Samsung Galaxy S7 Accessories

10 of the Best Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S7 Owners

Samsung Galaxy S7 Accessories

The latest flagship from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S7, is a stellar device. And it makes sense to invest in some accessories for Samsung Galaxy S7 not only to keep it safe but also to enhance its usability. A lot of people make the choice of sticking with one device for two years at least and purchasing accessories for a phone you will be using for two years is a sound investment. This is a list about 10 accessories for Samsung Galaxy S7 that will help you enjoy your beautiful device more for a very long time.

The best thing about these accessories for Samsung Galaxy S7 is that many of them can be used with future devices. However, some of them are specifically designed for the smartphone and won’t be reusable. Thankfully, almost every accessory on this list is affordable and reasonably priced. You won’t see any gold-plated cases on this list. Let’s start with the best accessories for Samsung Galaxy S7 list.

1. Galaxy S7 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Galaxy S7 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Even though that the Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with Gorilla Glass 4, the screen can still be scratched with an object of higher hardness. You don’t have to worry about scratches from keys or coins though so you are covered there. But a lot of other unknown elements can slightly scratch that beautiful screen. As a precaution, you should install a tempered glass screen protector to further protect the screen.

The most important part of an Android phone is the screen because it’s the only way you’ll be interacting with it, so covering it up with a solid screen protector can potentially increase its life. Screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S7 will protect the screen as well as the capacitive keys. It is a little bit expensive because of its tempered glass nature; however I highly recommend that you use a tempered glass one simply because it feels like actual glass and is scratch resistant.

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2. Samsung Fast Charge Qi

Samsung Fast Charge Qi

The Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with fast wireless charging capabilities. However, the smartphone doesn’t ship with a wireless charger so you’ll have to purchase one for yourself. Although the wireless charger is priced at $70 and may feel a bit expensive, it is a worthy investment because it will work with any other Samsung device that is compatible with wireless charging. And hopefully, future Samsung smartphones will also use this technology to charge wirelessly.

The charger is designed very well and looks good. The charger is designed to work with almost every device that can be wirelessly charged, for obvious reasons, the fast charge feature won’t work with all of them. The charger is available in two different colors, a standard black and an elegant white. A multicolor LED halo indicates the charging status of the device as well. As an added bonus, it will look really cool on your office desk.

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3. Xiaomi 16000mah Power Bank

Xiaomi 16000mah Power Bank

The Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with a 3000 mAh battery and can last a full day of moderate usage. However, there are times when there is no power or a power outlet available nearby. For those desperate times, you can sure use a quality power bank. Xiaomi makes some of the best smartphone accessories around and I have tested this particular one myself. This power bank was able to charge my smartphone 3 to 4 times with ease.

This power bank was able to charge my smartphone 3 to 4 times with ease. The power bank is encased in a carved aluminum casing that makes sure the bank remains rigid and secure. The power bank detects the device and automatically adjusts the output levels.

It can not only charge your Samsung Galaxy S7 but also any other Android device as well, with ease. I highly recommend you invest in a large power bank for those thunderstormy days when the power goes out for hours.

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4. Galaxy S7 Braided Cables

Galaxy S7 Braided Cables

The Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with charger and a micro USB cable. The cable works really well but is extremely prone to wear and tear. Thankfully you can invest in quality braided cables for your smartphone that will last considerably longer than the standard Samsung cable. This cable works perfectly with the quick charger and can help you charge the device faster and easier. The braidy nature of the cable allows it to be highly moldable and is accessible.

The USBs are also gold-plated to ensure maximum quality. The cables are 3.3 feet long and come in gold and silver colors. You’ll get two cables in a single package as well. The best thing is, the whole product is offered with a 12-month warranty so you can be sure that you’ll get a quality product.

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5. Samsung Galaxy S7 Easy-Dock Car Mount

Samsung Galaxy S7 Easy-Dock Car Mount

Using your Samsung Galaxy S7 while driving can be hazardous and extremely irresponsible. However, there may be some times when you need to get directions from one of the best navigation apps on Android. Sure, you can park your car on the side and look at the map but usually, that is an epic annoyance, especially when you’re stuck in traffic.

Thankfully, you can get an inexpensive car mount holder for your smartphone. This particular one comes with a great suction cup that can stick to your windshield and help you use the smartphone without even touching it. The holder is able to rotate vertically and horizontally so that you can adjust the viewing angles perfectly.

Another great feature of the holder is that it can be operated one-handed, inserting or injecting the smartphone won’t be a big problem. The holder is also offered with a lifetime warranty with the purchase, that is a very nice addition to an already lucrative product.

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6. VSHINE XiaomiMi Portable Wireless Speaker

VSHINE XiaomiMi Portable Wireless Speaker

The speaker on the bottom of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is an okay one. There is nothing spectacular about that and it works respectably fine. However, for a person who is used to stereo sound and good bass quality, this speaker may not be adequate. Thankfully you can invest in a portable Bluetooth speaker so that you can enjoy great quality sound without spending a lot.

The Xiaomi Mi portable wireless Bluetooth speaker is a mini square that can produce amazing quality sound. I own this product myself and it works flawlessly with Android smartphones. The volume is very good and the sound quality is rich. I particularly enjoy the portable aspect of the Bluetooth speaker.

You can even insert a microSD card directly into the speaker and enjoy music anywhere. The speaker comes with a 1200 mAh battery that can play music for a very long time. Most of all, it looks really cool on the desk.

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7. Samsung Galaxy S7 Armband

Samsung Galaxy S7 Armband

If you care about your fitness and go to regular runs, then you must also need a durable armband. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a beautiful phone but it is also somewhat fragile, so keeping it in your pocket during your gym sessions is very risky. Especially on the leg days, when you have to squat a lot, the smartphone can easily slip out of your pocket.

So if you want to use your smartphone with the best pedometer apps for Android, I highly recommend that you get this armband. For one, it is not that expensive and secondly it has a super slim design. The armband even comes with carefully designed cutouts for the smartphone so that you have easy access to the headphone port. A lot of people like listening to music on the runs and this is an important feature. This armband also comes with a lifetime warranty so you’re covered if there is any kind of malfunction.

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8. Popower 3 Port Charger

Popower 3 Port Charger

Everyone has a car charger but not everyone has a three Port car charger. Goingon road trips can be tricky especially if you don’t have a power bank. Even though it is a lot of fun snapping pictures during your travels with buddies, when it comes charging your smartphone you may find that another one is already plugged in.

This is exactly why you need a three Port USB car charger for your Samsung Galaxy S7. This will allow you and your buddies to charge your smartphone simultaneously and without the worry of someone else hogging the port when you need it the most. This is a 26 W, 5.2 amp charger that will charge your device in no time at all.

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9. Flexible Tripod for Samsung Galaxy S7

Flexible Tripod for Samsung Galaxy S7

The Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with a great main camera. It even has a manual mode. You can take some pretty pictures using the camera however if you want to take long exposure shots, you’ll need a quality tripod. Not every tripod is portable and can be easily carried, and this is exactly why this particular one is on the list. It is a highly bendable and moldable tripod stand for smartphones.

Not only it can accommodate the Samsung Galaxy S7 but also a lot of other smartphones as well. Think of it as a one-time investment for all your future Android devices. The legs can be moved individually and it can even latch to tree branches like a monkey. Best of all, it is a very inexpensive tripod, a lot like the ones that are made for a DSLR.

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10. Samsung 128 GB EVO MicroSD Card

Samsung 128 GB EVO MicroSD Card

The Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with only 32 GB of internal storage. 32 GB to store all your apps, photos and 4K videos that you capture with an amazing camera. Thankfully, this time around Samsung has included a microSD card slot on their flagship smartphones. This means you can dump all your photos and videos on the microSD card and enjoy more apps on your phone.

This Samsung made microSD card comes with 128 GB of storage space so you will never be short of music or movies. It is a highly inexpensive way to expand the storage available on your smartphone, for almost 40 bucks you are getting 128 GB of storage. As it is made by Samsung, it will work flawlessly on Samsung smartphones. I highly recommend that you invest in a quality class X microSD card, it will even work on other Android devices that have a microSD card slot.

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These were a few great accessories for Samsung Galaxy S7. I hope you found something to your liking and will enjoy using your smartphone more. If you’re on the edge about purchasing the smartphone itself, check out our best features of Samsung Galaxy S7 article. Alternatively, you can check out the best cases and covers for Samsung Galaxy S7 to protect that beautiful chassis.

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