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4 Awesome Football Games for Android, Play Ball

Football is one of the most exciting games of the modern era. Not only does the game allows you to have quality entertainment, it’s also a great way to bond with friends and family. There are a lot of great football games for Android available, but I have selected the 5 most awesome one’s for you. No one likes a half-baked game and these games are definitely fully baked.

There is nothing better than an evening with friends or family, a hot pizza, a few drinks and good old football. If you are here, you must know the feeling of seeing your favorite team win. Nothing beats the rush of victory. But what to do when your favorite team is not playing? Well, you can play with them instead. Now with these great football games and their licensed players, you will be able to relive the glory days all over again.

Note: All the football games for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. I played the games for around 20 minutes each. I’m by no means an expert in any of the games nor have I completed them in any way. I checked for graphics, teams, gameplay and stability. The apps performed fine during the testing.

1. Madden NFL Mobile

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Madden NFL is one of the most prestigious football game series in all time. I have played their games on PlayStation 2 and even the Xbox 360. But these days I don’t have much time for a dedicated gaming session.

Thankfully, there is a very robust Android version of the game and it really delivers on the premise. There are some RPG elements to the game that make it highly addictive, but they are not as elaborate as the best RPG games though. Still there is something amazing about collecting current and legendary players.

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2. Fanatical Football

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This is one of the few football games for Android that allows you to feel like you are there on the field. The game plays in third person mode much like the best third person shooter games for Android.

You are given elaborate controls on the screen that are highly intuitive. You will grasp the controls in no time at all and when you do, you will be able to score touchdowns in style. No other game on the best American football games for Android list comes this close to the action.

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3. Big Win Football 2015

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Want to mix a card collecting game with football? This is the game made for you. There are no licensed teams or players here, but the card collecting aspect of the game is really rewarding. I was skeptical about this game because a few of my friends were seen playing it during lectures.

I try to steer away from those “Farmville” types of games. But when I did play the game, it became clear that it is nothing like those plant seed and win games. The gameplay is simple and really rewards your deck building.

4. NFL Fantasy Football

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This is one game which you can play during office hours and no one will suspect you of lollygagging. If you are already invested in the American football scene, this game will be extremely rewarding for you. While it is not technically a game, it is still very fun for adults.

If you are a teenager who craves action, the first three games on the best football games for Android list are for you. But if you like to make decisions and join leagues based on your own experience and insight, get this game.

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Well, these were some of the good football apps for Android available on Google Play Store. Check out the best NFL apps if you feel like exploring the game more. Just like always, Joy of Android lists are not set in stone, I love to add to them over time. If you have a better app that you love, kindly share it with me. This way I will recommend it here and a lot more people will be able to enjoy it as well. If you have any questions about the games listed here, feel free to talk to me in the comments too. Now go score some epic touchdowns.

If you have any questions about the games listed here, feel free to talk to me in the comments too. Now go score some epic touchdowns.

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