7 Best Alternatives to Google’s Pixel Stand from Amazon

Are you looking for alternatives to the Google Pixel Stand? Say no more because we got you covered!

Having a wireless charger saved me a lot of time from untangling wires from time to time. Hence, making this device is so convenient.

But, that’s not all.

One benefit of this is that it lessens the damage to your charging port due to plugging and unplugging. Also, it is especially useful to people who have multiple gadgets that need charging once in a while.

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Last 2018, Google released a wireless charging device called the Google Pixel Stand. I know you’ve heard of wireless charging before, but I’m telling you, this is the real deal.

How do I say so?

Well, it has a charging speed of 10watts, which is faster than the Qi standard of wireless charging at 5watts. That sure is fast!

Now, here’s the catch…

The device is optimized when paired with Google’s smartphone, Pixel 3. Google’s Pixel Stand has certain features that you can only activate when paired with the Pixel 3. Yikes!

Let’s face it!

I know it may sound like it’s the best wireless charging device but not everyone owns a Pixel 3! And wouldn’t it be such a waste when you can’t make the most out of a product?

This is why we listed some of the best alternatives to the Google Pixel Stand that is widely available, even on Amazon. So without further ado, let’s dig into the list!

The Best Alternatives to Google’s Pixel Stand from Amazon

Best OverallAnker Wireless Charger, the Powerwave 7.5 Stand
CheapestYootech Wireless Charging Stand
Best Value for MoneySamsung Fast Charging Wireless Charging Stand
Highly RecommendedLK Wireless Charging Pad Stand
Runner UpsELLESYE Wireless Charger
 Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand
 Raigen Wireless Charging Stand

Top Alternatives of the Google Pixel Stand from Amazon

1. Samsung Fast Charging Wireless Charging Stand


One of the top companies when it comes to mobile phone technology released a wireless charging stand. This device can charge up to 9 watts when paired with a Samsung Galaxy series smartphone.

It can also work on other smartphones that have Qi wireless charging technology but will not be able to work at full capacity.

Built-in Cooling System

It has a quiet built-in cooling system to avoid overheating when charging.

An LED light displays the charging status of the phone. When the phone reaches a full battery, the indicator would automatically turn off to avoid unusual interruptions.

The Samsung wireless charger comes with only one color, which is Black Sapphire, so if you’re not a fan of black, you might have to think about it.


2. Yootech Wireless Charging Stand

This wireless charging stand can charge to its maximum potential, which is 10 watts when paired with a Samsung smartphone model starting from the Samsung Galaxy S8. It can only power up to 7.5 watts when paired with an Apple iPhone, and 5 watts for other devices that are supported by Qi wireless charging.

Supports portrait and landscape charging

One benefit of this charging stand is it has a wide charging area. You can charge in portrait or landscape orientation, and you can even watch a movie while loading. How comfortable is that, right?

This one is good at the bedside because it has a LED indicator that determines if the charging stand detects your phone. The LED indicator automatically turns off after 16 seconds to provide a comfortable sleeping environment.


3. LK Wireless Charging Pad Stand


Another pretty strong competitor is the LK Wireless Charging Pad Stand. This device can charge with a maximum speed of 10 watts.

What’s right about this is it is compatible with many different smartphone brands. The Samsung Galaxy series and recent iPhone series can charge at the same level in this charging stand.

Case-Friendly Charging

A similar feature of this to other charging stands is that your smartphone can charge in different orientations because it has two coils that allow more area to load, which results in more efficient charging.

The LK Wireless Charging Pad Stand is also one of the cheapest in the market when it comes to wireless charging stands.


4. Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand


This aesthetic beast can charge with a range of 7.5 watts to 10 watts depending on the model of your smartphone.

On iPhones 8 to X, it supports up to 7.5 watts. On Samsung Galaxy models, it can charge up to 9 watts, Sony and LG smartphones are one of those that can charge with the speed of 10 watts.

The design of this charging stand can support the horizontal and vertical alignment of your smartphone. You can play music and watch videos uninterrupted while charging with this charging stand.

Flexible Charging

Unlike the other charging stands, this one comes with four different colors: Baby Blue, White, Black, and Rose Gold. All you have to do is pick which one suits your mood the most.

An excellent feature of this charging stand is it is compatible with cases that are equal to or less than 3mm thick. You won’t need to remove your case to start charging. Sounds cool, right?

It also has a thermal sensor that can help avoid overheating.

The outer covering consists of non-slip materials. You don’t have to fear about your phone slipping and falling to the floor.

On top of all that, it also comes with a 2-year warranty.


5. Anker Wireless Charger, the Powerwave 7.5 Stand


A cheaper alternative for the Pixel Stand is Anker’s Powerwave charging stand. It has quite a simple design like the pixel stand, but it comes in 2 different colors: Black and White.

It can even charge with equipped phone cases that measure up to 5mm thickness.

Internal fan avoids over-heating

It has a unique internal cooling fan, which helps maintain the heat during the process of charging. This cooling makes the device fully efficient until you charge to 100%.

The Anker Powerwave is a perfect pair with the Samsung Galaxy S and Note series because it supports fast charging (10 watts) on those models.


6. ELLESYE Wireless Charger

This charger has the same capacity of charging with all smartphone models supporting Qi wireless charging. It can power up to 5 watts, which can fully charge your smartphone in 4-6 hours.

It’s charging capacity might be low, but the other features of this wireless charging stand will surely give your money the worth.

ELLESYE Wireless Charger takes up little space

It is built with two coils to cater to many different positions when charging. It has a smart LED indicator which shows different colors for different status of the charging process.

This charging stand can also charge even with a case equipped, but it should be within a thickness of 4mm.


7. Raigen Wireless Charging Stand


The Raigen wireless charging stand is another one in the aesthetics department. This wireless charging stand’s outer covering consists of fabric linen, which gives it a modern look, which is perfect for your clean office desk look.

It has a dual-coil charging system giving the user the freedom to choose which position they want their smartphone to lean while charging.

This model comes with a LED status indicator that shuts down after fully charging to avoid sleep interruption.

Portrait and landscape charging is supported

It comes with a built-in overcharge and overheats protection to avoid damages on the smartphone when charging. You’ll feel safe charging with this one.

This device supplies 7.5 watts to iPhones and 10 watts to Samsung Galaxy models.

The downside of this charging stand is that it is not compatible with Google’s Pixel phones.



How does wireless charging work?

Wireless charging works by a Physics concept called magnetic induction wherein an induction coil carries the current at high frequency, which is called the “transmitter.” The partner of this, the “receiver,” is already inside our smartphones, and once you put your phone on that charging stand, it immediately starts to charge.

Which is better, wireless, or wired charging?

Wireless charging is more convenient because you won’t have to deal with tangled wires, you need to put it on the charging stand. The downside of this is that it usually takes more time to charge compared to wired charging.

Wired charging, on the other hand, can charge fast but requires a lot of patience when removing the tangling of wires from time to time. Also, cables are much more easily misplaced compared to wireless charging systems.

Does wireless charging degrade your battery faster?

No, you are increasing the lifespan of your battery because you are not letting it drain to 0. Wired charging often has cases of overheat because it supplies a more massive amount of power in a smaller amount of time.

To sum it all up

A lot of products similar to Google’s Pixel Stand are already in Amazon. These are just some of our picks considering the functionality and design of the Pixel Stand.

If you’re looking for something that has the capacity of the Pixel Stand, we suggest the Belkin Boost Up wireless charging stand. Not only because of its aesthetic design but also of its ability to charge many different smartphone models faster than most of the wireless charging stands available in the market.

The Belkin Boost Up is simply the closest to the Google Pixel Stand but comes with a more modern design. You also get to choose from 4 different colors. How cool is that?

If you’ve come up with a different decision, please share your insights in the comment section below. We might not have seen some features of your chosen wireless charging stand.

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