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13 Authentic 6P User Reviews to Help You Decide

As the line between information and advertising continues to blur, it is hard to trust reviews when you’re searching for a product online. (After all, it’s probably cheaper to make an inferior product as long as you pay for a few good reviews.)

It’s highly unlikely that Google paid for reviews for the Nexus 6P, while the device is highly rated by most outlets, but it’s still good to see what users thought of the phone. We’ve scoured the internet so you don’t have to, bringing you a range of views about the premium handset.

If you want to hear our take on the 6P, here’s a list with the best features found on the Nexus 6P.

Let’s kick off the list with some positive feedback;


1. “I have been using this phone for the last couple of weeks and I must say that this may be the best phone that I have ever used.” (Source) User: 01series

Nexus 6P

You can’t really say fairer than that. (Although it does depend on which phones they’ve used previously.) Nonetheless, this is a typical response for a 6P user review, and most people seem to be happy with their device.

Most reviews for the 6P tend to be overwhelmingly positive, and you don’t get the sense that they’ve been ‘paid for’ in any way. If you’ve heard good things, they’re most likely to be true.

2. “Yeah, we all want a perfect phone with unlimited battery life, unbreakable screens, waterproofing with the best camera for $500. As of 2015, that is not possible. But from my count, the Nexus 6p looks like the closest thing to it.” (Source) User: Chase Olson

Everybody wants a perfect phone, but our expectations will probably never match up with the finished product. This is decent endorsement for the 6P, as well as a warning. As good as the device is, it still has a number of flaws, (that will be discussed in the Negative section) but if you temper your expectations it’s one of the best phones available.

3. “Great phone all-around however I wish it had OIS. I’ll just have to get a gimbal or tripod for filming important occasions. Development Community is great. Also being a global phone means my carrier has not strings on me, also when I travel I can buy prepaid and keep using my device just about anywhere I go.” (Source) User: ITpanda

Nexus Screen

After giving a warning about the lack of Optical Image Stabilization, (OIS) the review proceeds to list a number of great features. If you’re constantly travelling, or you hate being tied down to one carrier, the 6P can be used anywhere and it’s versatile.

Then again, if photos are the main reason why you’re buying the device, the lack of image stabilization will be pretty noticeable.

4. “Google has made a phone with the sole purpose of beating Apple and they succeed, for at least 250 cheaper not including the crazy extended warranty from apple.” (Source) User: Doctor_Tom

iPhone 6P

If price is a roadblock for you, this user explains how cheap it is in comparison to one of its biggest rivals on the market. If you’re torn between a new iPhone and the 6P, perhaps the simple economics could be enough to set them apart. Then again, the phone is still quite pricey, and there are lots of cheaper Android phones available, as well as older iPhone models.

5.  “This is a great phone. Maybe I’m biased because its my first “flagship” phone. It has great features both hardware and software. I don’t find the size to be problematic. I love the full time Google now and wouldn’t want to live without a fingerprint sensor. The camera is great for a phone, though it’s no SLR replacement. A worthy buy. (Source) This is a great phone. Maybe I’m biased because its my first “flagship” phone. It has great features both hardware and software. I don’t find the size to be problematic. I love the full time Google now and wouldn’t want to live without a fingerprint sensor. The camera is great for a phone, though it’s no SLR replacement. A worthy buy.” (Source) User: Thomas E. Tweedel


This is the conclusion to a well-written in-depth review of the Nexus 6P. The writer even manages to recognize their own bias, conceding that they could be influenced by it being their first flagship device, while noting problems other users have had in terms of the actual size of the device.

In the Milddle

1. “Bought this and a 5x. Preferred the 5x based on size and I trust LG as a manufacturer way more.” (Source) User: applesnapple93

Despite noting the obvious perks of the device, this user found the device to be just a bit too big for his liking. If you’re worried about the size, it has been brought up by a number of users who just can’t get comfortable when using the device for extended periods of time. As noted in the review, the 5X is a decent option if you want a smaller phone, and it even comes with a fingerprint scanner.

Nexus 5X

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2. “I really loved it, except for a fact that there had not been Optical Image Stabilization, and there is no Wireless Charging, and there is no split screen multitasking, or any kind of stylus, because I like to take notes down.” (Source) User: Centuries

White Black

This user gave the phone 9’s and 10’s across the board, but still took the time to mention all of the features that he would have liked or expected. The stylus is probably a longshot, but the lack of OIS and wireless charging is an oversight.

They’re features that we’ve come to expect considering prior releases, since Google love packing their flagship phones to the brim with new gadgets.

3. “The phone is large, but heavier than I expected. It’s the first phone that actually starts to get annoying to hold when reading for extended periods of time. The headphone jack is on the top of the phone which I personally consider a design flaw.” (Source) User: Rob

Headphone Port

It’s obvious that he likes the 6P, but the issues seem to be just enough to move the device from being a handy gadget, to a cumbersome reading device. Yet again, be aware of the size and weight of the phone before you rush out to purchase it. Try a friend’s, or head to the store and ask to test a model. (It could save you a lot of hand cramps in the long run.)

The headphone jack placement should be nothing more than a minor annoyance for most users.


1. “I migrated from an LG G2 to Nexus 6P and lost HDMI functionality. Otherwise this phone is slightly faster. I would have bought a different phone if I had known. No doubt about it.” (Source) User: Bucket007


A lack of HDMI functionality proved to be a deal breaker for this owner. If you’re undeterred and you still want the 6P, Chromecast will allow you to mirror your device to your TV wirelessly without a HDMI connection.


2. “Either way I feel like I payed [sic] way too much money for a phone I can’t depend on to work properly. I’ve had the phone since the last week of December.” (Source) User: aoz0ra

Lag, as well as a number of other issues such as random reboots have soured this user’s experience of the device. (These issues were heavily reported when the phone first released, mostly because of the 6.01 Marshmallow OS update.) Thankfully, most of these issues seem to have subsided with updates and patches, and the device is back to being usable.

3. “I’ve been dismissing the bent phone posts, but I noticed today the chamfered edge next the power and volume buttons on my phone is slightly warped and bending. Nothing major – my phone still lies completely flat – but with that slim gap now compromised I imagine it will only get worse. Have had the phone since mid November, no case, carried in my regular sized, non skinny jeans front pocket. Gonna try my luck at getting a warranty replacement, but I don’t have much confidence it’s not just going to eventually happen again on a new one. With no better phone on the market though, I guess I’ll deal with it.” (Source) User: DamageIncorporated

One of the scariest rumours about the 6P is that it’s really easy to bend or break by accident.

Bend Test

We’ll discuss this in-depth in point 5.

4. “I got my Nexus 6P about a couple of weeks ago, I’m really trying to switch over to android from iOS, however the battery life has been atrocious. I have a SoT of about 2 hours, and the battery is usually toast by then. Don’t really stream anything, just texting usually. Wondering if anyone else has some tips to increase the battery life…” (Source) User: muffinmuncherr

6P iOS

The 6P is meant to have decent battery life, and it should charge fully in just over an hour and a half. Sticking your device on Doze mode and turning down the brightness on your screen should extend the battery life, but there’s no point in expecting miracles. If you use it solidly for a few hours, it’ll drain down to 60%.

5. “Great phone I really loved it until a few weeks into using it I just couldn’t take screen shots any more. I take the case off which I have had since day one only to find two bent spots around the volume and power button. i was shocked since i had been extremely careful with the phone and NEVER sat on it since it is just too large to fit in my pocket. contacted support only to find out that they don’t cover this since it is not an internal failure. the phone has a huge design flaw and it is not covered under warranty. yup, last time i will be buying a nexus phone.” (Source) User: Felix Feliz

Of all of the one star reviews of the 6P found on, this one has the most upvotes. A user named JerryRigEverything posted an infamous bend test on YouTube in which the 6P snapped in half, and followed it up with another to prove that the phone definitely has durability issues;

However, he counters this by saying “If you treat your phone nice, you’ll have zero problems with it bending”, so it’s probably down to whether or not you trust yourself to keep the device completely safe.


Hopefully, you’ll now be able to come to a decision in terms of whether or not to get a new 6P. The consensus seems to be that it’s more than capable of fulfilling most of your needs, (discounting HDMI) as long as it fits comfortably in your hands, and you don’t expect a perfect device.

If you have questions about the 6P, or you want to leave a review of your own, let us know in the comments below, or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter.

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