The 5 Best Android Apps for Used Stuff

We all buy things on a whim that we definitely don’t need and end up with a store full of once used junk. Thankfully, there are some great Android apps for used stuff that help you clean out your room and make room for more stuff you can cram in. The best part? You can purchase more stuff from these very apps at low prices. Now, you can just as easily get more stuff to cram in your store room without any fuss!

All jokes about hoarding fluffy teddy bears aside, these Android apps for used stuff are a gold mine for inexpensive goods. I’m pretty sure single people, especially students will love to get their hands on some cheap furnishings for their new apartment. Now that the formalities have ended, let’s get on with the best Android apps for used stuff list.

Note: The apps were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. I was only able to test the user experience on these apps and they all were very user-friendly and easy on the eyes. All of the apps need an active internet connection to work properly.

1. Letgo: Buy & Sell Used Stuff

This app is one of the most appropriate names I’ve seen this year. Letting go of stuff is usually hard, especially if you have some kind of emotional attachment to them. But we all know that the large piano taking up half of the dining room has to go as you don’t have time to play it anymore.

This is where a good Android app for used stuff comes in. Letgo has a fairly standard user experience that allows you to quickly post your stuff on the app and get good results in a very little amount of time. One of the best things about this app is that you’ll be able to chat instantly with buyers and sellers, this allows you to negotiate the prices a bit better.

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2. 5miles: Local Buy & Sell Stuff

5miles is a fairly standard buying and selling app for Android. It is a great way to discover new classifieds in your vicinity and the unique thing is, all of them are within 5 miles. This may be a great benefit for a lot of people but for those who live in remote towns, the app might be completely useless.

If you live in a Metropolitan area, you’ll have a ton of products available to purchase as well as many potential buyers for your used stuff. All you need to do is simply snap a photo and offer your terms and the description, and that will be it.

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3. VarageSale: Buy. Sell. Local.

You may have heard of garage sales and how useful they are in finding priceless stuff that is going on the cheap. This is a similar concept just with the virtual touch, hence it is called varage instead of you know the standard garage sale.

The app has a very pleasant looking interface and loads up really fast considering it has to load multiple photos of products. I had a good time navigating through this app and found a lot of intriguing stuff on sale.

Posting your own ad is also quite simple, snap a few photos, add a description and the title and you’re done. I would highly recommend this app for those who are seeking products that are local, so you can easily drive up to the seller and check out the thing yourself.

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4. OfferUp – Buy. Sell. Offer Up

This is one of the most popular Android apps for used stuff available on the Google Play Store. However, I feel the developer is not as keen on stomping out scammers and spammers on their app. The interface is beautifully designed and shows a lot of great used products on the front page.

Simply window-shopping is a pleasure on this app and you can have a great time scanning through cheap deals. This is exactly why I was highly disappointed in seeing multiple scammers hiding on the app. I’m pretty sure that a lot of new users will fall prey to these scammers and the developer has to take ample steps to rectify that.

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5. eBay

No app list about used stuff is complete without the King of used stuff; eBay. If you have been around the Internet for the past decade, you’ll know what this website/app is all about. You can easily buy and sell your product whether new or used here.

The interface is professionally designed and allows you to navigate multiple ads in a very short amount of time. As this app is quite popular, you have an easy time finding even the most obscure things you may need.

Want a Powerpuff Girls clock? You can get it from here (it was for a friend). That’s not all, you can easily find cars, clothing and furniture at bargain prices.

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These were some of the best Android apps for used stuff that you can use to quickly shift your old furniture. I was this close on including Craigslist here as well but that app has gone a little down the hill for the past couple of years, so I kept it out of this list.

So what do you think about these apps, more importantly, how keen are you on purchasing used stuff from others? I have some nightmare stories about a pair of sofas that I bought on the cheap. Tell us your story in the comments below and we’ll share a laugh.

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