Best Android Apps for New Parents

So, you just got yourself a new kid in the house and it is wonderful, hectic but wonderful. You have a new baby on the way, either way you’ll be needing some help from your trusty Android sidekick. These are some of the best Android apps for new parents that will help alleviate some burden from your shoulders by providing some generally great hints and tips as well as information. Becoming a new parent is no joke; you’ll have to make changes not only to your lifestyle but also your routine and the best Android apps for new parents will surely help in some way.

I’ll be honest with you, I’m neither a new nor an old parent, so I have very limited knowledge about how to be one. I have babysat a lot of kids so, I know how to entertain them, and we even wrote an article about Android tablets for kids and local multiplayer games that are perfect for keeping kids entertained. However, when it comes to the nourishment and growth of the child, I lean towards Android to be my helpful guide. So, I can imagine how being a new parent can be a daunting task, it scares me as well, but with these great Android apps for new parents by your side, the task will be a bit easier.

Note: The best Android apps for new parents were tested on a Sony Xperia Z smartphones. The apps ran fine and no problems were faced during the testing. Some apps may need an active Internet connection to properly display content, it’s not mandatory but can be useful. Due to the difference in nature of the apps, they are not in any particular order.

1. Ovia Baby Development Tracker

They say you become a parent as soon as you conceive the baby and it is especially true for the mother. The amount of work she has put in and how much she has to endure during pregnancy certainly qualifies as being a parent. Ovia Baby Development Tracker is one of the best child development tracking app that gives a simple way to learn about their child’s development. With this app you also have a timeline to look at for important memories. The app provides you daily updates about your children as they grow, and with the help of 1000+ parenting and child development articles, there will be no shortage of information. The dynamic timeline with content also provides you with tips that you can practically use. There is also a thriving community of parents on this app and you can easily ask them questions and get answers almost instantly.

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2. WebMD Baby

WebMD Baby has been downloaded by over 1.7 million parents and there is a good reason behind that. The app has a beautifully clean interface that allows you to track your baby’s development. You also get physician approved and trusted advice in this app. There are 5 comprehensive tools that will help you in tracking the most important needs and keep you on schedule. From recording and reviewing all your feeding and nursing sessions to tracking sleep with the dedicated tool, you will be able to utilize a lot of these tools in your day-to-day proceedings. There is also a baby book to capture your child’s memories and even share them with others. There is even a diaper tracker that helps you keep track of each diaper change, I think it’s a useless feature because the smell will alert you well before an app can.

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3. Babygogo Parenting & Baby Tips

This is a rather new app on the block but it offers a standard and familiar interface to look at, good interactions between users as well as some awesome parenting and baby tips. If you’re a new parent who is facing troubles with the baby and are seeking trusted advice as well as guidance, then this is the app made just for you. During the early days of parenting, the baby’s health as well as vaccinations are quite important. So, if you have any kind of confusion about the baby’s health and how you can vaccinate them, this app will provide easy to understand essential information. You’ll also be able to keep track of nutrition requirements by checking out baby food recipes. It is one of the best baby encyclopedia to help you in the earlier stages of your baby’s life. This baby care app also allows you to ask questions for free on almost every aspect of your baby’s life, from maternity to Mother care, and from pregnancy to vaccinations there are answers for everything.

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4. Pregnancy Tracker & Baby App

The app says more than 400 million expecting parents have selected this brand to track pregnancy. I find it doubtful but the app is certainly one of the best Android apps for new parents around. The interface is clean, the app presents information in a tightly packed package. To get started with the app you need to enter the baby’s due date, if you are not aware of it, there is even a handy due date calculator to find it. The app tracks the pregnancy really well with expert fetal development articles and videos. You can also explore a daily pregnancy news feed with nutrition and food ideas to keep yourself and your baby healthy. From baby name finder to pregnancy calendar and from photo diary to contraction timer, everything you need is included in this app.

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5. Babylog – daily/growth tracker

If you want to track the growth of your kid, then Babylog is the best way to document that. This app supports records of almost everything. Diaper changes, breast feeding, sleep, play time, solid food, bottle feeding anything you can think of, this app can track for you. You can even make your own record types to keep track of. The app also provides a daily summary that makes it easier to compare data from previous weeks. Do you thrive on positive statistics? This app can give you a great look at the overall statistics. The interface is easy to navigate around and entering data is fairly simple.

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These were a few great Android apps for new parents that will surly help you be the super mom/dad you always knew you were. How does it feel to be responsible for another whole person who cannot do anything without you?

Give us your thoughts in the comments below and also share how these apps helped you in your day to day nappy-changing affairs.   

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