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10 Best Analog Clock Widgets Apps For Android

The ability to customize your device is what makes Android different. Widgets are a quintessential part of that customization, as Android offered the widgets first. However, the excitement over widgets has died down over the years since they can easily clutter the home screen of any device.

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If there’s one widget that remains vital to your device, it’s going to be the clock. By default, your device already comes with a built-in clock and it’s in the form of a digital clock on most versions.

If you would prefer an analog clock for Android, you will need certain apps on the Google Play Store that comes with a widget. So, we have compiled a list of the best here for you.

10 of the Best Analog Clock Apps with Widget for Android

So without further ado, here are 10 of the best clock apps that features an Analog Clock for Android device.

1. GO Clock Widget

Go Clock
Clock Widget by GOMO Limited

While GO Clock does offer you both analog and digital selections, the analog options are unusually good. The app is based on GO Launcher EX. Customization is key, with nine different themes supported, and the ability to choose different sizes of clocks. You do have to install the latest version of GO Launcher EX in order for the widget to work.

Google Play

2. Simple Analog Clock [Widget]

Simple Analog
Analog Clock Widget by Tomoyuki Ono

If you want a clock that is easy to read (and who doesn’t?), check out Simple Analog Clock. You only need to glance at your phone for a second to know the time. A common drawback to many of these clock widgets is that it drains the battery, but this is not the case for this app. The clock stops when your screen is off, preserving battery power.

With various clock sizes, the widget is also customizable to match your home screen.

To add to your home screen…

  • long-press a blank spot
  • select Widgets
  • choose the option for Simple Analog Clock
Google Play

3. Clock

Clock Widget App by Egert
Clock Widget App by Egert

The clock is a simple app that has a sole intent of providing your device an Analog clock widget. The widget is customizable and can also be used as a live wallpaper.

Google Play

4. Animated Analog Clock Widget

Analog Clock Widget by DNS Project
Analog Clock Widget by DNS Project

An app that’s most likely compatible with whatever launcher you have, Animated Analog Clock Widget is simple and attractive.

While there isn’t a wide selection of clocks inherently, you do have the option of downloading other plug-ins. With over a million installs and a 4+ rating, the app obviously does a lot right. What you see is what you get though; or at least that’s been the case for the last couple of years since the app hasn’t been updated since 2015.

Google Play

5. Analog Clock Wallpaper/Widget

Wallpaper Widget
Clock Wallpaper/Widget by SMSROBOT LTD

So many choices! Perhaps you want the equivalent of a Rolex on your screen, or maybe you prefer the nightstand alarm clock look, or gears and coils. Analog Clock Wallpaper/Widget can accommodate them all.

The clocks are quite realistic looking; I can envision them on my wall or bedside table. You don’t have to waste your time going in and out of the app trying on different clocks either, because the Live Preview feature shows you how the clock will fit on your home screen.

Optimized for tablets and HD compliant (kind of like having a 3D analog clock widget), Analog Clock Wallpaper/Widget also comes with an integrated alarm clock. Need an analog clock for your lock screen? Look no further.

Google Play

6. Analog Clock Widget

Analog Widget
Analog Clock Widget by sandraprog

There aren’t a ton of clock options that come with this app, but the ones that are available are beautiful. There are five different designs to choose from, and all are reminiscent of an elegant grandfather clock.

If you have a Tablet or Phone that runs on Amazon’s Fire OS, you can download this app via the Amazon Store.

The widget comes in two sizes, and you can enjoy the app free without any ads. If the Analog Clock Widget for Android does not appear on your Widget list, try rebooting.

Google Play

7. Sense Flip Clock & Weather

Sense Flip Clock & Weather MACHAPP Software Ltd
Clock and Weather Widget by MACHAPP Software Ltd

When we first viewed this clock, we were surprised because we were expecting an exclusively analog look. This app, however, had the analog clock combined with other useful information instead.

If you have a Tablet or Phone that runs on Amazon’s Fire OS, you can download this app via the Amazon Store.

You can go entirely digital also if you please. The great thing about this app is that it provides 140 choices of skins (or themes) plus time, calendar, weather, and system info. With this app, planning your days ahead would be a breeze and you can always be on time to whatever appointment you have for the day.

Google Play

8. Analog Clock Live Wallpaper-7

Analog Clock Widget by Style-7
Analog Clock Widget by Style-7

Live wallpaper is one of the names that this application could potentially go by; widget is another. This is a big analog clock widget. The analog clock face beams out from a dark background. The app looks great and is very customizable.

If you have a Tablet or Phone that runs on Amazon’s Fire OS, you can download this app via the Amazon Store.

The date is included as well. Analog Clock Live Wallpaper-7 is one of the best analog clock widgets for Android.

Google Play

9. Night Clear Analog Clock Live Wallpapers

Analog Clock Live Wallpapers HD Live Wallpapers and Clocks
Analog Clock by HD Live Wallpapers and Clocks

The Night Clear Analog Clock widget app comes with a dynamic theme creator for all android phones. This app has a 3D/4D (parallax) feature as well as magic touch effects (colorful particles and sounds). This is the coolest one in our list so far.

Google Play

10. Analog Night Clock

Analog Night
Analog night clock by JJSsoft

Bright neon against a jet black background makes this clock striking. Naturally, it’s perfect to use when you need to check the time in the dark. It is recommended that you charge your phone when in use, but if you already do this at night it shouldn’t pose a problem.

If you prefer something a little easier on the eyes, the level of brightness can be adjusted, and there are 24 colors to choose from.

Google Play


What’s a good analog clock for Android lock screen?

We highly recommend to check out the “Analog Clock on Lockscreen” app by Weather Widget Theme Dev Team for this specific purpose. It offers a wide variety of analog clock designs for your lock screen.

Can I download these apps on my Amazon Fire Tablet/Phone?

If you have an Amazon Fire Tablet or Phone, you can download some of these apps through either Amazon or the Amazon Appstore. We already have included the corresponding links of some of these apps to

Do these apps come with Alarm functions?

Some of the listed apps in here comes with Alarm functions. However, if you are looking for an alarm app that has great functions and options for your Android device, then we highly recommend you to check out our “5 Best Simple Alarm Clock Apps for Android for An Easy Rise” article.

What’s the best Analog Clock Widget app that your team prefers in this list?

In our list, the best Android Analog Clock Widget app for us is the “GO Clock Widget” app. It’s simple, has an alarm function, and stylish at the same time. Additionally, it doesn’t clutter our home screen device.

How to make a Widget Analog Clock for Android?

To make an Android Widget Analog Clock, you will need to have a good understanding of Android App creation. If not, you can start with reading and learning how to make an app for Android. You could also buy a book that teaches you how to make an app for Android on Amazon.
If you find our first answer a bit difficult to do, you can use this “Make Your Clock Widget” app on Google Play Store to start making your own Android Widget Analog Clock.


Speaking as someone who has never cared to place anything on my wrists, especially a wristwatch, these widgets still allow me to have that functionality.

So these are the analog clock widgets apps for Android that we liked the best. Do you have other analog clock widgets to add to the list? Of these apps, which did you find to be most useful, or the best-looking? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

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  1. one would expect tons of cool clock widgets in a world of alleged 2.6 million apps in a frickin play store, but the reality is – it is hard to find a decent one…

    number 6 widget on this very list is pretty okey – simple and without horological “complications”, and another one is: clock live wallpaper by yadavapp, which is nor listed here.


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