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BBM (Blackberry Messenger) Problems on Android

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Talk about a huge undertaking when Blackberry Messenger became available on Android and iOS as well. Suddenly there was a need to support millions of more users; and the company’s scalability hasn’t always been up to the task, even though it has come a long way since then.

On the flip side, to even just one of those users, it can be a huge inconvenience when servers are down, logins don’t work, the ability to send or receive messages is unavailable, and there’s no way to accept or send an invite. Unfortunately, users with these problems have sometimes slipped through the cracks of an overloaded support system.

But that’s what we’re here to address today—being able to use the messaging service once again you’ve come to know and love without the problems that can accompany it. Blackberry has proven itself time and time again to be one of the best when it comes to security and privacy.

Plus, not everyone has Whatsapp and you might not want to share your mobile number with everyone you are messaging. Blackberry Messenger is still a viable alternative, so let’s get it up and running the way it’s supposed to.

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Problem 1: Servers Are Down

There’s not a lot you can do when a computer somewhere else that you don’t have access to isn’t functioning. But you can at least confirm if there is a service outage or if it is a problem you can solve.


Visit Down Today

If you are in the UK, Down Today is a handy tool to determine if BBM is down.

Down Today

Go to Is Down Right Now

If you are located in the U.S., the website to go is Is Down Right Now.

Use Is It Down Right Now

Unspecific to any particular country, Is It Down Right Now will provide a Server Status Check as well as a Website Status History.

Is Down

Update BBM and Device Settings

Make sure you have the most up-to-date version available. Also ensure that the time, date, and year are correct on your Android because this can cause authentication to fail.

Date Time

Close and Restart BBM or Contact Support

Close and open the app again. If none of these options has worked, or you would like to report your problem to Blackberry Technical Support, you may do so at

Problem 2: Unable to Send or Receive Messages

Messages are kind of the whole point of Blackberry Messenger, right? You’ll want to make sure you’ve covered the basics on your end, like turning on your Wi-Fi or mobile data, and checking that you have enough bars for sufficient coverage.


For PIN Messages

Go to Menu (three bars in the left corner) > Invites > Add Contacts > Add by PIN.

Red Cross Appears Instead of “D” or “R”

One of the key features of the messenger app is that you can tell when your messages have been “D”elivered or “R”ead, but many a user has reported that this doesn’t always work. See if one of the impacted contacts can BBM you successfully. A red X may mean that your contact no longer has access to BBM (perhaps temporarily).

Timed Messages Aren’t Working

Update Blackberry Messenger to the latest version and make sure that Timed Messages is enabled in Chats.

Timed Messages

Message Retraction Isn’t Working

Again, you might need an update, or this can also be a problem if your Internet connection is too slow. You will want your contact to have an updated version of BBM as well.

Unable to Open Messages

If you are using an older version of Messenger, you will want to check your settings and permissions. Messenger needs to be able to access your phone’s services. User Data and Interactions should be set to Allow within Connections in the Settings Menu.

Delete Proxies

Older versions of Messenger will also allow you to see if a proxy is being used. To see if a proxy is being used on your network, go to Mobile Networks, which is accessible from Connections. Tap on Access Point Name > (specific name of APN) > Proxy and jot down the address.

Delete the Proxy field and press OK. Repeat until there are no more proxies. If this solution helps, you might want to contact your service provider to find out if and why the use of a proxy is necessary, and how it can support Blackberry Messenger.

Problem 3: Unable to Accept a BBM Invite

You’re invited to the party, but you have no way to get there. Or there’s a friend you would like to invite, but can’t.


For BBM Invite Sent Via Email or SMS

If your invite was sent by email or text message from a Blackberry smartphone, you might encounter this message:

I’d like to invite you to chat over Blackberry Messenger. If you don’t currently have the required app on your device, please visit to learn more about this service. Once you’ve installed Blackberry Messenger, contact the original inviter and request another invitation.

But you have BBM for Android.

Make sure that you’re using the latest version of BBM, but also request the same of the sender. You could also request that the sender invites you via PIN by going to Menu (3 bars in the left corner) > Invites > Add by PIN > (Enter PIN) > Send.

PIN Invite

Send Button Isn’t Working

If you are trying to send an invite using a PIN, you must first enter the PIN, then tap the PIN icon or button below your entry.

Send PIN

Invite Accepted, but Friend Absent From Contacts

Another problem that makes people nervous (and understandably so—we expect things to be instantaneous) is when a friend is still not listed as a contact even after hitting Accept on their invite. Mostly this resolves on its own within hours if you give it time. Sometimes the server just isn’t the fastest.

In-Person Barcode Scan to Invite or NFC Method

If your friend is available in-person, you can use the help of a barcode or near-field communication. To use Add by Barcode Scan, someone must first display his or her barcode via Scan Barcode. If both of you opt to use NFC instead, the feature must be included and enabled on both devices. Then, go to Menu (three bars) > Add to Contacts > Add by NFC.

Problem 4: Error Message: A Problem Occurred in BBM. Please Try Again Later

This problem is part of a group of connection-related error messages. It can also be due to incorrect settings.


Establish a Strong Connection

Ensure you have a full signal, or go somewhere that does.

Allow Background Data

On your Android, go to Settings > Data Usage > Menu and make sure that Background Data is enabled, not restricted.

Restrict Data

Close App, Restart Device, and Redo Setup

Close BBM, then reboot your Android. Open BBM and start setup again if necessary.

Confirm BBM Connection

Launch BBM for Android. Go to Menu > Settings and make sure the BBM Connected Icon switch is set to ON. Press the Back button to save changes.

Connected Icon

Contact Blackberry Technical Support

They can be reached by visiting

Problem 5: Lack of BBM Notifications

There’s no notification when you receive a response, and you might have noticed a missing BBM icon. You’ve got to know when someone’s talking to you, or what’s the point?


Modify Settings

Go to Menu > Settings and make sure Notifications to ON.

Notifications ON

Enable Background Data

Visit Settings > Data Usage and tap on the BBM app. If Restrict Background Data is checked, tap the box to uncheck.

Uninstall and Reinstall App

Uninstall BBM and then visit Google Play or Blackberry’s website to reinstall.

Uninstall App

Factory Reset

This is going to wipe everything, and you will have to start from scratch. To start with a clean slate, go into Recovery Mode. Choose Factory Reset/Wipe Data by selecting the option using the Volume Down key and confirming your choice by pressing the Volume Up key.

Factory Reseet

Problem 6: Can’t Login

If you can’t log in using your BBID, often it’s because a change has been made and the BBID you are attempting to use is not the same one used before the change when you set up your device.


Double-Check Your BBID

You really have to use the BBID assigned to your device before you made any changes. Per government regulations, only that ID can be used to authenticate for anti-theft purposes. Even if you want to change your ID to a different email address or phone number, you will still need to know your current one, which can be found by going to Menu > Settings > Account.BBM Account

Switch Your ID and Account

Your new ID cannot already exist, i.e. you can’t use an older one. Even after you change the ID username to another email or phone number you can access, you still should delete the previous account. You will need to know both your ID username and password, but you can use the link provided here to reset your password. Then go to Settings > Apps > BBM > Storage > Clear Data on your Android.

Now launch the BBM app and fill out your new account information. Press Create Account.

Reset Password

Delete Old ID

You must be able to access the email address that you used for your ID username for this to work. If you no longer have access to that email, see the above solution regarding changing it. You will be required to provide your password. If you are using Blackberry 10, you must first disable Blackberry Protect.

Ensure that you backup any contacts or other data that you want to save before you delete the account. If you do have access to the original email sent when you created your account, log into that email and perform a search for a message from regarding ID creation.

Within the body of the email, look for the line of text that says If you did not create or do not recognize this account. Follow the accompanying link and complete the steps on your screen to delete the account.

If this isn’t possible, reset your password, then enter your username and verification code, and Delete Blackberry ID Account should appear at the bottom.

Change the ID Email Address

This method permits you to keep using the same account, with all of the existing contacts, files, and app purchases. The steps that follow may differ according to your device, but we’ll use Blackberry 10 as an example. Tap Settings > Blackberry ID > Edit. Clear the current username and replace it with the new email you wish to use. Submit, then Continue. Enter your password and hit OK. You should receive confirmation that the change was successful.

7. Issues with Updates

Updates are supposed to help, not hinder. But sometimes they can be problematic. The latest update certainly brought some design changes, but not all are well-liked.


Lag After Update

Uninstall and re-add BBM app. It should save your info, but you might want to perform a backup just in case. Also, check your storage to make sure you have plenty of room. If not, delete what you don’t use or can backup.

Roll Back to the Previous Version and Update Again

Go to and see if the former version is still available for download. You can also update using the Blackberry link via PC.

Pictures, Lists, Etc. Hidden Behind Group Name/Logo

To find group images, now you must tap the group name first, which is not entirely intuitive.

Update Via PC

Updates sometimes work better if they are accomplished via desktop versus OTA.


Blackberry Messenger’s most recent update moves toward simplification of the app, and it’s definitely different. Regardless of any such changes, Blackberry stays true to its dedication to your privacy. It remains one of the most secure messaging apps out there. I consider some of the features it lacks to be a blessing in disguise, such as WhatsApp and Facebook’s Last Seen trackers. It makes it harder to avoid talking to someone on the sly.

Have you encountered any other problems with Blackberry Messenger? Tell us about them. Also, if you have solutions, others could benefit from, post them.

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  1. JOLLY ANNOYED with BBM & BBM Groups as CANNOT send or receive pics to sum bbm contacts, I have 98 contacts & can only send up to 10 if lucky, most irritating as has been like this since mid OCTOBER, can’t someone get onto bbm & get it sorted out, it is an android phone others have the same problem too

    1. Hi, Margaret. Do you mean that you can only send or receive pictures from 10 specific contacts or 10 contacts at a time in a group messaging situation?

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