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6 Best Android Apps to Help You Paint Your Home

Painting your house is always exciting, but deciding on the details can sometimes be hard. But don’t worry, there’s an app for that! Apps that help you paint your home can aid you with this. The paint and color you choose to make a big difference in the overall mood of your house. Fortunately for you, we’ve made a list of the best Android apps to paint your home. These apps will assist you in the decision-making process and help you get that perfect homely feeling that we all love.

Best Android Apps to Help You Paint Your Home

These are our top picks for the best android apps to help you paint your home

  1. ColorSnap® Visualizer by Sherwin-Williams – Free
  2. ColorSmmart by BEHR® Mobile – Free
  3. House Harmony – Free
  4. Homestyler – Interior Design & Decoration Ideas – Free
  5. House Painter – Free Demo and Paid Subscription
  6. Room Painting Ideas – Free

Note: Any app that involves camerawork needs to have ample light in order to capture the most detail – if you use them in low light, the apps might not be able to recognize color and give optimal results. Also, you might need Internet connectivity to expand the features available on the apps, but it is not necessary for basic usability.

The apps presented aren’t necessarily in any order. So let’s see what this is all about!

1. ColorSnap® Visualizer by Sherwin-Williams – Free

Colorsnap logo

This app lets you upload a photo or take a new one to find what colors match. It lets you try out colors from leading paint brands and it even makes available a selection of floors from Shaw Floors. What is cool about this app is that it preserves lighting and shadows, so that you can see how the product will actually look in your house.


  • Try colors from leading paint brands
  • Selection of floors
  • Preserving lighting and shadows
  • Share and compare ideas
Google Play

The cool thing about this app is that it lets you use augmented reality to see how the paint would look in your space. Additionally, you can locate stores near you where you can buy the exact paint you’ve liked in the app!

2. ColorSmmart by BEHR® Mobile – Free

Colorsmart logo
Color Smart App Logo

With this one, you can access colors by scanning a barcode on the back of a BEHR color brochure. As with the other apps, you can either upload or take a picture to try on different kinds of paints. you can also save your favorite paints to use them later.


  • 2500 BEHR paints collection
  • Color Match
  • Store Locator
Google Play

However, you should know that these paints are only available in the US and Canada. Also, the developers admit tracking certain data associated with the use of the app, in order to improve customers’ use of the app.

3. House Harmony – Free

home harmony logo
House Harmony App Logo

This app gets pretty close to a Snapchat for walls. You can upload a picture or choose a live preview, and try different types of paint on an area you choose. While the preview is not perfect, you can still get a pretty good idea of what it would look like.


  • Try out colors
  • Visualize floors
  • Share and compare ideas

What is really nice about this app is that you have the option to order the paints through Amazon Prime and have them delivered to you without breaking a sweat! However, if you want to see them for yourself, it also shows you where the nearest stores with the paints you want are located.

Google Play

4. Homestyler – Interior Design & Decoration Ideas – Free

Homestyler logo
Homestyler App Logo

This one is more about decorating the walls than about the paint color, but if you have already thought of a color scheme, the app will still come in handy. Snap a picture of your room to create your own 3-D space, which you can populate with a variety of new items and ideas. And the best part is that all the products features are real products that you can buy.

Explore options


  • 3D Models of real furniture
  • Realistic models
  • Hang light fixtures from your ceiling

Homestyler is a great visualization tool that allows you to go beyond just wall colors and virtually redecorate your home. Just make sure your room is well lit in order to get the best results.

Google Play

5. House Painter – Free Demo and Paid Subscription

House Painter logo
House Painter App Logo

This a very simple and straightforward app, almost to a fault. Basically, Home Painter allows you to paint a translucent layer of paint color over a picture of our home – and that’s about it. Because this process doesn’t tax your device, Home Painter is a quick and efficient app to run.


  • Assisted Painting
  • Realistic looking paint
  • One-touch painting

The free version of this app is just a demo, so if you want to use it for a longer time or have more features you should buy the paid one.

Google Play

6. Room Painting Ideas – Free

Room Painting Ideas
Room Painting Ideas

Just like the name suggests,  Room Painting Ideas is about getting inspiration rather than visualizing paint colors in your particular home. In short, the app simply aggregates tons and tons of pictures and allows you to conveniently browse them.


  • Hundreds for pictures with ideas
  • Useful articles
  • Save and share images

This app might not seem much, but it does include truly beautiful rooms. It’s best for early in the painting process, when you aren’t sure in which direction you want to go. Of course, a similar effect can be achieved by a simple Google or Pinterest search, but this app weeds out non-related results.

Google Play

However, while these apps are great, sometimes you’re in a place and you just really like one color. For this, we recommend Datacolor, a device that identifies any color, anywhere. With the help of the app, it will display the brand, color name, and number across multiple color collections.


What People Ask

What is the best app for painting my home?

Even though every app has its pros and cons, if we had to pick, we’d go with Homestyler, because it also lets you try on furniture that you can buy if you like how it looks in the room.

Can I order the paint through the app?

Depends on the app. With some paint my home apps, you can order the paint you like through Amazon Prime or Home Depot, is that option is available. However, some apps will only help you see where is the nearest store where you can go and buy the paint.

How do I decide what color to paint my home?

We suggest you try an app like Room Painting Ideas, to see some pictures of well-decorated rooms, and then try out any of the above apps for painting your home on Android to see how your ideas will look like.

Paint My Home Apps – Redecorating made easier

These were the best Android apps to paint your house. Whether you’re only looking for ideas, browsing around different paint colors or want to completely renovate your home, we’re sure that you’ll find what you’re looking for within our list!

So what app did you try? Let us know what you think in the comments down below. Happy painting!

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  1. Hi Teo, I’m impressed; you listed the best Android Apps to assist us in painting our home correctly. I’ve been a painter for quite some time, and I’ve used the Room Painting Ideas app. Thanks.

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