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10 Best 3D Android Games to See Incredible Graphics

Mobile gaming has come a long way and is rapidly growing both in scope and graphics. The best 3D Android games are clear proof mobile games are here to stay. A few years back when you wanted to play a great looking racing game, you’d have to purchase a console or make a PC. But now we have full interactive world right in our hands.

This increased graphical fidelity is thanks to the increasing competence of the hardware. If you have that latest Android smartphone or tablet and are itching to see the real potential, install one of these amazing 3D Android games on them. A fair warning though, you will drain the battery of your Android real quickly if you continue to play the graphically intense games for extended sessions.

Note: The best 3D Android games were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. The games performed fine and no issues were faced during testing. Some apps may require an internet connection to work. Most of the games come in large size, you will need a lot of free space to install them. I recommend using a Wi-Fi connection to download the heavy games.

1. Implosion – Never Lose Hope

It is really hard to find an action-oriented ARPG game on Android. While there are some astounding RPG games on Android, we still need a great top-down one.

Implosion combines many of the things we love, badass robot hero, a great combo system and most of all, awe-inspiring graphics. While the graphics are not as amazing as some other games on the list, they are still quite exceptional if you consider the scope of the game.

I’ll be honest here, the game only made the list because of the epic weapon and blood effects.

Free Version


Best 3D Android Games Icon 2

Want to play a fantastic looking zombie first person shooter on your Android? Get Dead Trigger and forget every other game.

The game has some incredible looking visuals that almost rival the Xbox 360 and PS3. The game runs very smooth which surprised me because I expected the beautiful looking graphics to take a toll on the hardware.

The only thing keeping it from greatness is no multiplayer option. If that were to be true, this game would rank almost at the top of our best multiplayer games list.

Free Version

3. Wild Blood

Best 3D Android Games icon 3

Epic RPGs are not that popular on Android, which is a shame. I like to grind hours away in a good RPG. Thankfully Wild Blood is one such game. The game features

The game features cutting-edge graphics and stellar visual effects. There is also a fairly deep story to be experienced in this relatively linear yet tightly scripted action-adventure. There are armor and weapon upgrades as well as character skills to be obtained. All in all, Wild Blood is an amazing third-person action game on Android.

Paid Version

4. Into the Dead

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There is something amazing about the art style of this runner game on Android. The visuals are remarkable and sometimes the game is just incredible to look at. The further you go into the game the scene changes to something more dire and exciting.

The gameplay is simple, you wake up to find yourself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Now you need to run away from the monsters who are trying to eat you. The black and white color scheme of the game somehow adds to the gloomy atmosphere. You simply need to experience the game to know just how stickily beautiful it can look.

Free Version

5. Brothers in Arms® 3

Best 3D Android Games Icon 5

This is the only WWII shooting game on the best 3D Android games list. The game features a good storyline which sometimes seems a lot more like a summer blockbuster than I would like.

Nonetheless, the result is an engaging game that will keep you coming back for more. The graphics are lush and environments look phenomenal. The gameplay mechanics are more focused on cover than run and gun which is a fresh change, at least on Android.

Free Version


Best 3D Android Games Icon 6

Deer Hunter 2014 is a game that gives you the thrill of the hunt without having to wake up before the sunrise and that extended waiting.

This game comes with some great imagery of foliage. The animations are top notch, yes this also includes kill animations.

You are given a wide variety of guns to hunt deer. The rifles can be upgraded and made better. The upgradeable scopes offer you a clear view of the prey.

After you have stalked your prey, lined up the shot, all you need to do is press the trigger. The game goes into slow motion and you can physically see the bullet soaring through the air.

Free Version

7. EPOCH.2

Best 3D Android Games Icon 7

This is one hell of a graphically intensive Android game. I really like a good narrative in my video games and this game comes with a simple yet deep one. You are a robot tasked to find one person in a post-apocalyptic world.

The intuitive controls of this game title make it stand out from almost every other game on the list. The pretty-looking yet desolate world has intensive amounts of detail.

It makes my heart warm to look at the horizon and see so much detail in a mobile game. Maybe our robotic overlords will grant us more games like this in the future.

Paid Version

8. Gangstar Vegas

Best 3D Android Games Icon 8

Gameloft is at it again; they have made a fun and visually good looking game. Gangstar Vegas takes inspirations from one of the most popular Grand Theft Auto games without taking itself too seriously.

GTA has unquestionably gone towards the realistic side of things lately but not Gangstar! They are over the top open world fun. The game features a gangster and a barebones story. There is a ton of guns, vehicles and even a robust melee system to keep you engaged for a long time.

Free Version

9. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Best 3D Android Games Icon 9

You might have heard of a slightly famous game called Call of Duty. Who am I kidding, of course you’ve heard of possibly the biggest gaming franchise in the history of gaming.

Modern Combat 5 is exactly like COD but on Android. The action movie sequences, killing terrorists, and landing headshots is what this game is about. Not to mention the game features some of the best looking graphics I have ever witnessed on a mobile game.

Suffice to say, this is the best looking 3D game for Android right now.

Free Version

10. N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition

Best 3D Android Games Icon 10

This is the free version of the very popular N.O.V.A series. The game combines Crysis and Halo into one package and delivers some amazing gameplay.

The story is kind of cheesy but hey, you get to shoot laser guns so who cares, right? The game features some of the best looking graphics on an Android game. The guns fire off with satisfying booms and look really incredible doing so. The character models are also very detailed.

Free Version


These were some good looking games on Android. I’m pretty sure there are more hidden gems like these on the Google Play Store, but these were the most stable ones I could find.

I will be expanding this list over the months as new titles are released, and old ones are re-discovered. If you are looking to truly benchmark your new device, I recommend the dedicated benchmark apps for Android. They can really help you gauge the graphical performance.

If you have any game that can really bog your Android down, do share it with us in the comments. I would love to check out those graphically intense games myself.

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