Android Apps to Keep Your Body Fit

19 Android Apps to Keep Your Body Fit

Android Apps to Keep Your Body Fit

Keeping your body healthy day in and day out is extremely difficult. It’s hard enough to remember how much water to drink per day, but keeping your whole body fit is an entirely different level. It’s important to have an arsenal of apps to serve as reminders for your body’s daily needs.

I’ve prepared a list of apps and tips that will make sure the only barrier between you and staying healthy is your mobile data speed. If you want to change your lifestyle around to be a healthier you, then Android is the platform that has everything you need.

Apps to Help You Stay Hydrated

There is nothing more important to your body’s wellbeing than water. Considering we’re 60% water, it’s clear that we need to take our hydration into account at all times. I won’t spend a lot of time with this section, considering we’ve already covered five of the best hydration reminder apps.

I’ll briefly touch on those water apps below, but if you want the full story, and how they compare against each other, you’ll need to read our full rundown.

1. Hydro Coach


Next on the docket is Hydro Coach, which unlike the previous app, has an emphasis on its user interface. Hydro Coach has plenty of customization options to change metrics, set goals and benchmarks, syncs with Google Fit, and looks good while doing it.

Hydro Coach’s functionality is about what you would expect from a water reminder app, but its slick interface gives it enough points to earn a recommendation. There’s both a free, and a pro version available, but the free version should suit your needs without cause for an upgrade.


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2. Plant Nanny


Plant Nanny is one of. This app sets itself apart from the rest by gamifying the water reminder process. In Plant Nanny, you grow several cute looking plants with your own water drinking habits. The more you stick to being properly hydrated, the more your plants benefit and grow.

Personally, I love adding game elements to mundane tasks, so an app like Plant Nanny is perfect for me. If you can say you feel the same way, the app is free, and as easy to use as it is to download.

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Apps to Keep You on Your Feet

One way to keep yourself in shape is to use your legs for what they were made for, walking. There’s no need to go out and buy a treadmill, but you should at least invest in a pedometer to track your steps. There are plenty of good pedometer apps available on the Play Store, so let’s look at the best of the best.

We have full coverage on all the apps I’m about to briefly mention, so take a look at our full reviews before you find the right pedometer app for you.

3. Runkeeper


First on the list is Runkeeper, a pedometer that does more than just track the number of steps you take. Runkeeper has different settings for swimming, running, walking, cycling, rowing and even more. It’s a reliable pedometer through and through, and even helps to organize, and provide insight on your running or workout sessions.

If hearing just a few snippets about Runkeeper sounds great, take a look at the full review.

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4. Runtastic Pedometer


runtasticRuntastic is, excuse the play on words, a fantastic pedometer that cuts out most of fluff, and gets straight to what’s important. Despite not having any fluff and just being a solid pedometer, Runtastic has a very pleasing interface. You can start using the app the second you install it without hassle, so give it a try if you’re looking for a simple but stellar pedometer.

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Apps to Help Keep Track of what You Eat and Stick to Your Diet

The most important rule of dieting isn’t to skip out on food, but to carefully consider and review what you eat. There are at least three dieting and fitness apps that are in heavy competition with each other, but there are still more worth mentioning.

5. MyFitnessPal


MyFitnessPal is one of the most well known fitness apps on the Android market. It tracks your weight loss, activity, steps, and anything else to keep you in shape. MyFitnessPal has an additional competitive element for those Android users that like to see how they measure up in their circles.

It’s a fantastic fitness app, and is one of three that you need to consider downloading.

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6. Weight Loss Tracker


Next up is Weight Loss Tracker, which when stacked up against other apps, doesn’t sound as impressive. However, don’t let the simple name fool you, Weight Loss Tracker performs its job admirably. You can customize what to track, and the app’s calculations, so give it a try even if you’re only curious.

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Apps to Watch Over Your Grocery Shopping

While we’re still talking about diets, let’s talk about groceries. Generally, what you buy, ends up being what you eat, unless it spoils before you use it. These apps will help tally what you’re spending, and what you’re taking in on a daily basis.

If these few apps don’t appeal to you, then we’ve covered some more here.

7. Our Groceries Shopping List

Our Groceries manages to track all of your purchasing inputs and create a shopping list you can shave and then share to other devices. The app includes a barcode scanner for convenience’s sake, and a simple but helpful interface to tie it all together. You won’t ever forget your shopping list with this app.


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8. Food Planner

Food Planner functions as a shopping list saver, a recipe book, and a meal planner. While it has plenty of tricks up its sleeves, the interface is confusing to navigate at first. If you’re looking for an app that settles each and every one of your food related needs, this could be your app.


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Apps to Keep a Close Eye on Your Health

We’ve talked about exercising, eating right, and drinking enough water, but how can you tell if all of this is working? You need to make sure to monitor your health just as much as you monitor your diet and exercise.

9. HI – Health and Fitness Tracker


Health and Fitness Tracker is a combination of weight loss, exercise, and pedometer apps. The only downside to a catchall app like this is that a jack of all trades is a master of none. If you want the minimum of each service, HaFT is a fantastic app, and more.

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10. WebMD


I have a love-hate relationship with WebMD, but I can’t deny its usefulness. WebMD is in no way a replacement for a real physician, but will help give you a point of reference for any symptoms you experience. When dealing with your health, you should always exercise caution.

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Apps to Ensure You’re Getting Enough Sleep

Personally, there’s nothing more important than getting enough sleep at night, or during the day in some cases. Your body needs to sleep to function, and your brain needs it to stop you from jumping off the deep end. That’s why I have a few apps to do just that, and even more if these don’t do the trick.

11. SleepBot


This is coming from a person who prefers (key word here, prefers) to get a good ten hours of sleep every day: nothing is more important than sleep. If you need help reaching your optimal sleep cycle, then SleepBot is just the app for you.

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12. Sleep as Android


Sleep as Android analyzes and assists your sleep patterns without needing a second device. If you rest your phone with the app powered on, on top of your mattress while you sleep, you’ll track your sleep cycles. This helps you determine when you get your most sleep during your night, and warns you of changes in your sleep.


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Apps to Help Your Workout Routine

When I hear about losing weight and keeping fit, I usually hear about diet and exercise first. I’ve covered the diet side of the equation, so let’s move on to the workout. I’ve got a few apps in mind, but if those aren’t enough, there are always more on the table.

13. JEFIT Workout


JEFIT helps you keep track of your workout regimens and routines, and shows you picture perfect examples of proper techniques. Your technique is very important while working out, so don’t be afraid to brush up on your form. Additionally, JEFIT tracks your progress, and even has social media capabilities.

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14. 7 Minute Workout


7 Minute Workout is just what it sounds like; the apps gives you a (ideally) seven minute routine to perform every day. It tracks your results each time, and how much time you spend with the app. You might not be able to do the full routine in seven minutes or under every day, but if you want to do a small workout, this app might be for you.

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Apps to Find the Perfect Yoga Routine

Yoga isn’t for everyone, but it has its clear benefits. If you aren’t afraid of finding out how limber you really are, then yoga will help you reach your desired wellness. Finding the best yoga app for everyone’s personal tastes is difficult, but here are a few that may work for you.

15. Daily Yoga – Get Fit & Relaxed


Whether you’re looking to add a small amount of yoga to your routine, or give it a try for the first time, this app is for you. Daily Yoga has instruction videos, pictures, and text to help guide you through quick and short routines. The app keeps track of your progress, and even has social media interaction if you opt into it.

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16. Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere


Down Dog prides itself on its studio-like yoga experience from anywhere. Whether you’re at home, at a gym, or anywhere else, Down Dog has plenty of yoga instruction for you to practice. This app doesn’t have much of a userbase yet, but is highly popular among its current users.

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Apps to Break Bad Habits and Continue Good Ones

Humans are creatures of habit, for better or worse. We form bad and good habits all the time, and the key to being healthy is it minimize one side and maximise the other. This can include tracking habits, and getting positive reinforcement throughout your day.

17. Habit Streak


If you’re familiar with Jerry Seinfeld’s “Don’t Break the Chain” strategy, that’s what this app strives to create. Habit Streak creates a chain that updates every day as you keep up with your good habits. This creates a loop of positive feedback as you keep your chain going for as long as you can.

When you have a constant reminder to keep up with good habits, it gets harder and harder to drop them.

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18. Goal Tracker & Habit List


This is another app that follows the same “Don’t Break the Chain” strategy, but adds a few extra details. The wa the interface sets up progress calendars, widgets, and notifications is a great addition to the system. However, the added features make the interface more complicated than it needs to be.

If you don’t mind taking the time to setup the app the way you want it, this is a great “Don’t Break the Chain” program.

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Apps and their Wearable Devices to Help Keep You Fit

Sometimes your phone just isn’t enough for your fitness needs. In these cases there are wearable devices like Fitbit, and Jawbone that you can always wear on your person throughout the day. If you use an app in conjunction with the device, you can track all of your fitness and health needs in one convenient place.

19. Fitbit


Fitbit is arguably the most popular, Android compatible, wearable fitness device on the market. Fitbit, in conjunction with the app you can download, is your all in one fitness trainer and buddy. Almost all of the apps I’ve discussed thus far have some version of it as a part of Fitbit.

The only catch to the program is buying and keeping up with the device. There are separate models of the device available, each with different visible and invisible functions.

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Now that you’ve reached the end you have every app you’ll ever need in your arsenal to stay in shape. Remember, as helpful as fitness apps can be, they can’t kick you into gear without motivation on your part. Anyone can stay in shape as long as they have the right tools and frame of mind.

If you still don’t have enough fitness apps in your toolbox, there are even more to choose from and help you stay in shape!

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