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Best Android Apps to Quit Smoking

We all know smoking is hazardous to health, but this article won’t be stressing that because, if you are here, you already want to quit. The best Android apps to quit smoking are going to help you through the process of leaving this highly dangerous habit behind and starting a healthy lifestyle. Sure, depending on the duration you’ve been addicted to smoking, the best Android apps to quit smoking may take a little while or not be as effective.

There are several ways to quit smoking and one of the best ways is to make a conscious decision to stop it. If you’re not doing it for yourself, it will be hard to quit or relapse into the same habits again. The best Android apps to stop smoking are just one tool to help you stay motivated about your decision to commit to a healthier lifestyle.

Note: The best Android apps to quit smoking were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. Apps worked fine and no problems were faced during the testing. As I am not a smoker myself, I was not able to test the potency of the methods used in these apps. However, research indicates that these apps are great way to stop smoking. Some of the apps may require an Internet connection for some features.

1. Smoke Free, stop smoking now and quit for good

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Smoke Free is one of the best motivation apps for those who are seeking to quit smoking for good. They say money is the best motivator and it is true when it comes to quitting smoking as well; this app shows you how much money you saved since you have quit smoking. Smoking is not a cheap habit and it can rack up the dollars rapidly if you start smoking packs upon packs daily.

Smoke Free details how long you have been smoking free, the money that you saved from not smoking, how your health is improving day by day, and the number of cigarettes you have not smoked. The app also allows you to share your success with your friends and family. There is also a diary in Smoke Free to jot down your symptoms and cravings.

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2. Stop Smoking – EasyQuit free

Stop Smoking - EasyQuit free icon

While the design of Stop Smoking is not as impressive as other apps on the list, the service it provides is right on par. The app allows you to see your pockets grow and visualize how much money you saved by not smoking any cigarettes.

If you’re having an urge to smoke, Stop Smoking comes with an engaging memory game that will help you ignore and resist the urge until it passes. The app also comes with a Stop Smoking Slowly Mode, which helps you stop smoking gradually, if stopping cold turkey isn’t your thing.

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3. Quit Genius ? Best way to quit smoking for good

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Quit Tracker has one of the most pleasant interfaces in the best Android apps to quit smoking list. If you are trying to quit smoking and want to increase your motivation, Quit Tracker helps you in visualizing how much money you will be saving if you quit. You can also check out how much money you spent on this dangerous habit and how you have potentially damaged your health.

Thankfully, the damage is not always permanent and can be repaired if you take the healthy route. Especially, if you start using Android apps for exercise or for running to increase lung capacity. Quit Tracker is a beautiful looking app that will keep you motivated throughout the quitting process.

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4. Quit Smoking

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Quit Genius is one of the, if not the only, app to come with behavioral therapy that is personalized for you. This is a scientifically proven method to help you quit smoking and for good. The therapy is introduced in small doses which consist of audio sessions, interactive exercises, mindfulness sessions, and animated video clips. This is a highly engaging method that will help you quit smoking in no time at all.

Quit Genius is also built by psychologists, doctors, and world leading experts on the subject of nicotine dependency and smoking. A lot of users specifically praise the audio sessions that simplify the process of quitting this harmful habit.

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5. Quit Tracker: Stop Smoking

Quit Tracker Stop Smoking icon

If you’re looking for a simple app that tells you the basic statistics and benefits of quitting smoking, Quit Smoking is the app for you. The interface is very bare-bones and allows you to check out the stats that means the most to you, like the day you stopped smoking, the days you have gone completely without smoking, the number of cigarettes you have not smoked less then, the time you saved, and most importantly, the amount of money you have saved by avoiding smoking. There are no unnecessary photos, information, or pictures in this app. It is a very straightforward affair.

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Last Hit

These were some of the best Android apps to quit smoking and I really hope that you ditch this bad habit and move on to some healthier ones. There are a lot of different hobbies that you can take up. Puzzle games are a great way to curb the urges, and nutrition apps can nudge you towards a healthier lifestyle. We at Joy of Android wish you best of luck in this endeavor and hope you’ll succeed.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop a comment below.

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