Best Age Calculator Apps for you to Download

Who else wants to keep track of their birthdays without having to check a calendar now and then? Well, here are 3 methods for you to be prepared for the next upcoming birthday.


I’ve had an experience wherein I wasn’t aware that it was already my best friend’s birthday. Therefore, I had no presents for him on his birthday. He was expecting me to be prepared during his special day. But since I was so busy, I lost track of his upcoming birthday. Yikes!

After this, I knew…

I had to find a way to be updated for the next upcoming birthday whether it’s my friends, my family, or my birthday. Maybe I need age calculator apps.

And you know what?

With the innovation we have today, you can easily download age calculator apps and it keeps you reminded of the next event that will happen. But even if you know their birthdays, maybe you don’t have enough money to buy them a present because you keep on spending too much. Try Best Expense Tracker Apps to track your expenses and learn to save money.

Let’s begin.

3 Most Accurate Apps to Calculate Your Exact Age

1. Age Calculator by Date of Birth, Birthday reminder

Age Calculator Apps:Age Calculator by Date of Birth, Birthday reminder icon

This app can be downloaded in your phone and it acts as a calendar, but more innovative. It can also tell you your exact age, your next birthday and all your upcoming birthdays.

Here’s how:

Step 1:

Input your date of birth and even the time, if you know. Press the “calculate” button then all the results will appear.

Input your birthday
Calculate your exact age

You can scroll down to view more details like your total age, next birthday, and even your next birthday for the next upcoming years.

Age Calculator Apps:More info about your birthday
Total age and upcoming birthdays

Step 2:

You can swipe to the left to see more options that are provided to you.

Age Calculator Apps:Other features
More features to choose from

It has these features wherein you can save the birthday of your parents and friends and the app will remind you of when their next birthday will be. You can check anytime to see how long till the next birthday.

Age Calculator Apps:Birthday and age of family and friends
See the upcoming birthdays of your loved ones

Now all you need to do is download the app.

What are you waiting for? Click the button now!

Google Play

Note: You can change the date format

2. Age Calculator

Age Calculator Apps: Age calculator

This age calculator app is quite the same with the 2nd method however, there are features in this app that are not included in the 2nd method; it can be used as entertainment and also tells your zodiac sign.

Step 1:

Just like before, input the day of your birth.

Age Calculator Apps: Calculate your age
Input your birthday

You can scroll down for more information like your zodiac sign and your upcoming birthdays.

Age Calculator Apps: Zodiac sign and many more
Know your zodiac sign and upcoming birthdays

Step 2:

After inputting your birthday, you can click the “save” button to add it to the “my dates” tab. In the “my dates” tab, you can add other people’s birthday so you can be reminded.

Age Calculator Apps: List of birthdays of inputted dates
Add the birthday of your love ones

And not just, you can also click on their profile to know their zodiac sign and scroll down to see their upcoming birthdays.

Age Calculator Apps: Zodiac sign of other persons
Know your love one’s zodiac sign and upcoming birthdays

Impressive right?

Step 3:

But wait there’s more. On the “facts” tab, you can read a lot of facts that can keep you entertained. You can gain more knowledge about the world.

Age Calculator Apps: Interesting facts
Learn more facts about the world

You won’t miss any birthdays from now on.

Note: You can change the date format

Get the app now for free.

Google Play

3. Age Calculator Guru

Age Calculator Apps:Age Calculator Guru

Age Calculator Guru is a Google Chrome extension for those people who uses a computer or laptop. It lets you calculate your literal age and not just that, this app features things like time spent eating, time spent sleeping, time spent laughing, and many more.

I’m sure that you are already excited to calculate your exact age so let’s get right into it.

Step 1:

Click on the image below to be directed to the website where you will download the extension.

Now that you’re on the website, click on the Add extension button.

Age Calculator Apps: Add to Chrome screenshot
Click the button

Click the “Add Extension” button in the confirmation box. After clicking you’ll see that there is now a new icon in the web address.

Age Calculator Apps:New icon in the address bar
The new icon has been added

Step 2:

Click on the new icon then input your date of birth. Now you can see your exact age in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

If you still want to know more, click on the “View full details” button.

Age Calculator Apps:View Full Details button
View for more details

Now, you can see more facts about you that will blow your mind.

Download Now

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do when you forget someone’s birthday?

You must admit that you forgot their birthday but try to make up for your shortcomings. Spend time with them, eat together, and many more. But with these apps, you won’t forget their birthdays ever again.

What is my age now calculator?

Using the age calculator apps, you can easily find your exact age and even compare it with others.

How do calculators work?

Calculators work because of the memory chips inside it. The chips contain millions of bytes of program codes which allows the calculator to process the work. It uses the binary system which then translates the 0’s and 1’s into the output we get.

Every day is a Blessing

Birthdays are a very special event for every person celebrating it. As a gratitude to their long life, we give them presents and sometimes even surprise them. But, being a hardworking person, we sometimes forget that it’s their birthday already so are not prepared. However, with these apps, you won’t ever again.
To sum it all up, all the apps that I have provided you will make you know your exact age in years, months, hours, minutes, and seconds. Now, you can manage your money and learn to save so you can prepare for your love one’s birthday. They are all free however, they may contain ads.

If you want to know more facts about yourself, please share your thought down in the comment section. We would like to know more about your insights.

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