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ASmart Remote IR: A Universal Remote for Android

Usually, the remote apps for Android lack in imagination and design. They come with generic looking remotes that are just plain bad looking.

Thankfully ASmart Remote IR doesn’t come with a simple and barebones remote. It comes with a ton of them to appease all your remote controlling needs.

This app ranked somewhere in the middle of the best remote apps for Android list. After going more in depth with the app and using it on various devices, I have to say it should rank a lot higher.

Cover art

The Good

The app comes with an incredible design. Someone put in real effort in designing this app and it shows. I like the clean look and the mellow color scheme it has going on.

The app also works extraordinarily well with an assortment of devices. ASmart Remote IR has a unique design for each remote for every appliance it can control. This free app can truly do a ton of stuff right out of the box.

The Bad

There is very little I can say is bad about the app. I’m honestly not able to think of a way the app has failed me. I tested it on a DSLR, a TV and an air conditioner. It worked very well with all three of the devices. I’m pretty sure it will work with others as well.

The only thing close to bad is the setting screen. It would benefit from an opaque background. The app also comes with some distracting ads, but they are well placed. The app can only work on smartphones or tablets that come with an IR Blaster.

The Bottom Line

If you truly need a free remote app for Android, ASmart Remote IR does a great job. I’m quite impressed with the way the app worked. I’m going to move the app a few notches up in the best remote app on Android list as well.

Even if the app doesn’t work with your air conditioner, you can still use it to control your sound system. This is the real beauty of ASmart Remote IR.

First Boot

Getting the app on your Android smartphone or tablet is a standard affair. Head over to the Google Play store page and click on install. The app will take just a few moments to download. As the package is small in size, obtain the app using either mobile data or a Wi-Fi connection.

ASmart Remote IR 001

After the app is on your device, tap the icon to launch it.

The app doesn’t come with any welcome screen or tutorial. But the app is extremely well designed that I had no trouble figuring out how to use it. One glance and you know what’s what, this is how good the design is.


I wish all the developers started making their apps like this. ASmart Remote IR is a great example of simple and useful design. At no point during my usage did I have to stop and think about how to use the app. The simple design makes everything so much easier to use.

ASmart Remote IR 002

Tap on the Add New Remote button to see different appliances.

ASmart Remote IR 003

Tapping on the type of appliance you’d like to control will take you to the list of brands. After you select a brand, you’ll see a remote on the screen. You’re almost ready to roll.

This is a great way to make everything accessible to the user. I like the large icons assigned to each of the appliance types.


ASmart Remote IR comes with different remotes for a different type of appliances. For example here is how one TV remote looks like:

ASmart Remote IR 005

If you need a dedicated TV remote app for Android, do check out the list. This free Android remote app, however, worked very well with my semi-recent Samsung full HD TV.

Here is the air conditioner remote for you to see the difference:

ASmart Remote IR 007

One of the best things about ASmart Remote IR is the inclusion of DSLR remotes. These are not full-fledged apps, but basic shutter buttons. You will also need a tripod stand to use the camera to its full benefit.

I tried the app on my dad’s trusty Nikon 7100, and it worked really well.

ASmart Remote IR 009


One of the best things about ASmart Remote IR is that it know not every remote will work with your device. So it shows you a bunch of remotes that you can try out before selecting the one that works.

ASmart Remote IR 004

Above you can see the TV remote testing interface. This screen is not the actual TV remote. It’s just there for you to check out the essential controls. This feature will help you find the remote that’s compatible with your device in no time at all.

ASmart Remote IR 006

Once the remote is selected, the interface will expand. Here you can see the Sony Blu-ray remote control. There is almost every major control on the interface, making it easier to go without a physical remote.

ASmart Remote IR 010

Tap on the plus icon at the top right corner of the screen to add more remotes. As far as I know, there’s no limit to the number of remotes you can add.

You can even assign remotes to different rooms if you want. But, this feature will come in handy for the uber-rich people who have a TV in every room.


This app needs absolutely no information from your device. ASmart Remote IR is one of the safest universal remote apps for Android around. You can use it with no worries at all.


As it turns out, the design of ASmart Remote IR sets it apart. Other competing apps don’t come close in this area. The app worked great for me, and I do hope it works well for you.

ASmart Remote IR has become a permanent resident on my phone. Do you have a remote app for Android you think beats this one? Tell us why below.

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