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When searching for information through the web, the most used application to do so is a web browser. Web browser application has a huge market in the industry. As a matter of fact, consumers were torn between Google Chrome, FireFox, and Internet Browser back then. However, things have changed and there are a lot of different browsers to choose from today.

When it comes to Android devices, the most dominant browser is Google Chrome. Google created and developed the Android operating system and because of this, Chrome Browser basically comes pre-installed in every Android smartphones or tablet.df

Android Browsers

Google Chrome on Tablet

Despite having Google Chrome pre-installed in every Android device, some still prefer using other browser application. In most cases, some smartphones that run on a customized Android operating system comes with a pre-installed browser app from the brand. The best example of this is Samsung smartphones that comes with the Samsung web browser.

So if you’re looking for the best Android browser that fits your preference or needs, then look no further as we list down the best browsers for Android devices in every category.

Fastest Android Browser

With millions of apps that are available on the Google Play store, there are about almost a hundred different web browser application available.

Fastest Android Browser App

We selected those that are the most downloaded ones and compared them to see which among them is the fastest browser for Android.

Every selected browser apps have gone through a number of different benchmarking test to verify the fastest browser for Android. You wouldn’t believe which among them reign supreme.

The benchmark test we conducted includes various scripting test, image rendering test, and advance Javascript test. Each benchmark has pushed each browser to its limits. Our benchmark includes 4 different programs and each can be done through the browser.

If you want to know the fastest Android browser, then better read our benchmark result.

Do keep in mind that our result is based on which app had the best performance on each benchmark.

If this doesn’t tickle your interest, then you might want to learn more about the best lightweight browser for Android below.

Best Lightweight Browser

Via Browser
The Lightest Browser for Android

Now it’s an undeniable fact that not every Android device is capable enough under the hood. Some Android smartphone/tablet are powerful enough to handle anything you throw at it like games, demanding browser apps, and more. Others, on the other hand, can do to but will not give you a pleasant experience.

In most cases, low-end Android phones that are really cheap are the ones that tend to crash when doing simple web surfing.

If you’re one of those people suffering from this issue, then we highly recommend switching to a lightweight or LITE version of Android web browser apps. You pick and even try different browser apps from our list of the best lightweight browser app for Android.

Alternatively, here is the most downloaded browser app for Android that uses less RAM than most.

Best Android Browser for Downloading

If device performance is not a concern and you simply want a browser that gives the best downloading experience then look no further. You can check our recommended apps on our best Android browsers for downloading.

Downloading Videos on Browser

In our experience, the best ones are those that can pause and continue downloading by itself when the connection is not stable or when changing the connection from cellular data to Wi-Fi. There are many choices available in the Google Play store but in most cases, it will always come down to personal preference.

Best Privacy Browser App for Android (VPN)

Before Android came to exist, the world as we know it has always been in constant danger in the world wide web.

VPN for Android Browser Apps

In most cases, the answer to the danger of the web is by having security software that protects your computer as you surf the web or by means of Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPN provides one of the most secure ways to browse the internet by hiding your IP address and eliminating any possible causes to track your location and information.

So if having the best privacy browser apps for Android is what you looking for, then better read more about it. Alternatively, if you don’t want to install any apps for private browsing, you can do manually secure your device by clearing the history of your Android browser.

Generally, privacy in a browser basically eliminates any data and traces from the websites that you visited. However, this doesn’t hide your location. You are very vulnerable during the times that you are browsing. If you wish to eliminate this danger, then we highly recommend having the best Android browsers with VPN to surf the net.

Best Android Browser for Surfing the Web

If you want an Android browser that can give you a new way to surf the web and simply bring a unique browsing experience, then we strongly recommend checking out the following:

Unique Way to Surf the Web

There are many browser apps available on the Google Play store and each one offers a unique way to surf the web. Giving different surfing experience to every user. One particular app that we would like to mention is the Dolphin Browser app. If you used this app before, then you’re probably one of those that question the Tunnybrowser Folder.

Tunnybrowser Folder on Android

The Tunnybrowser Folder is basically the other name of Dolphin Browser. To learn more about this folder, simply click here.


Why Android Browser Apps Reload Pages?

There is much possible cause that forces the browser app to refresh or reload the pages when you switch to it after switching out. The most common reason is the low memory space on RAM. To learn more about this, simply click the title link.

Why Android Browser Keeps Crashing?

There are different possible reasons why an Android browser would crash. Most common of them are having low internal memory storage and low RAM space. Click the title link to learn more.

How to Stop Pop-Up Ads on Android?

One of the fastest ways to stop Pop-Up ads is by installing security software like Malwarebytes. Other than that, click the title link to learn more.

Got Any Android Browser Related Questions?

There are about a hundred different Android browser apps available on the Google Play store. Some of them may be similar to one another while the majority of them will bring different engaging experience as you browse the internet. Surely, one of them will be great in some situations while others are preferred in different cases. Ultimately, do not hesitate to hit us up in the comment section below if you have any related questions, comments, or even suggestions.

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