5 Seamless Airplay Apps for Android

Modern technology is growing at a rapid pace, and we are at a stage where we can seamlessly beam content from our smartphones to the TV. Thankfully, there are some awesome airplay apps for Android that facilitate this process and makes it even more accessible. I wasn’t into beaming my photos and videos to a bigger screen because I wasn’t sure if it would work in a normal environment.

That all changed when I got a Chromecast for my living room TV. And believe me, all of these airplay apps for Android work just as intended. Sure, there are some differences in the feature set but they all essentially allow you to watch smartphone content on a bigger screen.

The only problem in using Airplay apps for Android is that they require an additional piece of hardware. Not all modern TVs come with airplay capabilities, but there are a ton of smart TVs that can do that. You’re connecting your Android device to an inexpensive box which is directly connected to your TV.

This allows you to send photos and videos seamlessly to the big screen. There are some other factors that may dampen the performance but under normal circumstances, the air players for Android work flawlessly. Personally, I have played around with these apps a lot and me and my family have enjoyed countless great moments.

If you’re into taking photos, then these apps will come in handy when you want to showcase them to a larger crowd. Same goes for funny videos you shot at a wedding. And don’t get me started on how wonderful a Skype video chat will look on a large screen.

Note: the 5 best airplay apps for Android were tested on a Sony Xperia Z1 smartphone and a Chromecast first generation attached to a Samsung Non-Smart Full HD TV. All of the apps played videos without any jitters or lag.

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Some smartphone manufacturers also release their own airplay apps that come preinstalled on the devices; I recommend that you try them out first before venturing towards third party apps. The apps on this list are not in any particular order, I recommend that you try them all out to select the one that works best for you.

1. AllConnect

This one app is perhaps the only one to support all streaming technologies and almost works out of the box. The app allows you to stream your content to almost any device. From DLNA devices to Smart TVs and from Apple TV to Chromecast, the app well with any device you can throw at it. The app also allows you to stream YouTube videos which is a nice touch.

It also comes with some advanced playback functionalities that allow you to move various items from the queue. The app also comes with one of the most intuitive designs I’ve seen on any airplay app for Android. While the premise is very ambitious, I didn’t get to try out all the features of the app due to lack of other devices. However, it did work great with Chromecast.

Free Version

2. Tubio

If you’re looking for a reliable airplay app that can stream videos to your TV, then Tubio is the one you’re looking for. Casting web videos and music from your smartphone or tablet to your TV has never been this easy. You can use this app to browse the Internet for interesting media and simply tap to play it on the big screen. One great thing about this app is that it allows you to browse on your smartphone, and when you’re ready, you can tap the play button to watch it on the big screen.

You will also be able to use this app to control the media on the screen, playing, pausing, seeking or even stopping the media is easy. You will also be able to use the hardware volume buttons on your smartphone to control the volume on screen. These keen features make it a very great app to have if you’re into watching web content.

Watching videos from YouTube, Vimeo or even Facebook is pretty straightforward. That’s not all, though; you will also be able to stream music from SoundCloud.

Free Version

3. iMediaShare

Having a smart TV is cool but playing your owned media through your smartphone on it, is way cooler. iMediaShare is one of those apps that can instantly make your Android stand out from the crowd. I highly recommend this app if you are you going to use it to stream music to an audio system. It works well for TVs as well, but it’s the audio streaming where it really shines.

Accessing your digital content on a big screen makes this app a must have. The app will automatically discover any connected devices in your proximity and allow you to stream media to them. The app is compatible with almost any smart TV available on the market today.

The interface is designed really well and the app works flawlessly. While the music there is not as amazing as some of the dedicated music apps for Android, it still does the job pretty well.

Free Version

4. Chromecast

If you are looking for an official app that can stream media to your TV, then Chromecast is one of the best ones around. Granted, it can only work with Chromecast devices but you can stream from Windows, iPhones, iPads and Android devices. If you are an avid Android fan, I’m sure you have this nifty HDMI dongle laying around somewhere in a drawer.

While the latest revision of the Chromecast dongle works even better, the older one works just as well and is extremely cheap these days. The app basically allows you to browse popular and trending content right from the smartphone or tablet.

A lot of apps these days are chrome cast enabled so you will have a dedicated button built into them to start streaming. Playing, pausing and changing the volume across all your Chromecast devices is also supported.

Free Version

5. AllCast

This app is made by the same people who make ClockworkMod recovery a great custom recovery software for Android smartphones and tablets. I have used their custom recovery a thousand times and it is one of the well-made software. However, the same cannot be said about this app.

While AllCast provides you with a ton of features, it also restricts you to only five minutes of viewing time. This makes it a glorified demo than anything else. This app lets you send photos, videos and music from your Android to your big screen TV.

The app allows you to cast to almost any device so there is in any problem with the functionality. However, I’m not perfectly fine with the app allowing only five minutes of streaming. Sure, I can get the paid version and lift the limit but why on earth would I do that when there are other competent airplay apps for Android available? I really wish the developers reconsider their stance because it is not how you make people pay for your app.

Free Version


These were a few great airplay apps for Android. I really hope that one of them finds home on your Android device. I personally use the Google’s Chromecast to stream media on my living room TV.

So what do you think about the list? If you have any suggestions or questions about the apps, please cast them in the comments below. I would love to hear from users who have actually streamed media to Roku or Apple TV, as I have yet to test them out myself.

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