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5 Best Android Apps for Learning Japanese Language

Do you love watching Anime cartoons or even read Manga or even have Japanese friends you want to communicate to but don’t understand the language? I know that feeling since I also have Japanese friends. It’s very frustrating if you can’t communicate your feeling to them properly.

With technology, you can beat the language barrier through language learning apps. You can download them for free or even pay for the really good ones to get a fuller experience on your Android smartphone. Forget all your worries and learn a new language for free.

End those days where you would watch your Anime cartoons with subtitles or buy a poorly translated Japanese Manga. With these Japanese Language Learning Apps, you can save yourself so much time!

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Best Android Apps for Learning Japanese Language

There many free Android Japanese Learning Apps to download on Google play store for Android devices. It becomes a challenge for some of us to decide which app would cater for our needs. For those who are only after learning some basic conversations to practice with their Japanese friends, there some apps suited for that purpose.

But if you’re someone who wants to focus on writing Hiragana or Katakana and pronounce the alphabet like a native Japanese speaker, don’t waste time on those that are only for learning basic conversations. Get one that will help you master the writing properly and impress some of your Japanese friends.

Look no further! This list gives you the best apps available for download from Google Play Store for Free. Learn a few Japanese words in just a few days.

1. Write It! Japanese

writeit app
Write It! Japanese App for Android

Do you want to master Japanese writing? This app will surely satisfy that purpose. You don’t need a pen or paper to practice. You can just use your smartphone for that. Although, nothing beats the pen or paper. But this one can help you study the Japanese Alphabet whether you are in a bus, train or taking a coffee break at work.

practice with writeit
Practice writing with Write It! Japanese for free

Write It! Japanese was the first writing recognition App that would help you learn Hiragana and Katakana. This app allows you to study with bit-sized lessons for those who have little time to study.

I tried this app and so far it was the best app for me to learn how to read and write Japanese. The graphics were simple. The learner can listen to audio pronunciation of the characters and repeat after. It also allows you to follow the guide of how to write and lets you do it on your own. You can also test yourself on what you have learnt.

test yourself with writeit
Test yourself with Write It! Japanese
Google Play

2. Memrise

memrise app
Memrise App for Android devices

Improve your pronunciation and grammar with Memrise Learning App. This app was an Award-Winning Language Learning App on Google Play Store as the Best App of 2017, Editor’s Choice and Top Developer. This app won this Award for a reason.

Aside from Japanese, you can learn other languages such as Spanish, French, Korean, Chinese with this Android app. It also allows you to learn with the locals. What a better way to improve your pronunciation!

This app is really good for visual learners. You can play games, set goals and get rewards. If you have a busy schedule and you constantly lack enough time to learn, this app is just the best choice for you. It allows you to learn where and whenever you like.

This app provides online lessons but you can also take ones that are offline if you want. Learn at the comfort of your time!

Note: Memrise offers subscriptions for those who want to access all its courses and features.

Google Play

3. Obenkyo

obenkyo app
Obenkyo app

This app is one of the best apps for learning Japanese. It helps you memorize with flashcards and drawing recognition. You can save your materials to your SD card for future use.

I loved this app because you can learn Japanese Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji writing and test yourself by drawing or multiple choice. You can always keep track of how you write your Japanese and surprise some of your friends.

write with obenkyo
Practice writing Japanese with Obenkyo

It is easy to learn the Japanese alphabet, grammar and pronunciation through this app. Practice every day during your free time, even between breaks and catch a few Japanese words.

alphabet obenkyo
Learn the Japanese alphabet with Obenkyo

This app has a lot of vocabulary, numbers and particles you can memorize on your own. The interface is user friendly so you don’t have to stress yourself with unfamiliar menus.

vocabulary obenkyo
Learn new vocabulary with Obenkyo
Google Play

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4. Lingodeer

One of the things I loved about using this app were the cute animations and sound effects. They made learning so much entertaining. Another thing was, it allowed you can keep track of your progress. So, you know what level you reached and also review what you’ve already learned.

If you are a beginner, this app allows you learn the Japanese alphabet with ease. It has audio which shows you how to pronounce a certain character and lets you repeat after it. With constant repetition, you can already get a hang of it.

write lingodeer
Practice writing with Lingodeer

See how much you have memorized by taking a short test.

quiz lingodeer
Take a Quiz with Lingodeer

You’ll surely love the grammar lessons provided in lingodeer because they’re well explained. You can also enhance your vocabulary practice on weather, shopping, tenses, travel, and so much more.

So don’t feel embarrassed as you speak to your Japanese friends because this app will help you learn Japanese conversation in a few days.

Google Play

5. Learn Japanese

learn japanese app
Learn Japanese App

This app helps you learn Japanese with 5000+ phrases you can memorize and learn to say anytime and anywhere.

Learn Japanese has around 65 categories such as greeting, alphabet, numbers, weather, school, expressions, daily routine which you use with Japanese speakers. You can add some phrases to your favorites that you like to focus on.

If you are visiting Japan as a tourist or for business, this app can serve that purpose. You can make use of the search tool in the app to look for words or phrases you’d like to use anytime.

search learn japanese app

There are over 200 Grammar Lessons and Quizzes to help you improve your Japanese words and phrases. This app saves you a lot of time whether you are learning for fun or to speak with the Japanese people.

quiz with learn japanese app
Quiz yourself with Learn Japanese app
Google Play

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There are a lot free apps for learning Japanese in the Play store. We know it’s challenging to find the right one that would suit our needs. This list gives you all the best apps that are frequently used by many Japanese learners. Feel to try them out. If you find another that’s even better, please let us know about it in the comment section below!

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