The Definitive Android App Guide for Musicians: 18 Music-Related Apps

Are you trying to find a good tuner app? Or maybe you’re looking for tabs of your favorite songs? Either way, I’ve listed down the best Android apps for musicians that I’ve tested for you.

Music is relevant and essential, and it will stay that way for eons to pass. It’s a way to relieve stress, and it’s also a form of expression for the vast majority of people. Since time immemorial, musical virtuosos have spent a great deal of time in creating and mastering their pieces.

But in this technological era, however, we’re given the leverage of having machines do the arduous tasks that come with being a musician.

Today, our mobile phones let us compose and record song pieces; it can help improve our expertise with instruments, teach us basic to advanced techniques that we weren’t aware of, or even help us tune your instrument.

I remember the time where I had to buy a chromatic tuner when I was starting to learn the guitar, and seeing now that everyone can tune their guitars through their phones is a testament to the improvement of technology.

Find the best Android apps for musicians that you need!

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The best Android apps for musicians is one that complements what you’re doing and make things easier for you, but you don’t need a “best” app for you per se. In short, what you need is an app that you can use and help you with your needs.

Part of being a musician is having the courage to try out new things, and being free to think for yourself! With that said, if you don’t know which music-related apps can best suit your needs, take a look at these suggestions.

Here are my top picks for the best Android apps for musicians!

Mobile Workstations for Musicians

As a musician myself, I understand the need for these types of apps. DAWs or “Workstations”, are essential for musicians because this is where you mix, master, edit, combine, etc…, our craft. Sometimes you just have to push through with that current of inspiration wherever you are, otherwise, it’ll go away!

These are some of the best apps for musicians out there. Check out our list!

1. FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile Paid app logo

Considered as one of the most popular digital audio workstations (DAW) apps for Windows, the FL Studio lets you create a complete multi-track music project that you can export in several formats, including WAV, MP3, and MIDI.

The FL Studio is a well-respected workstation application, and many Musicians use the PC platform up until today.

FL Studio User Interface uploading tracks
A complete DAW on your mobile phones

They expanded their availability to mobile phones (on both the Android and the iOS) to accommodate those who value portability when making tracks.

It has a step sequencer, track editor, graphic equalizer, and various instruments ranging from synths to drum kits– a full package for musicians on-the-go.

FL Studio User Interface mixing tracks
Add effects and filters on your samples

Although, the FL Studio Mobile isn’t a free app, especially with its exceptional functionality. But it is, in fact, worth the price. In my opinion the FL Studio is one of the best Android apps for musicians out there, and although there are many DAW’s available on the Play Store, this app has always been regarded as useful to even long-time musicians.

2. Walk Band

Work Band app logo

To create music using several musical instruments, traditionally, a group is required to play them one by one. But that isn’t the case anymore, and you can do it all by yourself using the Walk Band app. It’s also a great alternative to the FL Studio Workstation.

Walk Band features MIDI keyboard support and includes a Multi-track Synth, which you can use to edit and record MIDI and voice tracks.

Walk Band User-Interface
Make your own beats with Walk Band

It has a wide variety of virtual instruments, including drum kits, piano, and guitar, so you can compose music on-the-go.

Work Band Virtual Instrument
Choose from a variety of instruments

Check out the Work Band app on the Play Store!

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3. edjing Mix

edjing Mixer App

Instead of creating tracks from scratch, some may opt to mix different songs or tweak a song they like. Either way, if you’re into the party scene and you’re in need of a mixer app, the edjing Mixer app can be your best friend.

With the edjing Mixer app, you can mix different tracks together. You can use your own downloaded tracks or use songs from Soundcloud or Deezer by integrating the other apps into edjing.

Best Android turntable App for Musicians edjing
edjing User Interface

It has an automatic BPM detector for easier pairing with other songs. The scratch set up in the app is on-point and provides no delay when using the feature.

With a straightforward yet effective interface, you can easily mix and master audio files and share them on various music streaming platforms. There are 16 free samples that you can use for mixing, with plenty more samples available for a price. It’s the best Android app for musicians who love mixing and mastering their own tracks.

Check out the app on the Play Store!

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4. BandLab

BandLab app logo

If you’re looking for a DAW much like GarageBand, then this app is the right one for you. BandLab is a mobile workstation; it’s difference with most workstations is its beginner-friendly user-interface.

Best Android workstation Apps for Musicians bandlab
Band Lab Interface

Compared to the FL Studio which is oriented for a more experienced audience, this app suits beginners better because of its sleek user-friendly interface. I included Band Lab in the list of the best Android apps for musicians because it’s a great workstation for begginners.

The app also gives you the ability to record and create your vocal and audio files, loop, and mix your tracks. The app is free to use, although you have to pay for the presets and samples that they offer.

Check out the app on the Play Store!

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Learning Apps for Musicians

5. Perfect Ear

Perfect Ear Logo

Musicians need to have a good ear for music. Of course, you won’t acquire it overnight as you will have to train to learn this skill. Perfect Ear helps you achieve that and much more.

Perfect Ear improves the aural skills of the user by providing tons of exercises and music theory learning modules.

Choose which instrument to learn with Perfect Ear
Choose your instrument

This is also a great app to use if you want to learn music theory bit by bit, as the learning materials are categorized into different topics and segregated accordingly for a step-by-step learning process.

Choose what to learn with Perfect Ear Interface
Learn with Perfect Ear!

The app itself is free, but if you want some of the additional features, you’ll have to purchase them. Personally, for me, it’s one of the best Android apps for musicians and budding musicians. It helps you learn the things you need to learn to become knowledgeable with the chords you play and the music you make.

Check out the app on the Play Store!

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6. Yousician

Yousician app logo

The Yousician app acts as a virtual music trainer, and it is primarily for beginners. This learning tool has lessons for guitar, bass, ukulele, and piano. The app is very reminiscent of games such as Rockband and Guitar Hero, although made with learning as a primary focus.

Yousician User Interface
Yousician’s interactive learning

Using the app is as easy as playing your instrument along with the tune. The app provides feedback on your performance after each exercise.

Yousician's Interactive Learning Style
The app teaches you chords and helps you practice

To make learning more interesting for the user, Yousician contains weekly challenges and over 1,500 activities.

Check out the app on the Play Store!

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7. Ultimate Guitar

Ultimate Guitar app logo

Get access to a collection of almost 1.6 million chords and tabs all at your disposal. With the Ultimate Guitar App, you can save the chords and tabs you like for offline use.

During initial access of the app, it asks you your musical preferences and inclinations and recommends tabs and chords accordingly.

find tabs with the Best Android Apps for Musicians Ultimate Guitar
Personalize the app to your preferences!

I’ve been using the Ultimate Guitar website for more than 10 years now, and I can genuinely say that it is a respected site and a great app.

Amateur musicians and professionals alike use this app from time to time to check the chords they want to play.

Learn Tabs with Best Android Apps for Musicians Ultimate Guitar
Learn how to play your favorite songs!

The app also has a paid version that gives you access to the PRO feature, in which they provide a dedicated tutorial from professional guitarists. Ultimate guitar is definitely one of the best Android apps for musicians who love viewing and sharing tabs of songs.

Check out Ultimate Guitar on the Play Store!

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8. Songsterr

Songsterr app logo

Songsterr is another famous guitar chord and tab app, and is much like Ultimate Guitar. The difference that the Songsterr app has compared to the Ultimate Guitar app is that: Songsterr features 1 accurate version of the tab you’re looking for.

play chords you want with the Best Android Apps for Musicians Songsterr
Find the song you want to learn with Songsterr

Which is different from Ultimate Guitar since the former has a community-based tab and chord database, in which you can see even the inaccurate ones.

Find tabs with the Best Android Apps for Musicians songsterr
Find more songs with Songsterr

If you want ease-of-access without taking up too much time looking for the right tab, then this app is the right one for you. It also has an offline mode where you can save your chosen chords and tabs.

Check out Songsterr on Google Play!

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9. iReal Pro – Music Book and Backing Tracks

iReal Pro app logo

This app is mostly for practicing with backing tracks. You can use the app and connect it to a speaker while you’re using your guitar to master those licks and riffs.

iReal Pro User Interface - choosing a backing track
Choose the genre you want to play with

This app is undoubtedly useful, especially for those musicians who love practicing the application of the music theory with practicing playing their guitars.

What’s great about this app is that it simulates a real band and gives you that feel of practicing with a group even if you’re alone at home.

iReal Pro User Interface with a backing track
Adjust the track according to your preference

iReal Pro isn’t free, although paying for this app wouldn’t be a waste if you’re practicing “phrasing,” “walking,” or other musical theories with your instrument.

Check out the app on the Play Store!

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Recorder Apps for Musicians

These are apps that you can use to record audio with, they are created specifically for the purpose of producing better quality audio while having the capability to edit it. These apps are the best Android apps for musicians when it comes to those who record samples wherever they are.

Use what you’ve recorded in your workstations!

10. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder app logo
Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder Logo

Your phone may have a built-in voice recorder, but a dedicated third-party app that can deliver high-resolution audio content is better if you want to produce better outputs.

The Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder, considered as one of the best recording apps for musicians, includes 44 kHz audio sampling and supports WAV, OGG, M4A, and FLAC formats.

Recording audio with HI-Q MP3 REC

With this app, you can record your samples and vocal tracks on-the-go, and add them to your DAW.

Check out the app on the Play Store!

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11. RecForge II

Recforge II app logo
RecForge II Logo

Just like the Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder, The RecForge II is another excellent voice recording app. It is an editor that can record vocal inputs, convert these inputs to other formats, playback and edit recorded samples, and upload them on other platforms.

Recording audio with the Best Android Apps for Musicians: recforge 2
Record your songs with Recforge II

It’s a voice recording app that you can use on the go, it has most of the functionalities of the Hi-Q app, and choosing between the two should be based on your preference.

You can check out the free version on the Play Store!

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Utility Apps for Musicians

These apps are an essential part of your toolset, especially if you’re meticulous with the sound you produce. But you can’t just rely on our ears if you’re to perform (unless you’re a prodigy with an ear for music), and in music, everything needs to be perfect.

These apps help you become a better musician overall, but that’s if you practice enough and help yourself get better. I’ve listed down apps you can use, choose which one you need!

12. Metronome Beats

Metronome Beats Logo

Metronome-related apps have crowded the Android store. Among them is the Metronome Beats app. Metronomes are essential for synchronized performances, and is used to practice playing on the beat. It supports up to 300 beats per minute and accentuates the first beat of the bar.

Using a metronome beats app for musicians
Use the app while playing your instrument!

You can let it play in the background while using other apps, or you can leave it on while practicing your instrument. It’s certainly an essential app to have if you’re a musician. Being on the beat (or off if you’re Radiohead) is critical in performing in front of a crowd.

Check out the Metronome App on the Play Store!

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13. gStrings Tuner

gStrings tuner app logo

With the app starting as a guitar tuner, the gStrings app now tunes almost everything from woodwinds to stringed instruments. Even if you have a good ear, it won’t hurt to try tuning with this app for a more accurate outcome.

tuning instruments with gStrings User Interface
Tune your device based on your preferred tuning

It supports a variety of frequencies and comes with a simple UI for a user-friendly experience.

Check out the free and paid versions on the Play Store and choose what you need!

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14. Guitar Tuna

Guitar Tuna logo

Here’s the thing, every guitarist that I know has this app installed on their Android phones. Guitar Tuna is one of the most famous tuners out there today. It can tune a variety of stringed instruments, and it tunes your instrument based on your tuning preference.

tuning guitars with the best android app for musicians: guitar tuna

If you require an app to tune your stringed instrument, then this is something I can recommend as I’ve been using it for a few years now. It has a user-friendly interface that isn’t confusing for beginners. It’s definitely one of the best Android apps for musicians who still don’t know how to tune by ear (like me.)

I have 0 complaints with this app, and I recommend it to all musicians out there.

Check out the app on Google Play!

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The BACKTRACKIT app features a whole plethora of features aside from it being an audio player.

You can download backing tracks and choose from songs sorted by key; an additional feature is that it can shift the tempo of a track you’re playing.

Backtrackit app interface
BACKTRACKIT’s User Interface

You can also loop different parts of a track which you can use as a sample, or you can use it as a backing track for practicing your scales. It also features backing tracks from different genres, an advanced equalizer, a looping feature, and a metronome.

Check out all of its features on the Play Store!

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Music Streaming Apps

These apps let you stream all of your favorite music on your mobile phone. Download the songs on your phone, or watch music videos on-the-go!

16. Spotify

Spotify app logo

Spotify is the most famous music streaming apps in the world, and almost anyone who avidly listens to music has a Spotify app downloaded on their phones.

Spotify is technically free, although you are limited to shuffling albums and playlists with a limited amount of skips.

Spotify app interface
Spotify’s User Interface

The Spotify premium, on the other hand, lets you choose your favorite songs from their vast music library without restrictions. The premium version is worth it if you listen to your favorite music daily.

You can search up your favorite artist’s whole discography in a matter of seconds, and you can play whatever song you want without having to listen to ads. It also keeps tabs of your preferences for future recommendations.

I’ve been paying for this app for a few years now, and I can attest to the fact that this app revolutionized music streaming in general.

Check out the app on the Play Store!

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17. SoundCloud

Soundcloud app logo

Every musician out there knows about Soundcloud; it’s one of the most popular apps out there that budding musicians use.

Soundcloud is similar to Social Media apps in the sense that it lets you interact with people, you can like, share, and message artists that you like. Even me and my friends use it from time to time.

Best Android Apps for Musicians - Soundcloud
Get your music heard with Soundcloud!

Soundcloud is an app dedicated to amateur musicians. You can upload your tracks and let other people hear your music. While there are a lot of music streaming apps you can opt to use, Sound Cloud is an excellent place to start if you’re new, especially if you intend to upload your music.

Soundcloud User-Interface
Interact with your listeners

You can easily interact with your listeners in the comments section of each of your uploaded tracks, and you can also check out other people’s music. Soundcloud used to be the best Android app for musicians who wanted to get their music heard easily. It still is, but it’s not as great as before in terms of getting your music heard.

Check out Soundcloud on the Play Store!

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18. Youtube Music

Youtube Music App Logo

Youtube Music was released relatively recently, and although Youtube has always been a go-to for music and video streaming, now they’ve made a dedicated Music App for their users.

Youtube Music Interface (Android App)
Play your playlists on-the-go

With the Youtube Music app, you can watch live performances of your favorite artists, listen to your favorite albums, and listen to user-uploaded content.

Much like Spotify, Youtube Music also keeps tabs on your preferences for music suggestions and recommendations.

Youtube Music App Interface
Youtube recommends music based on your preference

The ad-free version features offline listening, ad-free listening, and an active application even with the screen off. (Youtube is notorious for not including the function in the Youtube app)

Check out the app on the Play Store!

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Build your studio at home!

Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 (3rd Gen)

Use your Android Phone on your workstation with the Focusrite 4i4
The Focusrite 4i4 Interface

The Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 is a great interface if you’re starting out as a musician. Even professional musicians have lauded the Focusrite brand as a great starting interface. I personally use the predecessor of the 4i4 and it still works fine up until this day.

With the Focusrite 4i4, you can connect your instruments to the interface and plug it into your DAW. You can add various effects to your instruments in real-time, and you can monitor your work while playing your instruments.

The Focusrite 4i4
Plugin your instruments to your PC with the Focusrite 4i4

If you’re trying to build a home studio to record tracks and samples with all your instruments, then this is the right device for you.

Check out the Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 on Amazon!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an app that can convert my voice audio into text?

Yes, Evernote for Android has this feature and uses Google Android’s text service for transcription. The app is free, although it doesn’t have any offline access.

Is Google Play Music free to use?

Yes, Google made its music streaming service free to use in mid-2015. It also has a windows version for desktop users.

Is there a GarageBand app on the Play Store?

No, GarageBand isn’t offered on Android devices. But, there are many alternatives, such as Band Lab and FL Studio, for your Android phones.

Wrapping Up

The apps mentioned above are guaranteed to be useful for any musician with an Android phone. Amateurs and professionals alike can all use these apps to their benefit.

Most of the apps can be downloaded for free, although others will require you to shell out a few bucks before you can unlock all the features, and a few require you to purchase them.

However, with the comfort of having all these functions and features in your pocket, it’s sure to be a good value for your hard-earned money, especially if it helps you achieve what you want to achieve.

I’ve personally used most of the apps on this list, and I’m still using a few of them to this day. Which ones do you use, and which ones have helped you more than you’ve expected them to?

Did I help you find the best Android app for musicians out there? Tell me what you think in the comments section below!.

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