7 Best Android Apps for Chatting with Strangers

Warning: Be careful when chatting with strangers using these android apps. Do not, by any chance, disclose any personal information to people over the internet. Remember that you are prone to online predators like prostitutes, drug abusers, or scammers. Do not share any sensitive photos, location or address, or feel obligated to converse with topics that make you feel uncomfortable. Also, do not open or download from external links.

We all have heard of an Android app that lets you chat with strangers and as strange as it is, we have had the urge to use it especially when things get boring. It all comes down to one thing, we want to do something bold and adventurous, vent out to someone who won’t judge us, or hope to find people who have the same interest as us.

Incognito messaging is ideal for individuals who want to pass the time. The good thing about it is, you can be whoever you want to be, hear about other people’s take on situations, look for emotional support, or even build friendships. But as fun, as it might sound, always take extra precaution when using these applications.

We have compiled the best anonymous chat apps that Android users can use. You can install one or multiple apps and enjoy the features of chatting anonymously.

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1. HOLLA Live: Random Video Chat, Meet New People


*In-app purchases are available

Holla is a dating app which lets you talk to strangers from all over the world. It’s essentially a video chatting app but if you are feeling a little shy or you are an introvert by nature, HOLLA Live is a great anonymous chat app to help you overcome your shyness and be more confident.


HOLLA is an application similar to Tinder where it locates and matches you with people around the proximity who are also using this app. If you are a non-Android user, there are Android emulators that will enable you to use HOLLA on your PC.

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HOLLA has two ways to sign-in. One is through a telephone number, where a one -time password (OTP) will be sent via SMS. To secure your anonymity, you can make a dummy Facebook account and use that to log in. These are used as verification processes.

HOLLA is not safe for kids so parents must take extra precaution. Always check what your little ones are installing on their phone.

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2. RandoChat Chat Roulette


*Ads and in-app purchases are available

If you are looking for an application like Omegle, RandoChat is one of the closest choices. This anonymous chat app doesn’t require any log-in details for you to enjoy its features. It doesn’t store your message history. Everything from text to pictures gets deleted right after it is read.


It mimics a normal SMS chat app but with great security. Talk randomly to strangers and find out if you have the same take in life or enjoy the same things. Many RandoChat users have attested that they have found a new friend through this app.

RandoChat is intended for ages 18 and up because it can be prone to scammers, fake users, and sexual predators.

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3. Stranger with Chat. Stranger, Random Talk

1. Stanger with Chat. Stranger, Random Talk

*Ads and in-app purchases are available

Developed by Gaga Software is another Omegle-like anonymous chat app that doesn’t require any log-in details. With over 100,000 installs, Stranger can let you interact randomly with fellow users.

What is good with this anonymous chat app is that it shows the nationality of the stranger that you are talking to. It also has warning pop-up reminding users to be careful when talking. You can share photos, videos, or audio files which get deleted right after the other person reads it. It guarantees its users of a secure chatting experience. A come-and-go experience for curious cats.

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4. Whisper


*Contains ads

Whisper is one of the coolest anonymous chat apps for Android because of its interface. It’s like Twitter, Instagram, and Messenger in one. Anonymously share your thoughts with over 1 million strangers who wouldn’t condemn them.

You can chat with Whisper users directly or put a heart on their updates. You can also find the nearest Whisper user, talk with strangers in your preferred age group, or discover people with the same interests.


Are you a vegan? A werewolf lover? Are you looking for like-minded individuals? Whisper has a group customized for you.

Have fun looking for a new friend who is in the same wavelength as you are.

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5. Vent – Express yourself freely


*Ads and in-app purchases are available

Not all people who chat anonymously are looking for a relationship or small talks. Vent helps you find people who offer support or give advice especially when you are down and don’t know who to talk to.

You don’t have to worry about being “too honest” because chats are deemed to be anonymous. The registration process requires you to put a valid email address to avoid scammers and bots. You need to verify the email address to start using this app.

Vent is a great Android platform for chatting with strangers especially if you are feeling a little down or you want to be extra honest about your feelings. You can also help other people and be each other’s support system.

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6. Rooit Anonymous Chat Rooms


*In-app purchases available

Rooit gives a twist for people who want to have a chit chat with thousands of other Rooit users online. Unlike any other application for chatting with strangers, it offers interactive games that you can play with a random user.


More than just chatting anonymously through your Android phone, Rooit gives the introverts a cool way of meeting new friends and prospect relationships. It has a bubbly chat interface which tops the basic ones that you’re used to.


Be your true self and meet random strangers who can, in the long run, be a potential friend. There are also themed chat rooms that you can join. It also doubles up as an online journal where you can record anything and even share your feelings, angst, or excitement with its chat robot on the “Dear Diary” room.

Rooit chat rooms have their specific guidelines so be sure to read them carefully before joining.

*Note: Rooit requires you to enter your mobile number for verification purposes.

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7. Aye – Talk to New People on Topic-Based Chat Rooms


*No ads and no in-app purchases

Aye is an anonymous chat app for Android that connects you with people nearby and around the globe. Start by registering a username and you’re ready to go. It will automatically take you to their global chat room where people of different nationalities share their opinions and thoughts.

If you fancy a little quiet room, you can browse different topics by different people where you can join or send a private message. You can also browse the user activity and discover people whom you can follow.

Additionally, you can also follow certain topics, check the leaderboard, and edit your bio.

Google Play

Your Thoughts

However extroverted you are, there will come a time when you want to shut yourself from people that you already know. Sometimes, it would feel like you are too much for them to handle or they might not understand you the way you expect them to.

There are many ways to meet new people online. Even though these applications are accessible, always remember to take necessary precautions. Disclosing your address, full name, and other important information is a no-no. Also, keep in mind that not all people that you interact with are true. They could take advantage of you and your vulnerabilities.

Do you have other anonymous chat apps for Android to add on the list? Have you tried any of the ones mentioned? Share your thoughts on the comment section.

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