescriptionDialer Codes
Battery Status*#0228#
Data create menu*#273283*255*3282*#
Data usage status*#3282*727336*#
OTA update menu*#8736364#
RF band selection*#2263#
Diagnostic configuration*#9090#
USB 12C mode control*#7284#
USB logging control*#872564#
Debug dump menu*#746#
System dump mode*#9900#
NAND flash serial number*#03#
Real-time clock test*#0782#
Light sensor test*#0589#
Quick test menu*#7353#
Execute from Emergency dial screen to unlock PUK code**05***#
Most common Android Secret Codes-Dialer

Android Secret Codes

If you want more sophisticated codes that can do various tasks or provide you with more information about the device, here are all the Android Secret Codes that you could use.

The *#*#4636#*#* is the most common code that people use. You can pull up quite a bit of information on this hidden menu.

Dialer CodesDescription
*#*#4636#*#*Display information about Phone, Battery, and Usage statistics
*#*#7780#*#*Factory Reset- (Only deletes app data and apps)
*2767*3855#Reinstalls the phones firmware and deletes all your data
*#*#34971539#*#*Information about the camera
*#*#7594#*#*Makes power button a direct power off once the code enabled
*#*#273283*255*663282*#*#*Quick backup to all your media files
*#*#197328640#*#*Enabling test mode for service activity
*#*#232339#*#* OR *#*#526#*#*Wireless Lan Tests
*#*#232338#*#*Displays Wi-Fi Mac-address
*#*#1472365#*#*For a quick GPS test
*#*#1575#*#*A Different type of GPS test
*#*#0283#*#*Packet Loopback test
*#*#0*#*#*LCD display test
*#*#0673#*#* OR *#*#0289#*#*Audio test
*#*#0842#*#*Vibration and Backlight test
*#*#2663#*#*Displays touch-screen version
*#*#2664#*#*Touch-Screen test
*#*#0588#*#*Proximity sensor test
*#*#3264#*#*Ram version
*#*#232331#*#*Bluetooth test
*#*#7262626#*#*Field test
*#*#232337#*#Displays Bluetooth device address
*#*#8255#*#*For Google Talk service monitoring
*#*#4986*2650468#*#*PDA, Phone, Hardware, RF Call Date firmware info
*#*#1234#*#*PDA and Phone firmware info
*#*#1111#*#*FTA Software version
*#*#2222#*#*FTA Hardware version
*#*#44336#*#*Displays Build time and change list number
*#06#Displays IMEI number
*#*#8351#*#*Enables voice dialing logging mode
*#*#8350#*#*Disables voice dialing logging mode
##778 (+call)Brings up EPST menu
Android Secret Codes

Samsung Secret Codes

One of the most searched secret codes is for Samsung phones. So, if you are looking for Samsung secret codes then you’re in luck. Here is a complete list of secret codes for Samsung phones.

DescriptionDialer Codes
Display IMEI number*#06#
Display current firmware*#1234#
Diagnostic and general settings mode#*#4636#*#*
Factory soft reset*#*#7780#*#*
To display product code*2767*4387264636#
GPS test settings*#*#1472365#*#*
Service mode main menu*#*#197328640#*#*
SW & HW Info*#12580*369#
Bluetooth Address*#232337#
ADC Reading*#0228#
RF Band Selection*#2263#
Ciphering Info*#32489#
Bluetooth Test Mode*#232331#
Diagnostic Configuration*#9090#
WLAN Test Mode*#232339#
Vibration motor test*#0842#
WLAN MAC Address*#232338#
USB I2C Mode Control*#7284#
Audio Test Mode*#0673#
General Test Mode*#0*#
USB Logging Control*#872564#
GCF Configuration*#4238378#
Real Time Clock Test*#0782#
Audio Loopback Control*#0283#
LBS Test Mode*#3214789650#
GPS Control Menu*#1575#
RIL Dump Menu*#745#
Data Create Menu*#273283*255*3282*#
Proximity Sensor Test Mode*#0588#
Camera Firmware Update*#34971539#
Light Sensor Test Mode*#0589#
WLAN Engineering Mode*#526#
Debug Dump Menu*#746#
NAND Flash S/N*#03#
Software Version Info*#44336#
System Dump Mode*#9900#
Data Create SD Card*#273283*255*663282*#
Data Usage Status*#3282*727336*#
TSP / TSK firmware update*#2663#
Remap Shutdown to End Call TSK*#7594#
Camera Firmware Menu*#7412365# and *#*#34971539#*#*
WLAN Engineering Mode*#528#
Melody Test Mode*#0289#
OTA Update Menu*#8736364#
Test History*#07#
HSDPA/HSUPA Control Menu*#301279#
Quick Test Menu*#7353#
View Phone Lock Status*#7465625#
Auto Answer Selection*#272886#
Samsung secret codes-Android Secret Codes

HTC Secret Codes

Evidently, if you’re also looking for the HTC secret codes, then here’s the complete list.

Dialer CodesDescription
#*#4636#*#*Device information program
*#*#7262626#*#*Field Test
*#*#3424#*#*HTC Function Test Program
*#*#1111#*#*Display software version
*#*#2222#*#*Display hardware version
*#*#232338#*#*Wi-Fi Mac Address
*#*#232337#*#Bluetooth Mac Address
*#*#1472365#*#*GPS Test
*#*#1575#*#*GPS Test 2
*#*#232331#*#*Bluetooth test
*#*#0*#*#*Display test
*#*#2663#*#*Touch Screen version
*#*#2664#*#*Touch Screen Test
#*#759#*#*Debug UI
*2767*3855#Factory format
HTC secret codes-Android Secret Codes

Huawei Secret Codes

For Huawei phones, these are the codes that will work for them.

The most popular code for Huawei phones is the “*#*#2846579#*#*” that opens up the project menu.

Dialer CodesDescription
*#*#2846579#*#*Project Menu
*#*#2664#*#*Touch screen test
*#*#4636#*#*Phone Information, Usage, and Battery
*#06#IMEI Number
*#0*#Enter Service Menu
*#*#34971539#*#*Detailed Camera Information
*#*#273282*255*663282*#*#*Backup All Media Files
*#*#232339#*#*Wireless LAN Test
*#*#197328640#*#*Enable Test Mode for Service
*#*#0842#*#*Back-light Test
*#*#2664#*#*Test the Touchscreen
*#*#0842#*#*Vibration Test
*#*#1111#*#*FTA Software Version
*#12580*369#Complete Software and Hardware Info
*#9090#Diagnostic Configuration
*#872564#USB Logging Control
*#9900#System Dump Mode
*#301279#HSDPA/HSUPA Control Menu
*#7465625#View Phone Lock Status
*#*#232338#*#*Shows WiFi MAC address
*#*#1472365#*#* or *#*#1575#*#*GPS test
*#*#232331#*#*Bluetooth test
Huawei secret codes-Android Secret Codes

Frequently Asked Questions on Android Secret Codes

How to enter secret codes on Android?

To enter any of the Android secret codes, all you have to do is dial the code on your phone’s dialer app.

How to enter secret codes on Android tablets?

To enter secret codes on any Android tablet, all you have to do is go to your tablet’s dialer app and enter the codes.

How do I know if the secret Android codes are working?

After entering the secret codes on your phone’s default dialer, if it works, you will be prompted with a modal or the phone will inform you about it. Otherwise, if nothing happens, that means the phone doesn’t support the code.

Why secret codes for Android doesn’t work on my phone?

Not every secret code for Android works on every phone. Some are universal codes while some are not.

Is there a code to test my phone’s IR Blaster?

No, there’s no code to test your phone’s built-in IR blaster. However, you can test your phone’s IR blaster by simply installing an IR Blaster app. Once installed, you will need a second phone with a front camera. Using your phones IR Blaster, point it to your second phone’s front camera. Observe the display of the second phone. If the color of the display changes, then your phone IR Blaster is working.

What is the secret Android code to test the touch screen?

Open the dial pad and dial *#*#2664#*#* just like a normal phone number to test your Android phone’s touch screen.

Know more about Android Secret Codes

Fancy yourself knowing more about Android secret codes? Want to be an expert on this? Then we highly recommend checking out this book.

All in one Android set-up code: Android mobile secret code and tips & tricks Hindi to English

android secret codes
Android mobile secret code and tips & tricks by Rahul Tendulkar

This book provides you everything you need to know about Android mobile secret codes. It also includes various tips and tricks to make yourself a master of Android secret codes.

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These were all of the most common, hidden, and secret codes for Android devices. These codes exist to provide manufacturers a faster way to verify if their smartphones and tablets work as intended. These codes are surely not made for public use so we advise extreme caution if you don’t know what you are doing.

Just like always, if you have any questions or problems regarding these codes, feel free to talk to us in the comments.

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  1. i have my QVS3.5 Android phone.It is using 2G network.There is another way I can command it to use 3G?
    Please,help me!

    1. Hi Silaji,

      To my knowledge there is no other way access 3G, but these codes can show you some information about internet.

      1. I just bought a iphone clone oct core a 3592. BUT it only works on E. The sim in any other phone picks up H+ how to reset or fix. Can you help

        1. Hi Bud,
          If it were an Android phone I would be able to help. If you have any future Android questions, please feel free to help. Thanks for commenting!

          1. Hi Judy – I have similar issue with my lg nexus 5. It does not show H+ whaereas in other cell same Sim reflects H+.

            pls help. Thanks.

          2. I have never set up d Samsung live on my phone, however recently I noticed the service is running and data is being sent from this app, I think I have been being watched how do I access this

          3. I just updated my wife’s lg g stylo to Tyne marshmallow 6.0 and it disabled her knock on feature. Please help!

          4. Hi Henry,
            You could try a factory reset (backup your files if you do), and if that doesn´t work, I think it´s a bug and will hopefully be fixed in the near future. Android 6.0 has brought users a lot of issues since its release.Thanks for commenting. =-)

          5. Hi there I have a few different android devices and they all have the same problem …my internal memory builds up and when I factory reset any of them it takes the memory completely away and I have no way of getting it back…such as the hp 7 1800 tablet with android version 4.1.2 it says I have 5.56gb total space…..ummmm when it was bought I had 8 gb total space showing…is there any way to fix this horrible issue all my androids seem to have?

          6. Hi Dotty,
            Factory reset’s completely wipe everything on your phone, they are usually done to clear any corrupt data or speed up a phone, among other reasons. I recommend backing up any information you don’t want to lose everytime you have to do a factory reset. Do you mean that you don’t have the same memory after the reset? =-)

          7. I have a Motorola Moto G2. For some wierd reason, the longer codes (on the all android devices list) wont work. When I type it in, it closes out of the phone number pad. The IMEI code works fine, but the Phone Info code and any other long codes do the same thing. What can I do to fix this?

        2. hie i recently tried to root my samsung trend .it worked fine until one day some app gave me a pop up warning to uninstall a harmful app .unknowongly i granted it and in remove my “IROOT APP” that i had used to root *it no longer has root access **but the iroot app is saying your ***phone is rooted**.i try to use other rooting apps and they are the ***/system/app/ ** folder there is a kingouser.apk that cant install and i cant delete it .i did a factory reset but its still present .i tried to flash some files and its saying does not match sized ***/system/csc/system/common/media/….***(no data available) .please i need help rooting it and i dont have a computer so strictly mobile related solutions

      2. Hi, Amir. Could you be more specific about the problems you’re having? Is it not detecting SD or SIM cards? Is it having connectivity problems with data and WiFi?

    1. Hi Sahrin,
      You can try erasing files that you don´t need anymore or buy an SD card that will give you more space. Hope this helps and thanks for your comment.

    2. Hi sahrin,i have the same phone as yours n same problem what i did was,i went to setting n more n switch will gives u a 4gb of phone memory.but make sure that all apps that are in ur phone are save in ur sd card.hope itll help

  2. Hi.
    I have a tablet Dell Venue 7 Model 3741.
    On the box it is written 8GB, HSPA, series 3000.
    It has a celular chip slot.

    Under configuration, preferred network I can choose just 2G or 3G.

    Then I accessed the hidden menu with *#*#4636#*#*, it is selected WCDMA preferred.
    On the drop down list, there are several options with LTE, like LTE/CDMA or LTE/GSM/CDMA auto (PRL), but any of these options are accepted, the preferred network change back to WCDMA.

    Any idea about what is happening?

      1. Hi can u recommend for me a descent enough but also cost effective TV box that won’t break the bank

  3. Hi,

    will i break any law or android agreement if i publish one of this code in a manual book for my company product?

    the one that i gonna publish is *#*#4636#*#* (Phone Info)

    1. Hi Yoreiza,
      I don´t know much about laws and as you know it depends on what country you are in whether to categorize something as illegal. =-)

  4. hi! please help me in my polaroid tab i cant use it anymore. their is mesage unfortunately,usb security stopped. i already do factory/hard reset but stil cannot solve the problem. ..please give advice. thank you very much… jazzy

    1. I have a RCA tablet that has a USB glitch. Mine was because the particular model glitches after being plugged into USB. It disconnects touchscreen. I used keyboard to go to settings and turn on my touchscreen and the error went away and everything worked like a charm… Until plugging back into USB. Then out with the keyboard again to settings and touchscreen. Works every time.

    1. Hi Jasmin,
      Hmmm. I see. Sometimes recently installed apps are usually responsible for weird behavior. Have you tried booting your tablet in safe mode and see if the problem continues? If the problems stop then, you are sure that an app is responsible. =-)

  5. I already done running in safe mode as what you said but stll it is not solve the problem. (Unfortunately Usb security stopped) message stl pop-up…:-( tnx

  6. Am using asus zenfone 5 my mike is not working but in service center they ask me to replace subboard how can i test my mike or chip by dialling an no ?? Can u tel that no plz

  7. Can I have a code to get phone power on power off details ( battery removed time) for Lenovo a 6000 phone help me please…..

  8. Hello.

    I have nexus 5 phone since last 2 years it is working fine.
    But since last 25 days it didn’t catching network and shows “emergency calls only”.

    I had even changed sim to other mobile but sim was working fine.

    Please help me to solve this problem.

    1. Hi Parth,
      Have you checked to see if your phone is on the signal it used to be on when it was working fine? 2G,3G,4G? It may have switched to another one that is causing this issue. Hope this helps.=-)

        1. Hi Parth,
          Welcome back. =-) Hmmm.. I see, so that didn´t work. Did this start after an update? Do you get this even if you are in an area with a good signal?

  9. Hello. I have a prepaid LG Transpyre through Verizon. None of these codes seem to work with it. I’m trying to access the every-growing system memory files to see what’s hogging up so much space on my device. It’s up to 4 gb now.

    1. Hi There,
      If you want to see what is taking up so much space on your phone, have you tried going to Storage>Used Space?. There you should be able to how much space downloads, pictures, Etc are taking up. Hope this helps. =-)

      1. I have this same phone and need to change the bands so my tmobile card will work in this phone but how do I get the codes to work

  10. Hi Azman,
    I’m using a Motorola droid razr xt912 Verizon everything was fine until I started troubleshooting. I dialed this code *#*#4636#*#* and I mistakenly changed my gsm/umts band to USA now my phone is network locked. is there anything you can do to help.
    from Nigeria

    1. Hi Mike,
      I have a Galaxy S3 WiFi only device and I can still use the dialer. Are you sure you don´t have access to one? =-)

  11. just got a galaxy s3 from a no name cell company. the device is refurbished. they don’t know how operate the device. my daughter had to help me get the data setting correct. Now my problem is it will not do MMS. there is no place to enter apn settings. you can tell by this post I don’t know much. can you help. I checked the ime number thingy with your coce and it is a Samsung Galaxy s3 on Sprint kitkat version.

    1. Hi Melani,
      Some Galaxy S3 users have reported nor being able to use MMS while on WiFi and had to use their cellular data. Did you happen to be on Wif? =-)

  12. I want the code for micromax canvas nitro 2 E311 to increase its lcd contrast!!
    None of the above codes work on it.

  13. I have a Galaxy S6 that won’t connect to my PC. I have tried all suggested fixes. *#0808# does not work to bring up USB menu.

    1. Hi Sara,
      If your PC won´t recognize your phone, have you tried using another cable, using another PC, or cleaning the ports? Sometimes dust can get in there and not let it work properly. What is it you are trying to do in the menu? =-)

    2. Enable developer options by going to settings>about phone. Look for “build number” . Once found (usually close to bottom In about phone menu), repeatedly tap until confirmation message appears. Now in the settings, you’ll find “developer options” right above the “about phone” you just accessed. Under dev. options, you’ll find a choice for USB mode. Default setting is “Charging”. Change this to Media Transfer Protocol (MTP). Try connecting to your PC after these steps. Also, Samsung has an app called Samsung Kies. It may need to be installed on the PC before it will recognize your device. Hope that helps!

    1. Hi Chris,
      I don´t think there is a code for that. If you want 4G service you will need to call your carrier and ask them about it. Hope you can get your 4G soon. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  14. Well Judy, I don’t know how to answer your question. Cause I don’t know what I’m “trying to do”. . . And to be honest with you, I don’t even know the meaning half of all the acronyms . I just like changing settings. (An hour ago (my-time) I just Blue Screened my Laptops, from typing the wrong cmd-prompt . I am qurious as to if ya’ll have any – Zenfone 2e specific data…

    1. Hi Steve,
      There are certain codes that will only work on certain phone´s, but if I come across any for your model I will let you know. Good luck with your research and be careful. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  15. I tried a fare amount of the codes and only 2 or 3worked. . . And most of the time they said error with IMEI number… I really like this phone. . . But I don’t know much about technology, I haven’t had a computer in over 10years. . . And I manage to kill my “hand-me-down” laptop. . . . My phone has some apps called “droidedit , RAR , droidGrep , NZBMobile , QPython player , scriptLauncher , TaskBomb ” I have been trying to teach myself how to use these and also how to do stuff through the USB ADB . . . But I’m sinking like a stone . . I have learned two important lessons from this; I learned what Not to do next time, and I learned that logcat Will give ya a headache… anyway. I’m going to continue reading and searching, and try to find a free solution to this problem (I disagree with the concept of Currency), I can’t give any donations, But If you want one of my oil paintings, I gladly send one; And even throw in my social security #. (It’s just an imaginary# I’m not using it) if you would point me in the right direction I would be very greatfull .


    1. Hi Jimmy,
      Did you drop your phone or have you recently installed an app? If you have, try uninstalling it and see if the app is causing the problem. Hope this helps. =-)

  16. i have lg megna (lg h520 model) that upper lg code didn’t work can you give me Test Menu and other code for this model thanks

    1. Hi Dicap,
      First you have to see if your variant is compatible with the network you are trying to connect to. For example, in the US, you can´t use a GSM phone on Sprint because Sprint is CDMA and not GSM. They both work on different networks. Have you tried calling looking at the specs of your phone to see if its compatible? =-)

  17. I have an LG G4 through T-Mobile. 277634#*# gets me to a hidden menu, but not the device testing one. The “For T-Mobile – 3845#*851#” code didn’t work, and neither did replacing 851 with my phone’s model number, 811. Is there no service menu in my phone, or is there some trick not listed here to access it?

  18. Hi! I’ve been trying but…dying.PLEASE HELP? I have a samsung epic 4G sprint. I got it for 10 bucks. Only ever used it over wifi…The guy factory reset it then gave it to me. Worked fine a couple weeks, now, 4 days ago, I can no longer access any settings,home pages,email,etc. I can get the voice comand open google…takes me to browser. But, it has always CONSUMED battery. 91percent is android. There is a long long list of secret/whatever apps…ALLWAYS running. Can you plz help? Thank you sooo much. Donn

  19. My Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 does not appear to respond to any of the above-identified codes. I’d like to use *#*#4636#*#* to access battery information. I’ve gotten mixed directions from various sources on shadier forums – some said I need to switch from global to CDMA/LTE, others said I need to hit call, other said the menu should just trigger as soon as the code has been entered in my dialer. Could you help me out? 🙂

    1. Hi Sunin,
      The code´s should work without you having to hit call. For battery information on your S5, this could should work, *#0228#. It´s for Samsung Galaxy Phones. I tested it out myself, and it works. Thanks for commenting. =-)

        1. Your “fuel gauge” is the indicator that tells you how much battery life you have left. A reset recalibrates that indicator to your battery. Often, issues with the device turning off at what would seem to be an unusually high battery level are actually due to a battery and gauge that have fallen out of sync.

  20. I have a lg tracphone and when i turn it on it comes to the blue start screen and keep flashing in and out.What do i do

    1. Hi Jeremiah,
      Have you tried taking out the battery for about a minute or two and then turning the phone back on? Hope this helps. =-)

  21. Please help me,,

    My phone has some problems ,The minimize functions does not working,
    The tabs minimized. At the working time minimize the tab—- then open ,this tab not still, ( the tabs work are closed)

    Please any solutions
    I think is RAM problems????

    1. Hi Krishna,
      Just to make sure I understood your problem correctly, everything seems smaller than usual on your phone, as if everything has gone mini, like the tabs? =-)

  22. Hi judy
    I have a Micromax canvas A1 AQ4502. In this phone no symbol of E&G not come a symbol of ! just like this come. No internet work & no call is go. So what should i do.
    give me reply

  23. haii
    I am using gionee p2s i cant download anything on my data connection
    Is any code for checking codes??

    1. Hi Gaurang,
      What is it exactly that you want to change? =-) Were you looking for a code or a set of instructions? =-)

    1. Hi Nolan,
      In the dialer, but instead of introducing numbers to make a call, just introduce the code for your smartphone brand. The code should go into effect once you finish adding it. You don´t have to press call. Please let know if you need help with anything else. =-)

      1. Hi Judy, Wow, thanks for all of your time in helping so many of us who are trying to be Geeky! As it seems, many of us are really just “trying”!!

        I need help with something that is not very typical; you may or may not be able to provide me with a solution – but it never hurts to ask, right?

        I live on over a half acre property 1600 sf home in an area of California that is rural, the California Gold Country. In the exact area where my home is no company’s signals work well, not even the company in the area – Golden Cellular (which was purchased by Verizon a couple years ago). If you drive about 5 blocks or so in either direction you will get a weak signal, but just enough to place a call. I have ATT and Boost Mobile. The Boost Mobile phone will place or receive a call if in the right position in the right part of the property with a single bar strength.

        There is one exception, a service that actually works, NET 10, which I had found actually doesn’t just work but works very well. A neighbor/friend who was over for a BBQ was freely walking around my property talking on his cellphone. I approached him and told me his services were Net 10. He is a devoted anti-tech kind of guy. An older gentleman that barely uses his TVs remote control well. He said that he was told the Net 10 system and some of their equipment can “seek out” different frequencies when placing a call. But how can it work where no other when no other phone actually has worked, ever?????

        I did some research and found this is possibly true. His Net 10 was on either a Tracfone or ATT Simm. My question to you is this:

        I have a Samsung G4 running Android. Is there a code (or some other way) to open up the frequencies which the phone will use to “expand” its use in an area like I’ve described? If the Net 10 system can do it running an ATT Simm, theoretically it could work. I am not sure of the phone equipment which my friend has, but it is nothing special. Probably just a dumb phone or a tiny amount of SMARTness to it.

        Thanks again for all you do to help us wanna-be-nerds!

        Anthony @ Event City

        1. Hi Anthony,
          You are most welcome and it’s my pleasure to be able to help as much as possible. From what you described I don’t think there is any code that can do that. It sounds like a service issue and that something only the companies can offer. If you can, you can try maybe getting a second line just for when you are in those areas with bad service, I mean, a second line just like the one your friend has. =-) Thanks for commenting.

        2. hey buddy if you have at&t there is a apn setting you need to add and change in youre phone and then it will open the signal up on youre phone but check online for the best apn on at&t for the area you are in

          1. Good suggestion, Gary. This won’t work in all situations, but resetting APNs can fix a lot of service issues.

  24. My LG G3 seems to only work with a few of the codes listed above. The system dump mode and ATT specific hidden menu are the biggest needs of mine. I just completed a factory reset on my phone to prevent any interference from apps. My system data is taking up 3.8 gb at the moment and I would really like to reduce that since it only has 8 gb of memory. Any suggestions?

  25. Hi
    My sumsung S3 mini keep showing enter privacy control password after i hard set it..but i dont know any password to input. Please can you help?

    1. Hi There,
      A factory reset will not work since this is written to the system folder. I would recommend flashing factory firmware. Hope this helps. =-)

  26. Hi
    I have Samsung verizon s5, none of these codes are working on it. The problem is that my phone sometimes receive signals but mostly it shows no mobile network avaliable randomly.
    The sim is valid and network is also good in this place.
    Awaiting for your kind reply.

    1. Hi Abdur,
      Have you called your carrier? Just to make sure they are not having problems since even the best service can give its users problems from time to time. =-)

      You can also check to see if Airplane mode is on. Did you also try entering *#*#4636#*#*

      Enter Service mode

      1. Click on the top option, -Device information or Phone information

      2. Click on Run Ping test

      At the bottom of this screen you will see

      3. Turn off radio/or on radio

      4. Click on the Turn Radio Off button

      5. Your phone will prompt you to restart

      6. Click reboot

      Hope this helps.

      1. I have a micromax canvas pep Q371 it most of the time does not show the data status more than E what can I do for 3G or H+

        1. Hi Aman Sharma,
          Please check with the network provider regarding the sim capability and network capability.
          Let me know if you still need help on this.


  27. Judy i have a question i dialed *#*#3646633#*#* in my other phone(MyPhoneAqua) it work but when i tried it to my other phone(ASUS Zenfone 5) it didnt work… any suggestion why?

    you see i want to boost my data connection and by dialing that i get access to telephoney that boost my data connection at a cost of lowering the call.recieving signal…

    i think there is another code for asus zenfone 5 that will give access to telephony…

    tnx for.the reply

    1. Hi Nizar,

      Secret codes depends on the manufacturer.
      Try using this code *#*#4636#*#* in your phone.
      Let me know the feedback.


  28. Hello, what is the code specific to the Kyocera Hydro Air? specifically from at&t.

    Thank you,

    Mark R

  29. I have iphone 6 clone, just bought 2 days ago. I factory restored the phone & after that its reboot logo changed from apple to android & the settings icon disappeared. I have tried different codes, wipe/factory stored but nothing worked. I also searched other folders for the setting icon but not found. Please help me out.

  30. I have bought clone iphone 6 couple of days ago, after purchasing the phone i factory restored the phone after restore i noticed that the reboot logo changed from apple to mediatek android also the settings icon disappeared from the phone, i searched the settings everwhere in the phone but no success. i have tried different codes/ wiped the phone but no success. please help me on this.
    Thank You

    1. Hi Mehmood,
      Is there a way to ask the person who sold you the if they changed the phone in any way? It´s strange that it´s an iPhone for one moment and then it runs Android. =-)

  31. What is the personally sim card lock code for a Kyocera hydro C6530 my sim works in other phones but this one

  32. how do i get a new number for a samsung s 820L android 4.4.4 kit kat galaxy smartphone i just bought it from my sister itdoesnt work anymore. please any help will b appriciated

    1. Hi Phani,
      Hmm..Maybe your phone needs a specific code for the model, what kind of phone do you have? =-)

  33. Hi Joy,
    I have a Panasonic T21 phone but so many times its showing Storage space running out (some system function may not work). Where as
    System Storage : 0.98GB Total space ( App data/media content etc 338MB and Available 90.03MB)

    Internal Storage: Total Space 1.59GB(App data/media content etc 99.47MB / Picture, video 102MB / Audio 90.00KB and Available space 1.07GB.

    Please advice hoe to get this issue resolve. Please help

    Regards, Vijoya

    1. Hi Vijoya,
      If your space is running our you can always try to free up space my eliminating things such as apps you haven´t used in a while, photos and videos you can delete, Etc. This will definitely help free up some or even a lot of space. Thanks for commenting. =-)

    1. Hi Vijoya,
      Hmm..have you tried a factory reset? My tablet was giving me all sorts of problems recently and I tried different possible solutions and nothing seemed to work so I tried a reset and now it´s better than ever. Maybe that´s wht your device needs to start fresh? If you do reset it, remember to backup all your information first since this leaves your phone like when you first took it out of the box. Hope this helps. =-)

  34. Hi,
    I am dialing “Change Power button behavior *#*#7594#*#*”
    It is not working.Kindly advice

  35. The service manual for the LG-D802 says that the Hidden Menu can be accessed by 3845#*802#. This is the menu that gives access to the hardware test menus. On my Nexus 5 (which is labelled on the motherboard as a D802) this does not work and all the variations that I have tried on this code using 821,800,980.801 and 821 instead of the 802 also do not work. I want access to the testing menu because of a no signal problem that has not responded to the usual measures and which I suspect is a problem with the U2004 RF Transceiver chip. Does anyone know the correct code to access these menus? The *#*#4636#*#* code works but does not give access to the hardware test features. After various firmware changes in an attempt to solve the problem the phone is back to stock 6.0.1 and is not rooted.

    1. Sorry I made a mistake – the 3845#*802# works on a D802 – the Nexus 5 is a D821 and is marked as such on the motherboard – but the service manual for the D821 does not mention a hidden menu.

      1. Hi Geoffrey,
        The manual for phone don´t mention hidden menus. Did you already try the code for your specific device? =-)

  36. Hi
    I have a Samsung galaxy teb 3V…I want to hide my number to call someone. For this I install a hidden aps , bt it require a Hide Code of my country / operator … I don’t know about the Hide Code…
    I am from Bangladesh / Gramenphone is my operator…
    Please help

    1. Hi There,
      These prefixes have been known to work, hope it works for you. *67, #37# and *37# Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  37. I have a galaxy s5. The gps never locks on. Tried all gps related codes and for each one get “mmi error code” how do I get my gps to find and lock onto satellites? Google maps shows approx location but my gps icon constantly flashes. My hubby’s s5 locks on immediately. Any fix?

    1. Hi Eva,
      Your GPS problems could be because mMaps software needs an update, location setting is disabled, your phone’s software needs an update, temporary network outage, GPS is blocked by a third-party accessory such as a case or cover. You could try a soft reset or you can verify some network settings especially on the location services. Let me know how this works out for you. Thanks for commenting. =-)

  38. I have a galaxy s5 from Sprint and not a single code works. I’m running the latest update if that matters

  39. Hi I have an HTC desire 610 and the touch screen is all glitchy, it won’t let me press some things but if I press it multiple times it will work but it’s annoying

  40. *#*#197328640#*#* and *#*#3646633#*#* is not working on my Asus Zenfone Max, is there a code to access Engineering/Service Mode on my phone? Thanks!

      1. Hi Judy!

        Thanks for the response.

        *#*#4636#*#* is Testing Mode. I’m looking for the mode where I can adjust my speaker to max volume. Thanks!

  41. hello, I have a myphone my 31 and I need to do a hard reset because I can’t access the settings on my phone and whenever I try to enter recovery mode all that shows is factorykit test. Please help. Btw, how can I use the codes? will I just enter it on my dialer? Please teach me.

    1. Hi Niku,
      How long have you been with your carrier? If you have been longer than the regular 2 years they usually ask for then you could just call them and unlock, it´s a lot easier and free. =-)

  42. I have the lg g stylo through cricket, i switched to t-mobile with the same phone, i have come to understand that this phone has a gsm 850 compatibility but i cant get it, is there a code i can dial or a method i can use other than rooting to enable it? Thanks

    1. Hi Chris,
      GSM is the kind of network it uses, it´s not something the user enables. It´s the kind of network your carrier should provide you with. Hope this helps and thanks for commenting. =-)

    1. I have a problem with my swipe elite smartphone. it does not show data connection in shortcut way can u help me ?pls

      1. Hi Martin,
        Try a reboot or go to data usage and see if it’s switched there. Maybe try wiping the cache partition in Recovery mode. Hope this helps. =-)

          1. Hi Martin,
            Is your phone rooted? Have you tried rebooting or using your phone in safe mode to see if the problem continues? =-)

    1. Hi There,
      If it’s the volume button that is the issue, it would be a lot easier to go to google play store and download the button savior non-rooted.Apk generally, because it has onscreen volume buttons option. Hope this helps. =-)

  43. My phone doesnt have a root but ots a galaxy s6 cdma phone from sprint and im trying to unlock it where ibcan use it on straight talk or verizon pre paid. I need help please a step by step please.

  44. I am using a verizon phone on at&t (both prepaid) i can’t send or receive mms moat the time. My charge says something about charger may cause damage and puts a red x over battery icon (even when nothing plugged in) it always puts a + before my calls which prevents me from calling out and when i try these codes mostly i very “network connection unavailable or invalid mmI” and sometimes i get “invalid request”. I’ve done all the safe mode, coma after, + after prefix, apn setings and beyond.. can you advise?

    1. The SIM card shouldn´t be the problem. It´s because some carrier branded firmware for phones are disabled, especially in the US.

  45. i am using htc desire 826 with reliance jio sim .. i got a network of jio but net and other features are not working…please suggest some setting problem..

  46. I’m trying to turn my old phone Samsung Galaxy SM g360p into a clone of my boyfriend phone I have the original box that he bought his phone in with all the meid numbers is there anything you can do to point me in the right direction of accomplishing this thank you

  47. i am using yu yureka plus …..i dialed *#*#4636#*#* to enable volte but i think i touched something here, now my phone’s screen color slightly changed… white has became light pink …help please

    1. Try doing a factory reset to clear your phones of any settings that aren´t so easy to undo. If you do reset, remember to back your information first.

  48. Hi sir ,
    Mere pass htc desire820 (single sim) 4G(auto) mobile phone h abhi mene jio sim purchase ki h lekin jio sim chal nhi rhi h mere ph me network show nhi kar raha h bas home screen per
    ! limited service ka msg flash ho raha h plz sir meri help kijiye mene sabhi tarah se try kar ke thak gya hu plz sir help me ……

    1. What codes are you trying to use? Some codes are especially for a particular brand, and will not work on other devices.Also, some manufacturers have disabled these kinds of codes so they won´t work. It´s all about trying and see if it works.

  49. Am using a HTC sensation XL with beatstudio x315e.
    It works only on 2g (E) network on browsing…once changed to 3g, the network bar dissapears completely, and then the phone automatically selects 2g and then the networ appears.
    Please, what can I do to resolve this issue.
    Meanwhile, same sim in other phones displays 3 and 4g network.
    Life’s too short to be using a boring 2g phone…

    1. Try dialing *#*#4636#*#* and then press “Phone Information” > Toggle Ciphering to OFF > Turn off Radio > Turn on Radio > Toggle Ciphering to ON.

  50. I have an LG F60 and it is stuck on the LG screen and in the upper left hand corner there are these codes…100830 fastboot_init(), 100930 USB init. 100950 udc_start() what does this mean and what can I do?

  51. Hi Judy, Thanks for everything.
    I use galaxy s3( GT-I9301Q)
    These codes dont work for it. I reach ‘service menu’ for that volume increase

  52. Hi, I have a CAT S60 with Android 6.0.1, do you know if the codes can be enabled? The only code that works is *#06# (displays the IMEI), but none of the other codes do anything. Most of them are recognized – I get to the end of the sequence and the digits I’ve typed disappear, but nothing else happens. If they are disabled by the factory, will I be able to re-enable them by rooting the phone?

    1. the codes work on some devices and not others, so it’s hard to say with certainty that they will work. As for rooting, all you are doing it gaining access to the root files, not adding features. if they aren’t available to begin with, odds are you won’t find them by rooting.

  53. I am using Samsung galaxy code
    I can’t find engineering mode..
    even after dailing *#*#4636#*#* is not working
    I am dialing then in dialer and it use to become a call. Please help as soon as possible.

  54. Hello, i have a HTC ONE M7, and the physical volume up button is not working. Is there a way to enter a diagnostic mode in which i can check
    whether the pressing of the button does anything (so there might be a software issue) or not (and then the button might be faulty).


    1. Try typing this in

      It should let you into the HTC diagnostics menu. There is a button test option you can try.

    1. Some phones and carriers do not allow the codes to work. If there is a specific diagnostic function you are looking for, maybe I could help you find a way to get that information.

        1. The codes do not work with all phones and carriers work. There is not a sure-fire way to tell if the codes will work until you try them.

      1. A few days ago . i bought lg g3 lt&t 2nd hand . and it can’t get codes which i give . please help me. and there is also network problem on g3.

        1. The network issue could be a number of things… is it unlocked for your carrier? Is the SIM card active? Is the antenna functioning in the phone?

          As to the coded not working, it’s hard to say which ones will and will not work. Carriers and manufacturers do not always allow every or any of the codes to work on each model.

  55. Hi I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 through Sprint and I am trying to put my Verizon service on it I have talked to both Verizon and Sprint Verizon’s end is good and their SIM card is working and Sprint give me the unlock code that I’m supposed to enter so the Verizon SIM card will work in a Sprint phone but when I put the Verizon SIM card in a notification pops up saying invalid SIM card and when I go to select s nothing happens it’s just stuck is there anything I can do that you know of to make my Sprint phone work with my Verizon service??

    1. moving from carrier to carrier can be tricky. I know with my unlocked phone there was a code they needed to put into their system to make it work on their end.

      Also, you can try dialing *228 after you put the Verizon SIM card in. I believe that will register it to the towers and system.

  56. I can’t get into my zte t610 due to Google account verification. I am having trouble remembering or resetting my password. I only have access to the emergency dialer and when I enter a code it says I need to enter an emergency number. How do I overcome this and is there a code that will help erase the Google verification account or even just a code that will allow me to access the phones settings menu??

    1. If you do not have the gmail account login for the phone, there really isn’t a good way to do it. I believe at this point you will need to master reset the phone if there is no way for you to remember the login information.

  57. Hi.. What is this code used for.
    * #62*
    Plz share all the detail abt this code
    What happens after dilaing this code and what is the harm and how to avoid it.
    Plz help

    1. the codes are device and sometimes carrier specific. you didn’t mention your model phone, carrier, or even the brand, your best bet is to drop the brand, model, and carrier with the code you are looking for into a search engine to see. You may also need the version of the phone.

  58. First of all thanks for this wonderful list of codes (secret? :P). I own an Intex Aqua Star II HD handset. It is running Android v4.2.2 and kernel version is 3.10.17

    When I try the code for “Format and Factory Reset” – *2767*3855# – it tries sending out some kind of SMS but that fails and the error message I receive is – “Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code”.

    Any idea why this (and a few others with the *xxx…# – starting with a single star and ending with a single pound) do not work and why it tries sending out some kind of sms?

    Oh if this can help – I use cellone as my provider.

  59. Does your phone have a WCDMA only option in the network select setting? this should limit you to 3G.

    You can find it here:
    Press the settings icon.
    Press More networks.
    Press Mobile networks.
    Press Network mode.

  60. I have tried the secret codes listed and nothing ever happens. Does the phone have to be rooted for them to work? I have a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  61. I have a galaxy s7 on Verizon and I will wondering for there’s a way to make phone calls clearer or louder without using advance calling.

    1. that’s more of a hardware issue. I have the same phone and carrier and agree that it’s not great. It could be anything from your reception to your phone to their phone or anything in between. YOu might try a Bluetooth headset it could help if it’s just a poor phone speaker that’s causing your troubles.

    1. it will just give you 3g. you can’t put a card in and change the abilities of the phone. It’s a hardware thing, not a software or something an add-on will change.

  62. please assist me. i have a lenovo a7600-m in zimbabwe and cannot change network mode to 3G or LTE. only 2G im getting.

    1. It could be a carrier limitation. Does the carrier there have a 3g or LTE option? I know here in the US the carriers limit the data for some devices or plans. Try looking into your SIM card options to see if you might have something not allowing 3g or higher. I don’t think it would matter, but your phone looks like it’s a dual SIM phone, does it make a difference to put the SIM in the other slot?

    1. As directed in the article. Use the phone dialer to enter them. However, not all of the codes work with all phones.

    1. How was it enabled? Through a code or settings? Is the Samsung Galaxy S5 stock? What OS version are you running? Is there moisture damage?

    1. When did it start shutting off? What happened to the phone? How old is it? I need more details because you are asking about a different problem than the article is about.

  63. You can also find all this codes by using an app on Google Play, just search for “Secret Codes” and you will get a tons of them.

  64. I have a sprint galaxy s6 and want to get to the engineering mode to increase the set volumes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  65. I have a Verizon Samsung S7 Edge, as others have commented you can’t seem to get to the hidden menus on Verizon phones. Does anyone know of a workaround to gain access to this menu?

    1. You might have to do some specific research about your model phone. There are several variations that have different functionalities available through the codes.

  66. if you want to see it, go to the phone settings and the about phone option,then phone status, then IMEI information. This varies a little per phone and Android version.

    to change it, you can dial *#*#83781#*#*

  67. I have a blackphone 1 with android ver.4.4.4, at the beginning I started to use my mobile, worked really ok. But since my internet was too slow, I had tried to switch on mode 4 G LTE only via *#*#4636#*#. When I tried to return into 2G/3G/4G mode after that, infortunately I wasn’t able to switch back until now. I’m only able to browse the internet with my 4G signals but can’t make and receive calls any longer. Had put other SIM card from different service provider but still unsuccessfull though. Please help me with my issue, how to solve……..I appreiate very much for your help.

    Thank you


  68. Hi Judy, i have samsung galaxy s6 sm g9201, with android 6.0.1. I am trying to dial code *#301279# but its not working. I want to enable r99 in my mibile.

  69. Hi. I have a new LG Premiere LTE Tracfone, running on Verizon towers. The signal is very weak, so I would like to turn off LTE and just run on 3G. I’ve seen lots of info saying you can make that change using hidden codes, but none that I’ve tried open any menus on this phone. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks

  70. Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) SM-J320M which I am attempting to access Service Mode to unlock its carrier limitation, but the Service mode *#*#197328640#*#* code is not working.. It runs on Android 5.1.1 Is there any different code I can try? or maybe a different way to get into Service Mode? Thanks in advance.

  71. Hello,
    I am so frustrated right now. My Alcatel Pixi 4 has 8gb of memory and I have a 8gb SD card also. When downloading apps it goes to the internal memory first and then I manually send it to the SD card. Now I am seeing that I only have 54.41mb of free space on the internal memory but the available space on the display bar shows half. Meaning, I don’t know where all my free space is.

    1. Try deleting your app downloads and changing the memory setting to use the SD card first. You may have the apps downloaded to both places.

      1. my tab is lollipop and it doesnt have an option that can use sd card as default,,, what can i do to use sd card cause i cant put my data of games into internal i just only got 2.5gb free on my internal… please help..thanks

        1. Unfortunately there’s no handy trick to let you use an sd card. However, using cloud storage services can help you clear up some room on the device itself while still allowing you to access files from your device.

  72. I have lenevo vibe p1m mobile phone in this phone secret key *#*#3646633#*#* is not working is any key words available for this device

  73. please I have Samsung s4 gt19505 lollipop version, since couple of days ago now I can’t use wcdma it’s only edge E signal it’s bringing, if I switch to lite or wcdma only all d network will off. I don’t know what I pressed and have tried it several times, I have even hard reset it, it’s still the same thing.
    please is there anything u think I can do? please I will be glad if you can help me out…. please you can also answer me through my mail box. culeztdotex20@gmail

    1. Hello! Try switching to GSM/WCDMA auto, then rebooting. If that doesn’t work, you may have to do a factory reset.

    1. Hi, Gagan. Go to Settings -> About Phone -> System Updates, and your phone will look for any available Android updates.

  74. I have samsung galaxy s5 with android marshmallow ,when i turned my mibile lock the wifi stop working and when unlock i begans to work properly ,i also checked in advanced settings “wifi turn on during sleep” but the problem no solved please tell me why this problem occurs

    1. Make sure your settings are correct by setting Keep Wifi on during sleep to Always under advanced wifi settings. If that doesn’t solve your problem, it may be because an optimizer app is overriding your settings.

  75. please help me, am using lg k7 metro pcs phone and its locked under gsm and can not access internet in my country with that network. what can i do to unlock to atleast 3g network

    1. Hi, Raymond. I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking. Do you want to know if your phone is legitimately manufactured by the company advertised or if it’s a knock off?

  76. Hello!
    I was trying to use the camera info code on my LG X and was unsuccessful, is there another code for it? Thanks!

    1. Unfortunately this is the only code. What exactly was the issue? Maybe we can find a different solution.

  77. ok so i think some tapped my phone how can i tell and how can i remove this i hear static during phone convos messages arent always sending

    1. Sorry you had a bad experience, Willi. These codes should work for a Samsung Galaxy J3. Which codes did you try?

    1. Could you be more specific about what’s going wrong? If I know what the device is doing, I can help you troubleshoot.

  78. The code you mentioned to get wifi mac address, not working for my Samsung C5 phone, can I get the dialer code for this device please?

  79. Can someone who is cheating use these secret codes and menu to contact the person without me knowing? How could I find out?

  80. I am looking for a Band Selection code for HTC U11. *#2263# comes back as invalid. Any other suggestions?

  81. HELP!!! I bought a Samsung Galaxy Express 3 ATT prepaid phone a while ago, has a password on it that I forgot (it’s been almost a year or so ago)… I can’t get into recovery mode, it keeps telling me ” could not do normal boot INVALID KERNAL LENGTH”… How can I factory reset this phone?

  82. This may be a very stupid question, but I am trying to set up a “new” old phone with my sim card. My phone keeps searching for service so I am not exactly sure how I would go about entering any of these codes without being able to use the CALL button. Do I actually have to have service to do it? I am trying to troubleshoot my phone and keep coming across sites that tell me to put codes n the dialer. I am starting to feel really dumb!! Everytime I do, it tells me Mobile network Not Available, which i already know! Any suggestions?

  83. I have Micro-max Unite 2 6GB android phone. Use as media storage device option not showing when USB cable is attached to the phone for sharing data on the PC. I have checked with many other PC, with new Data cables, formatting phone and your codes but still facing same problem form last 3 months.
    Nor its is getting detected in PC when the mobile is switched off. So i can not format it using other stock roms.
    I have not use any other stock roms available because of bug roms. I have reset it using in built rom option.
    Can you help!

  84. Hello, I truly appreciate all that you help so many with. I am hoping you may be able to help me as well. As a joke a friend put a pattern lock on my phone bit forgot the pattern. I cannot even open my phone! I have asked the phone company who I’m buying the phone thru they said they can’t do that…. I’m going crazy trying to figure it out but I’m scared that the next time I try a pattern it is going to factory reset my phone. Please help me…?

  85. I tried almost all of these codes on my Galaxy S6 with custom ROM Lineage 16 (Android Pie), but not a single one worked!!

  86. hello i was wondering if there is any code to block adult sites on an android ive set the restriction mode on mostly everything but still manage to get some type of adult content

    1. Hi Marissa,

      It has probably something to do with the apps that you installed. Check the apps that your installed in your device and see which one is forcing those adult content. There are no codes to restrict such contents.

  87. Hi i have an oppo A5s cph 1920 is there a code to reset the screenlock or wipe the phone pls. I have tried so many but man them cph 1920 phones aee locked down good lol.
    I basically want to wipe the phone fresh but dorgot my 6digit pin unlock thwt it asks for if i put it into developer mode to wipe the phone. Pls help me

  88. My phone was factory reset and I don’t remember which google account I put in it. So how can I get my phone to work.

  89. Hi Daniel, Do you know how to remove some/the pre-installed app’s on an android phone? In the Huawei phone of my wife is not enough space/memory to instal an app for her work. I did download already some (root uninstaller) app’s on her phone and software on my PC, but all by me downloaded software have no permission to go in that root of pre-installed app’s.

    Can you please help me with something like a code or a link to a working software solution(s)?

    Thanks in advance, Marcel (the Netherlands)

    1. Hi! For cases like pre-installed apps, most of the time they cannot be uninstalled. What you can do is clear the cache or uninstall updates of the app so it won’t take much space. Another option is to root your device. We have a bunch of articles that could guide you in rooting your device. You can choose from this link ->

  90. Hi! I have a Samsung Galaxy J2 V 5.1.1, I have used these service mode; *#0011#, *#9090# ‘n *#1111# they opened the menu…. but the key input didn’t prompt me to the next step… (Q, Back, 0000) . I don’t know where I am wrong. .. can somebody help or suggest for me another service mode code.

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