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15 Authentic Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge User Reviews


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has plenty of features to keep users happy. However, are all of the users happy? While the Edge is a powerful and attractive phone on the market, its reception varies between Android users. No two Android users are exactly alike in their needs and wants, so where do you fall?

I’ve compiled 15 user reviews that are either negative, mixed, or positive. It doesn’t help if every review you hear is glowing, and on the other side of the coin, a list full of negative reviews helps no one. Before you purchase a Galaxy S6 Edge, take a moment to read a few of these reviews.

Negative Reviews

1. “Bad phone, but looks great!” – by N (Amazon)

n review negative

From the start of this review, you can tell this user is at least a fan of the phone’s design. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is without a doubt, a sleek phone, but the user then goes on to critique the device’s performance.

The user mentions one software issue they had was fixed by an update, but then they make a good point about foreshadowing. Even if an issue with the phone was fixed, and quickly at that, it’s a sign of a sloppy job.

This user claims that the Galaxy S6 Edge is plagued by software bugs, and at least two people agree. These bugs may have been fixed since this review was posted, but the review still stands as a point to be careful about your purchase.

2. “[…]tmobile [sic] slowest phone I can remember” – by nineismine (Reddit)

nine negative review

This Reddit user claims the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the slowest phone they’ve ever had. This is quite the claim, and it comes right before them reporting that they’ve needed to factory reset their device three times. I get nervous just thinking about needing to do a factory reset, so I can’t imagine how annoying and frustrating the process must be three times.

The user here experienced multiple slowdowns, and general lag using the keyboard or switching windows. This is a massive issue with any phone, and not one this user thinks they are alone to deal with.

From a polar opposite perspective in the same thread, look at the top rated post just below the complaint.

maclifer comment

Keep in mind these complaints are from quite some time ago, so an OS update could have fixed these issues by now. On the other hand, positive reviews have the same potential to change.

3. “Phone Okay but not great !” – by dlucio75 (phoneArena)

dlucio75 review negative

Here we have a user that has a specific problem with the T-Mobile version of the S6 Edge. If you’re sensing a theme here, trust your senses. This user’s main complaint is with the battery, and their complaint is strong enough to rate it a 1 out of 10. Battery life is extremely important in phones, so much so that some Android users pick phones for their batteries.

Most of the complaints I hear about the S6 Edge are related to the battery, but this also seems to vary between users. Depending on what apps you use, your battery is affected differently. If you like to use apps that nibble on your battery faster than you can blink, keep this review in mind.

4. “Be careful! Very fragile.” – by Dimitri (Trusted Reviews)

dimitri review negative

This is the first review that brings up the Edge’s fragile nature. The Galaxy S6 Edge is mostly glass, very strong glass, but still glass. Unfortunately, for this user, the glass wasn’t strong enough. It’s not clear about the height the phone was dropped from, or what the phone hit, but they claim it broke on its first drop.

Even with a protective case, the phone didn’t stand a chance. This user’s second problem with the phone ties in with the first. Since you can’t remove the Edge’s battery, they were forced to wait for the phone to die on its own because they couldn’t turn it off.

On the other side of the coin, they enjoyed the fast speeds of the phone before it very quickly shattered.

5. “Frivolous phone to fix a ‘problem’ that’s not really a problem, and causes new ones” – by Rollingjules (Amazon)

rollingjules negative review

This review is a disorganized block of a rant, but there are a few good points to gleam from it. The biggest piece of the review that I personally can agree with, is the curved screen feature. I’m not sure I honestly see the point in it other than it being a cool gimmick, and neither does the reviewer.

From this review, the user believe the S6 Edge is a phone that might look good from a design perspective, but in actuality is pointless and borders on unwieldy. If you’re thinking of upgrading from the S6 to the Edge, this review can offer extra insight.

Mixed Reviews

With most of the negative complaints out of the way, we can move on to the mixed bags. These reviews contain an even number of bad points, and good points about the Galaxy S6 Edge that any potential buyers should be aware of.

6. “The Galaxy S6 Edge is a stunning and great phone – when it works as advertised.” – by tsumeone (engadget)

tsumeone review mixed

The first line of this review sets the tone for this user’s entire point. When the Edge works, it performs almost flawlessly. The only problem is getting the Edge to that point consistently. This user docks points from their score because of the Edge’s unreliable nature, and spotty support from Samsung to fix problems.

If you’re worried about needing to deal with bad support, tsumeone recommends you stick to the plain Galaxy S6 that is far more reliable.

7. “This phone is a beautiful phone inside and out” – by Mahmoud (Amazon)

mahmoud review mixed

This review emphasizes that the Galaxy S6 Edge is a beautiful phone both aesthetically, and mechanically. However, this beauty is a glass swan. In a negative review mentioned earlier, the Edge being fragile was brought up. This is brought up again here, but this time the height of the drop is mentioned.

With at least two reviews now mentioning the Edge’s fragility; I would look at other phones if you think you’ll drop this one.

8. “its [sic] an empty piece of premium glass” – by youngevans (phoneArena)

youngevans review mixed

Most wouldn’t consider an eight to qualify as a mixed review, but the title for the review seems negative at a glance. This review shares qualities with most mixed reviews I’ve seen. They focus on how beautiful the phone is at first glance, but then get repulsed by the lack of upgraded features for an upgraded price.

This review gets profane about the subject, but has good points that are worth reiterating on. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is an upgrade that isn’t worth the price for some users. If that user is you after seeing these reviews, consider the Galaxy S6 instead.

9. “[…]limiting storage space is a downside,” – by emma (Trusted Reviews)

emma review mixed

The point of interest about this review is the lack of external storage features. You can’t insert a SD card with the Edge, so storage space eventually running out is an important concern. The user has an additional complaint about not being able to find a manual that lists features the phone has included.

On the positive end of the spectrum, this review highlights the Edge camera as its biggest selling point. They go as far to say the camera and the screen is the best on the market in their opinion. I just hope you have somewhere to move all of those HD pictures when you have limited storage space.

10. “A good phone but not an unqualified success” – by M. Henson (Amazon)

mhenson bad

This is by far one of the most helpful mixed reviews I’ve seen of the Edge, which is why I saved it for last. M. Henson mentions that the battery life of the phone is poor at best, and the phone tends to hang for no rhyme or reason. The phone is uncomfortable to wield because of the curved sides, and the phone constantly wakes up even while it’s supposed to be asleep.

On the plus side, the usual mentions of most other mixed reviews are here. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is still eye-catching for its design, has wireless charging, and amazing screen, but is it all worth the price?

mhenson good

For most of the reviewers above, they’d prefer just the regular S6. However, for these next few reviews, you’ll hear the opposite.

Positive Reviews

These last few reviews are the glowing ones of the bunch. You’ll be hearing from users that rarely had any complaints about the S6 Edge, if any. If you’re still on the fence, these reviews will make you fall to one side or the other.

11. “Till date the best beautiful, Elegant, powerful & user-friendly devise [sic] ever used..” – by Anshuman sinha (cnet)

sinha review positive 1

While this is the first positive review, the pros and cons seem the same as some of the mixed and negative reviews. This is a telling sign that most of the issues are a matter of perspective with the Galaxy S6 Edge, not objective flaws to make it an unworthy purchase.

sinha review positive 2

Each point listed in this review has been covered before, but the important takeaway is how each user weighs the phone’s points into an overall rating.

12. “Best phone I have ever owned.” – by JP314 (phoneArena)

jp314 review positive

This review mentions the device’s delicate nature, and poor battery life as its only drawbacks. However, for the battery he mentions that it can be charged quickly. While I don’t know how many phones JP314 has owned previously, he’s obviously smitten with the Galaxy S6 Edge.

There may not be much meat to this review other than the numbers, but it feels genuine enough to be an authentic review from someone who loves their phone.

13. “Best thing ever” – by Larry Enderle (Amazon)

larry review positive

Following JP314’s lead, Larry Enderle is under the impression that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the best phone available. While most reviewers have complained about poor battery life, he counters that those users aren’t treating their battery properly.

However, one constant across all reviews so far is that the S6 Edge is a fragile device. This reviewer claims that his phone breaking is his only concern.

14. “The phone lives up to the hype.” – by meringo (engadget)

meringo review positive

This is the first user review I’ve seen that mentions a lack of features as a plus. Meringo comments that the Edge has no need for flashy features to slow down the phone, because the performance is already spectacular.

They highlight the camera as the phone’s biggest selling point for them, and that the camera is the best phone camera on the market. This isn’t the first review to mention this, and it won’t be the last.

If you aren’t convinced one way or the other yet, this last review will change that.

15. “Unique, Beautiful, & Edge-y – A Nearly Flawless Phone” – by Johnny Amazon® (Amazon)

johnny review positive

I’ve saved the largest positive review for last, but it’s more than worth a read if you’re seriously considering the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge as your new phone. This user thoroughly goes through the battery life, the camera, the screen, the UI, and the overall performance of the device.

This reviewer isn’t in the top 100 on Amazon without reason, so give the review a glance if you’re still on the fence.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has a high price point, and to some users, a high amount of problems. If the price point and potential trouble are enough to scare you away, the Galaxy S6 is a better choice.

However, if the glowing reviews match up with your needs, and you’re careful with the device, you won’t regret the purchase.

The Samsung advancements haven’t stopped with the S6 Edge. The S7 Edge is looming over the horizon, and it has plenty of features to offer.

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