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10 Best Aging Apps for Android to Make Your Face Older

The aging process can seem extremely difficult for some people to deal with. Sometimes the fear of declining health, energy, body pains, and poor eyesight might make it seem like a terrible process. But that’s not always true.

Old age is something one should fully embrace because it’s associated with wisdom and knowledge. Other than that, when you’re old, you can spend more time with loved ones as opposed to when you’re young and busy, trying to make a living.

If you’re reading this because you just want to have fun or you simply want to reduce the anxiety of aging, here are some of our best aging apps for Android to make you look a little older even if it’s for a short time.

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Top Aging Apps for Android

1. FaceApp

best aging apps for android: faceapp


  • Change your age
  • Variety of filters
  • Replace background with a single tap
  • Gender swap
Best Aging Apps for Android: FaceApp

FaceApp is one of the coolest apps you should try out to make your face look older. The app gives you amazing selfie quality with only a few taps.

It has the most advanced portrait editing technology that lets you have intriguing transformations with your selfies.

You have the option to add filters, change the hairstyle and color, and lastly add tattoos. It also acts as a gender swap app.

If you get to pay for additional features, you can apply makeup and use full-size impression filters on your photo.

Google Play

2. Make me Old

best aging apps for android: make me old


  • Has stickers
  • Position markers
  • Instant transformation
Best Aging Apps for Android: Make me Old (2)

Make me Old makes your young face old in seconds. It will show you how you’ll look 30 years from now.

It comes with a simple face scanner that detects your face and transforms it.

If you’re interested in how your family, friends, and celebrities look like 30 years down the road, you can scan their faces easily and share the results on social media.

Google Play

3. AgingBooth

best aging apps for android: agingbooth


  • Can  use photos from phone’s gallery
  • Has auto-cropping
  • Instant transformation
  • Saves results in the photo gallery
  • Share with friends in social media
Best Aging Apps for Android: AgingBooth

Do you want to find out what you’ll look like when you’re old? What about your friends? If your answer is yes, AgingBooth might be the app for you.

The app is a fun way to age your photos. Use this app with your family and colleges and share their photos via social media.

It works with photos taken from your phone’s gallery and it transforms them with no internet connection needed. The app allows you to shake to see before and after views.

Google Play

4. Fantastic Face

best aging apps for android: fantastic face


  • Aging prediction
  • Palmistry predictor
  • Baby prediction
  • Emotion analysis
  • Interesting test
Best Aging Apps for Android: Fantastic Face

This app not only shows you what you’ll look like down the line but it also displays many secrets behind the face. It tells you the change of your love, development of your wealth and career, and health.

After scanning your face, it makes a report according to your facial features.

Even more, you can take interesting tests, learn more about which celebrity looks like you, and have your palm read.

Google Play

5. Old Face & Daily Horoscope

best aging apps for android: old face daily horoscope


  • Aging shutter
  • Daily horoscope
  • Palm reading
Best Aging Apps for Android: Horoscope

Do you want to fast forward to 60 or 90 years from now? Well, you might be in for a wonder.

Old Face & Daily Horoscope lets you take a selfie then you will see your future face and fortune.

Aside from aging your face, the app offers daily horoscope readings. It provides an accurate prediction of your zodiac sign, love life, astrological signs, partner compatibility, and more.

In addition, it scans your palm and lets the app read your lines to reveal your personality, fate, and fortunes.

Google Play

6. Magic Face

best aging apps for android: magic face


  • Aging prediction
  • Gender switch
  • Young camera
  • Past life
  • Ghost makeup
Best Aging Apps for Android: Magic Face

The app offers a free version and a paid version with more features.

The app lets you take a picture of yourself and then predicts what you’ll look like in the future. Also, you can move the timeline backward and see how you looked when you were younger.

The app lets you have fun with your friends and family by showing them their past life, gender switch, baby prediction, and more.

Google Play

7. Face Aging

best aging apps for android: face aging


  • Age prediction
  • Has filters and stickers
Best Aging Apps for Android: Make Me Old

The app lets you choose between your gallery photos or a selfie picture. You can choose to age between 60- 120 years.

Unlike other apps, this app provides stickers that you can edit within the app. Once you’re done, you can add text and change the fonts, size, and color.

If you’re satisfied with the results, the app lets you save the image to your gallery or share it with friends on social media.

Google Play

8. Age Face

best aging apps for android: age face


  • Aging filters
  • Fun masks and stickers
Best Aging Apps for Android: Age Face

Age Face is one aging app you should definitely check out. It has more features other than age transformation to make your day. You can use images from your gallery or take a selfie and choose how you want to age.

The app lets you add a mask, create gifs, and add animal stickers to your photos. In turn, you can share the results with friends on social media.

Google Play

9. FutureSeer

best aging apps for android: FutureSeer


  • Baby prediction
  • Gender swap
  • Foreign maker
  • Cartoon selfie
Best Aging Apps for Android: FutureSeer

FutureSeer lets you know your look when you are 30, 50, and 70 years old by scanning your face. It has some interesting app features that you can experiment with.

For instance, the cartoon feature takes an image from your gallery or uses your selfie to transform it into a cartoon.

It also comes with a palm scanner that scans your palm and takes your birthday to read your fate and fortune.

In addition, it foresees the look of your future baby when you place your face and your lover’s within the camera frame.

Google Play

10. Old Age Face Effect

best aging apps for android: old age face effect


  • Age prediction
  • Face filters
Best Aging Apps for Android: Old Age Face Effect

Old Age Face Effect is a simple aging app that takes photos from your gallery and camera, so you can add aging filters to it.

You can customize your look by adding some glasses, a funny mustache, and look like an aging grandpa.

Immediately save your images to the gallery or share it with popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Google Plus.

Google Play

Frequently Asked Questions

Wrapping Up

You’ve finally reached the end of this article. Aging apps are pretty cool to mess around with especially when you’re with friends and family.

There are many apps like this in the play store and it might have been overwhelming to decide which is perfect for you. From this list most likely you’ll find one that has the features you’re looking for or even more.

Well, everything is up for you to decide.

Did you have fun going through our list? Which is your favorite app so far? We’d like to hear your opinion in the comment section below. 

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