6 Best App Controlled Lights Bulbs, Light Strips and More

7 Best App Controlled Lights: Bulbs, Light Strips and More

Have you ever heard of app controlled lights? I mean… Is that even a thing?

Well, look like it is because we have gathered the best in this list for you!

You might be asking: “What makes it so special?”

With app controlled lights, you can now play with your lights with the use of a smartphone! You change the colors of the light bulb, turn the outdoor light on and off, control its brightness and warmness, and even set its power schedule! Cool, right?!

But that’s not all…

Aside from the app, you can also control these lights using smart home devices! Many of them are compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa.

Now, you can command these lights conveniently through your phone or voice. They’re smart, intuitive, and perfect for the modern smart home. Speaking of smart homes, you may also want to check out these smart home thermostats for Android.

They are everywhere!

In fact, there are also app-controlled Christmas lights that you can use not only for the Holidays but also for special events and occasions. Fun, fun, fun!

It even has a wide variety. It comes in different forms such as light bulbs, outdoor lighting, light strips, and others. Amazingly, some can even be connected to your phone via Bluetooth, and others via Wi-Fi.

If you’re excited to know what products we have in store for you, then, let’s get started!

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7 Best App Controlled Lights

There are various app-controlled lights available. Many of them are light bulbs, but there are also a few spotlights, light strips, and outdoor lighting. We have trimmed down the choices to 5.

Now we present to you our top picks.

  1. Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Lightstrip
  2. YEELIGHT Smart LED Bulb
  3. Philips Hue Lily White & Color Ambiance Outdoor Spotlight
  4. BERENNIS Smart Light Bulb
  5. LIFX A19 Smart LED Light Bulb
  6. Nexillumi LED Strip Lights
  7. Wyze Bulb Color BR30

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1. Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Lightstrip

Philips Hue
Philips Hue -app controlled lights

The Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Lightstrip is 80 inches long. It’s very flexible, so you can easily use it anywhere at home. You can also trim it if you need just a shorter strip for a particular use. With adhesive backing, the strip easily sticks to any surface.

This light strip is designed to last up to 22 years and is Energy Star-certified. Like the other Hue lights, it works with various voice and smart home assistants like Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Alexa, SmartThings, and others. The possibilities are also endless, with 16 million colors of light to choose from.

app controlled lights


  • Compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, Apple Homekit, and others
  • Hue hub included
  • Up to 50 lights on 1 Hue hub
  • 16 million colors
  • Gaming light
  • 1600 lumens brightness
  • 20 watts

However, the LightStrip is not waterproof, which means that you can only use it indoors. Like other Philips smart and app controlled lights, this one is also quite expensive compared to others. But overall, it’s a great light strip with countless possibilities. With 20,000 hours of lifetime, the price is worth it.

Note: Requires a hub (Hue Bridge)

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To control the LightStrip through an app, download this mobile app on your smartphone.

Philips Hue Logo
Philips Hue Logo

2. YEELIGHT Smart LED Bulb

YEELIGHT Smart LED Bulb – app controlled lights

The YEELIGHT smart LED light bulb by Xiaomi is one of the cheapest durable app controlled lights out there which you can control via both an app and voice control. Aside from the price, what makes this bulb attractive is its easy-use feature. It’s easy to install too.

With the Xiaomi Home or Yeelight app, you can change the colors, dim the lights, or set schedules anywhere you are through your smartphone. You can check the light even when you’re away from home. Turn on and off the lights from anywhere.

You can even sync the light with music and use voice controls to command it. It is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

app controlled lights


  • Custom light scenes
  • 16 million colors
  • Control anywhere using an app
  • Sync lights with music
  • 800 lumens brightness (10 watts)
  • 22.8 years lifespan

This bulb is a great option for those who are looking for budget-friendly Wi-Fi and app controlled lights. However, it only works best for Xiaomi system in terms of integration. But the great thing about this light bulb is that, unlike the others on the list, it does not require a hub since it uses built-in WiFi.

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Download the mobile app so you can control this LED bulb through your smartphone.

Yeelight App Logo
Yeelight App Logo

3. Philips Hue Lily White & Color Ambiance Outdoor Spotlight

Philips Hue Lily White & Color Ambiance Outdoor Spotlight
Philips Hue Lily White & Color Ambiance Outdoor Spotlight – app controlled lights

Bring your outdoor lighting to the next level with this Philips Hue Outdoor Spotlight. They can be controlled through an app (Philips Hue). There are various light scenes to choose from to suit your mood. But if you want to use the spotlight for outdoor entertainment and events, you can also play with 16 million colors and create your own light scenes.

Aside from the app, you can also control the lights through voice controls (Alexa, Google Assistant, or HomeKit), as well as home automation systems. For this to work, however, you’ll need a Hue hub.


  • 16 million colors
  • Pre-defined scenes
  • Custom light scenes
  • Smart home devices compatible
  • Lily power supply included
  • 25,000 hours lifetime
  • Weatherproof and resistant
  • 2-year warranty

Note: Hub required (sold separately)

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You can control the Philips Hue Outdoor Spotlight using an app controlled lights. Download the Philips Hue below.

Philips Hue Logo
Philips Hue Logo

4. BERENNIS Smart Light Bulb

 BERENNIS Smart Light Bulb
BERENNIS Smart Light Bulb – app controlled lights

If you want more traditional-looking app controlled lights with smart functionality, check out the BERENNIS light bulb. It’s also very affordable, especially considering that it comes in a pack of 3.

Through an app, and as long as you are connected to a WiFi, you can control the light bulbs from anywhere, even when you’re abroad. Set a timer, change the colors, and dim the lights. You can do all these through your smartphone. If you’re at home, you can also control the lights using voice control without the need for a hub.


  • Multi-colored lights (16 million colors)
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Energy-saving
  • 20,000 hours of use
  • Home automation feature
  • WiFi control (app)

However, at only 500 lumens, this light bulb is the dimmest of all the lights featured here. Overall, it’s still a great smart light, especially for those who want an affordable option. It does not require a hub too.

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Berennis Magic Home Logo
Berennis Magic Home Logo

5. LIFX A19 Smart LED Light Bulb

 LIFX A19 Smart LED Light Bulb
LIFX A19 Smart LED Light Bulb – app controlled lights

Looking for the brightest voice and app controlled lights? That would be LIFX A19. Smart bulbs, on their own, cannot fully light a room because most smart bulbs have lower lumens. But the LIFX A19 light bulb features 1100 lumens, which makes it very bright. On its own, it can fully light a room.

Using the app, you can control the lights and apply various unique, cool effects. There are various lighting scenes, themes, and effects to choose from. Play with over 16 million colors to brighten and liven up your room or home. Dim the lights or choose different shades of white. Do all these conveniently as long as your phone has a mobile or WiFi connection.

app controlled lights


  • Voice control (Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit)
  • Over 16 million colors
  • Schedule and automation
  • Easy installation and use
  • 22.8 years lifetime
  • 1100 lumens (11 watts

Like the YEELIGHT light bulb, this bulb uses built-in WiFi and, hence, does not require a hub. However, compared to YEELIGHT, it’s more expensive.


Download the mobile app below so you can conveniently control the light bulb anywhere you are.

LIFX Mobile App Logo
LIFX Mobile App Logo

6. Nexillumi LED Strip Lights

Nexillumi 50Ft Strip Lights - Best App-Controlled Lights
Best App-Controlled Lights

Nexillumi LED light strips have a 3-button switch that not only turns on and off the lights but also allows you to change the colors and brightness of the LED strip lights and turn on and off music modes. 

The built-in protection circuit instantly shuts off the power of the current that is overloaded or short-circuited and the fireproof power adapter meets the most intricate and severe UL regulations. The cables also pass UL testing and are designed to be more robust. 

You can use the phone app to control the light strips within a responsive distance of 50 feet and set a timer to turn them on and off with your favorite color. Microphone mode allows you to play music through your phone’s microphone, and the lights change colors and pulsate in time. 3 LED strip lights are ideal for use in bedrooms, dorm rooms, kitchens, behind televisions, mirrors, and stairwells.

Install the illumi home app on your device. It is available both on Google Play and iOS App Store. The RGB LED strip may be dimmed, changed colors, and turned on and off. The controller switch has a sensitive built-in mic, and the lights will pulsate and change colors in sync with the ambient sound and music. it Includes a 44-key 4 music mode The LED light strip is controlled by an IR remote.  On the power cord, there is a 4-button switch that allows you to alter the brightness, colors, and music mode.


  • Allows you to change the colors and brightness of the LED strip lights
  • Turn on and off music modes
  • Accessible with the app at 50 feet 
  • Set a timer to turn them on and off
  • Allows you to play music through your phone’s microphone
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7. Wyze Bulb Color BR30

Wyze - app controlled lights
Wyze – app controlled lights

When setting a bulb in the recessed fixture, Wyze is the best. Wyze bulb color BR30 flushes out the light and gives off a polished finish to the room. The bulb comes with a staggering 16 million colors, and you can control them with the help of any voice assistant. You can also automate your lights with the use of IFTTT

One of the main attractions of the bulb is the design. The bulged refractor helps to provide a flooded-like shape which helps to give a flush-out light to your room.

Now if you want to fix the light on your ceiling, Wyze Bulb Color BR30 is the best choice thanks to its multiple features and considerably lower price than the other bright lights on the market.

Intrigued? Check out the Amazon link to buy one and change the whole ambiance of your home now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do app-controlled lights use power when off?

Technically, yes. This is because of the stand-by mode that will enable you to control it remotely. Fortunately, the stand-by mode uses less than a watt of power. Furthermore, LED lights that are usually used in app controlled lights are Energy Efficient Light Bulbs.

How do app controlled lights work?

Basically, they work by controlling the lights through an app that you must download on your smartphone. They require a WiFi connection, some use Bluetooth, in order for you to control them through an app. Some even require a separate hub.

Do smart lights need a hub?

Not all. Those that have built-in WiFi don’t need a separate hub. In fact, of the 5 app controlled lights on the list, 3 don’t require a hub: the Yeelight LED bulb, the BERENNIS light bulb, and the LIFX A19 bulb.

Do smart lights use Bluetooth?

Yes, some smart lights use Bluetooth to connect your device to your smart light, enabling it to be voice-assisted. But some lights do connect via Wifi and perform the same function. Before purchasing, you can check the manufacturer’s website about the connectivity.

Control Your Lights Remotely

App-controlled lights are perfect for the smart home. Most of them are compatible with voice control and home automation systems. However, you must take note that some of them would require a hub, which in most cases you would need to buy separately.

Most lights offer millions of color possibilities, which means that you can play with the colors and their brightness. But most importantly, you can check and control the lights from anywhere with a WiFi connection. This comes in handy when you’re away from home and you need to turn certain lights on or off.

Do you have any other questions related to the app or voice-controlled lights? Feel free to leave us a comment below.

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