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Best Android Apps for Singers: Train Your Vocals

Best Android Apps for Singers: Train Your Vocals | Joy of Android
Best Android Apps for Singers: Train Your Vocals

There is no limit to what kind of apps you can get when it comes to Android. Daily tasks and processes, apps for work, games, and even apps for entertainment and your hobbies – Android’s got it all.

Are a singer wanting to improve your voice and just have fun singing?There are tons of Android apps that can help you. There are karaoke and sing-along apps as well as recording apps to take your singing to the next level.

singing karaoke
Improve your voice and have fun singing with this great Android apps for singers.

To help you sort through them all, I’ve listed out 10 apps that you can install on your Android device to train your voice and just have fun singing. Some of these apps are free to install, so you can try them out without an investment. Some of these are paid apps, but I’m sure that you’ll find them to be worth it.

Now enough talk, let’s start singing!

1. WeSing by Tencent Music

WeSing Karaoke App
WeSing Karaoke App

All of us may have had dreams of becoming a pop superstar. Well, your dreams of singing with the best of them may have just gotten closer. At the very least, you will have a song ready and within your reach every time you feel like belting out a melody, thanks to the WeSing app by Tencent.

WeSing boasts of millions of songs, but I didn’t count confirm the exact number. I do have other posts to write after all! The app definitely does have a wide and diverse selection of songs though.

Once you log on to the app, you can access the entire song database and start singing along! Filter your search by artist, song title, or even language so that it’s easier to find the song you want.

WeSing Karaoke App
WeSing Karaoke App

WeSing also has a number of additional features that will complement your singing hobby. Apart from being able to sing anytime, anywhere, you can also record your singing sessions. You can apply various vocal effects to your recordings, and post them on social media for all to hear. You can even sing a duet with your friends.

WeSing is not available for users in the United States, but you can check out our guide on how to change your country in the Google Play Store for advice on how to get around that problem.

2. Smule

Smule Karaoke App
Smule Karaoke App

Taking on Tencent on this karaoke app turf might be difficult, but Smule is certainly giving WeSing a run for their money. Smule is the other popular karaoke app on Google Play, and it gives you the ability to sing your favorite song any time you want.

Smule is particularly proud about their song database, which features songs from current hitmakers like Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, Jason Derulo, Train, Nick Jonas, Charlie Puth, James Arthur, and Jessie J among others. You’ll definitely get your fill of the current hit songs with this app.

Smule Karaoke App
Smule Karaoke App

Smule also has a good number of features that you may enjoy – including recording music videos of the songs you sing. Sing alone, or sing a duet, take a video recording, apply some filters and then post it on social platforms for all to see!

3. Sing Harmonies by Zanna Discs

Sing Harmonies
Sing Harmonies

One big aspect of singing and vocals is the ability to sing harmony with another singer. You might not always be the lead vocalist on a song – especially when you sing in a band or a vocal group – and serious singers will always be required to sing harmony at some point in time. Sadly, not all singers know how to do this, so I recommend the Sing Harmonies app.

Sing Harmonies allows singers to practice singing harmony with common and popular songs. There might not be a big database of songs here, but singers will most likely get the idea of how to sing in harmony with another singer upon using this app. Features include a three-part vocal system per song, where you can adjust the volumes of the harmony parts to hear them over the other parts. You can mute the other vocals, or sing along with the main vocal harmony. You can even mute the band music so that all you hear are the vocals.

For $1.99, the Sing Harmonies app will come with three songs that you can practice with 4-part vocal arrangements – these include “Lean On Me”, “Teach Your Children”, and “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.” If you’ve finished practicing through these songs, there are 38 other songs that you can get through in-app purchase.


4. Shazam

shazam use android

Ever found yourself listening to a particular song on the radio or over a restaurant’s sound system that you can’t quite remember the title of? Or that time when you hear a new song at some place or other and you immediately love it, but you don’t know the title and artist of the song? Well, the Shazam app is here to solve those particular problems.

Singers are constantly looking for new songs to sing, and there are times when you hear a new song and are just not quick enough to Google the lyrics of the said song. More’s the pity if you’re the type of person who remembers melodies but are bad at song titles and artists.

The solution is to whip out your Android device and have the Shazam app “listen” to the song. You’ll get the song details in seconds (usually), and all the related information.


The Shazam app results include lyrics, related video clips, and even streaming sources where you can get/buy the track you’re listening to. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

5. The Metronome by Soundbrenner

soundbrenner metronome android
The Metronome by Soundbrenner

Being both a singer and a musician is hard work, and it requires you to master, among other things, tempo and timing. This is where an Android metronome is essential for a singer.

A metronome is a musical tool that helps a musician keep proper time. There are singers who might need help in keeping time, so an app like The Metronome by Soundbrenner is a huge help. The app provides an audible click timer so you can check your tempo and timing when practicing or recording any given song.

The Metronome by Soundbrenner
The Metronome by Soundbrenner

The Metronome app has an easy-to-use interface, and the learning curve is surely not so steep to learn how to use the app. You can also change time signatures so that you won’t get lost in non-standard song timings which are growing in popularity these days.

6. Tempo by Frozen Ape

tempo frozen ape
Tempo by Frozen Ape

If you need a premier metronome app for practice and recording your tracks, Tempo by Frozen Ape provides what you need, plus a number of premium features that you wouldn’t normally find in a free metronome app.

I just discussed why timing and tempo is important for a musician with the last app. While these two things might not necessarily come naturally for all singers, that’s nothing that a good app won’t fix.


The Tempo app was made by Frozen Ape initially for Apple devices, but it has now made its way to Android. There’s a free “lite” version, but I like the paid version for all of its premium features.

Tempo includes 30 different time signatures that a singer or musician can choose from, including weird timings that you almost don’t hear used in music. But when you need to learn a song from a specific time signature, Tempo has got you covered.


I especially like Tempo because you can program songs with different time signatures within a song. You can also program a set list so that a performer will always be reminded of the tempo of any song in a set.

Tempo by Frozen Ape will cost you $1.00 to download, but for a serious singer or musician, this is the best dollar you can spend. Check it out in the Google Play Store.

7. MusiXmatch

MusiXmatch Lyrics App

The bane of any singer is when you forget the lyrics to a song. Heaven forbid that it happens to you in the middle of performing a song, or accommodating a song request from your loving fans. MusiXmatch is probably the most convenient way to search for lyrics on your Android device. Best of all, this app is free to download and use.

MusiXmatch boasts of having the “world’s largest collection of song lyrics.” Again, I can’t really confirm this claim, but over 50 million installs of this app means they’re giving Android users something good to use.

musixmatch lyrics app
MusiXmatch Lyrics App

The great thing about MusiXmatch is that it seamlessly integrates with the popular streaming music services, including Spotify, Youtube, Pandora, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Google Play Music among others. If you’re using any of these apps for music, MusiXmatch can display the lyrics of the song you’re playing in a jiffy. You can also search for lyrics within the app by typing the song title, artist, or even just part of the song lyrics, which is pretty cool.

Download MusiXmatch for free from the Google Play Store.

8. Timbre by Xeus

Timbre by Xeus

If you have a good voice, you might want to record yourself singing your best tunes. You might even create music videos and uploading them to social media platforms for your friends to appreciate. This is where Timbre comes in.

timbre convert app
Timbre by Xeus

Timbre is a constant Editor’s Choice in the Google Play Store because it helps you do a lot of things with audio and video files. You can convert files, cut and join audio and video files, and basically manipulate your media files to your heart’s content – all of this while being absolutely free to download and use.

You can convert your audio files from MP3 to M4A, or OGG to FLAC lossless audio. You can also convert MP4 video to audio files, or MP4 video to other video formats such as AVI or MKV. This is great for singers who like to upload their files to social media.

Timbre by Xeus

You can cut audio and video files, and join them together with other files – all on your Android device. The best thing about Timbre is that it is absolutely free to use. There might be a few ads here and there, but the app is so useful that you won’t even mind those.

Download the Timbre app for free from the Google Play Store.

9. RecForge II Audio Recorder

recforge app use
RecForge II Audio Recorder

There are a number of apps that allow you to record your voice, but very few will come close to what RecForge II can do on your Android device. This is the epitome of a very helpful audio recording tool that will be a big boon to singers and songwriters.

If you need to record a song – or even just your voice on the go – you will do well to use RecForge II.

RecForge II Audio Recorder

The app records audio with a lot of options – you can choose the codec to use, select sample rate and bitrate to match what your Android device can store, and even choose to record in mono or stereo.

RecForge II also allows you to use an external microphone, if you can connect one to your Android device. The app has a handy manual gain adjustment control, and it also has the “skip silences” feature to save on storage space.

RecForge II Audio Recorder
RecForge II Audio Recorder

The RecForge II app is available as a free download from the Google Play Store.

10. Walk Band Multitrack Recorder

walkband app use
Walk Band Multitrack Recorder

Our last featured app is probably the one with the steepest learning curve, but it’s great for experienced musicians and singers. If you want to create your own music on your Android device, the Walk Band Multitrack Recorder is for you.

The Walk Band app is a virtual Swiss Army knife for creating music on your Android device. You can use it to record multiple instruments, then use the app’s multitrack recording to put all these elements together – including your voice!


You can also download plugins for more instrument, like cello, flute, soprano sax, violin, trumpet, and more.

If you like creating music on the go, download the Walk Band app from the Google Play Store.

Final Thoughts

Reading all these app recommendations, you’re probably a little overwhelmed by the number of choices you have as a singer who wants to use your Android device to get better. Don’t worry though, you can take it slow and steady. Just use these apps to help you at the level you are at right now.

If you just want to sing, give those karaoke apps a try. If you are a serious performer, an amateur musician, or a composer, those recording apps above will help you a lot.

Tell us in the comments which apps you tried and what your usage experiences are with them and help out other singers. Please ask any questions that you have as well, then share this post with any other singers and musicians you know to help them out as well!

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  1. I’m not much of a singer, but I love the Tempo app for when I’m practicing guitar. Saved me the trouble of having to run out and buy an actual metronome, plus it does about a zillion other things that a real metronome doesn’t do.

  2. Something you failed to mention in any one of your app reviews is the ability of these apps to alter key. Any song you want to sing is useless if it’s in the key of B and your vocal ability is mostly the key of D. Of course, those of you with a five-octave range wouldn’t know.

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