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What Is Android System Intelligence? 6 Best Facts to Know in 2023

Have you ever wondered how your phone can stay on while you are watching a video? This is because most phones detect your face in its front camera. The video continues to play as long as it sees your face. Well, what happens when it does not detect your face anymore? The video may pause or turn off. 

Your phone is able to do this feature because of a component on its operating system. This component is called the Android system intelligence. This system intelligence supports some of the functions of your phone, which we will discuss later on.

Is this your first time hearing about Android system intelligence? Don’t worry, we will give you all the facts regarding this feature of your phone. Let’s get started.

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Keep Android System Intelligence Installed on Your Phone

As with any feature on your phone, Android system intelligence takes up storage space on your phone. If you are running low on storage, you might be tempted to delete this feature from your phone. However, we recommend keeping it installed. 

Although your phone can still run without Android system intelligence, there are some features that may not be available after deleting it. The Android system is responsible for some of the features that make your phone easier to use. Some features it supports are the following:

Smart Clipboard – Copying and pasting with our phones is made easier with this clipboard. If you ever have copied something for future use, you can save it to the clipboard. If you delete the Android system intelligence, you won’t be able to save anything that you copied or pasted. 

Automatic Subtitles or Captions – If you like to watch videos with subtitles, we recommend you not delete the Android system intelligence feature. It allows your phone to provide subtitles based on the audio of the video you are watching. 

Search Function – This function helps you to find apps or settings on your phone. If you want to avoid a hard time searching for a certain setting on your phone, leave Android system intelligence installed on your phone. 

If you do not want to let go of the features mentioned above, it would be best to keep Android system intelligence on your phone. Doing this ensures that your phone does not experience stability and performance issues. 

Android System Intelligence Helps You Track Locations

Android System Intelligence- Track Locations

Times have changed. Instead of using paper maps, we now use Google Maps to keep track of our location. Android system intelligence is the reason you can track where you are. It is also the reason your loved ones can find your location once you share it with them. 

Your mobile data plays a role to keep track of your location. It detects your device’s data plan together with the cell towers around your location. The data from these indicators allow your phone location to be tracked. Before we used Android Wear (nowadays known as Wear OS), which combine the technology with Google Assistant to track location as well.

Android System Intelligence Can Relay Your Data Consumption and Battery Usage

Data Consumption and Battery Usage

If you are a person heavily reliant on data, you may want to focus on saving your data. This is because you use data for everything. For example, you may be a student studying in a cafe, you may need data to finish your work. 

Android system intelligence relays your data consumption. It can tell you what applications consume the most data. When you have this kind of information, you can plan how to conserve and use your data wisely.

If you are worried about your battery health, Android System Intelligence can surely help you with that concern. This is because you would be able to track your battery usage with it. You can see if there are any apps that are running in the background. You can turn off these apps so it does not drain your battery. 

Android System Intelligence Supports Your Google Assistant

AIS Support Google Assistant

We mainly use our Google Assistant if we are occupied. For example, you can ask your Google Assistant to call someone while you are driving. With this, you can focus on driving, and avoid accidents along the way. 

You can also have your assistant search for recipes for you while you are busy in the kitchen. Android system intelligence helps make our lives easier through Google Assistant. 

Android System Intelligence Undergo Updates, Too

Just like any other application on your phone, Android system intelligence needs to undergo updates too. Their updates are usually done in the Google Play Store. With that being said, it only means that whatever version of Android you have, you can fully enjoy the perks of the Android intelligence system. 

Android System Intelligence Does Not Interfere with Your Phone Usage

We all have different purposes when we are on our phone. There might be people who are on their phone for work matters. They might be on the phone to complete school assignments. They might be on their phone for leisure reasons, such as talking with friends, playing games, or watching videos. 

Whatever our purpose is, we hate to get interrupted. You might be worried that notifications will disturb you. You shouldn’t worry about that. This is because the Android system runs in the background. This means that you can go about your tasks without being disturbed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Android System Intelligence Mean?

Android system intelligence is a system component of your Android operating system. It integrates artificial intelligence to improve your smartphone experience. With this, you can watch videos with automatic subtitles without stopping. 

Can We Delete or Disable Android System Intelligence?

Yes, you have the option to disable your phone’s Android system intelligence anytime you’d like. However, we recommended leaving the app installed on your phone. This is because this system supports other system functions on your phone that you may want to keep. 

What Does Android System Intelligence Use to Track My Location?

There are two things that help Android system intelligence track your location. It uses your data plan. The other thing that contributes to tracking of your location is GPS, and the cell towers around your location. 

The Bottom Line

Android system intelligence makes our experience even better. We may never notice it, but it supports functions that we use on an everyday basis. An example of this would be copying and pasting. Without this system intelligence, we would have a hard time storing copied information, which we all need. 

It may not be needed to run basic phone functions, such as taking calls, but it is integral that its function is to improve the user experience. Could you imagine having videos turned off while you are watching them? 

It can be disabled though. A gentle reminder, though, that if you delete Android system intelligence from your phone, the perks we mentioned in the first paragraph would no longer be available on your phone. 

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