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4 Best Android Do Not Disturb Apps in 2022

Ever been through a situation where your Android phone disturbed you while in an important event? We sure did. Those were the times we wished the built-in “Do Not Disturb” function of our Android phones had something more to offer. More than just silent our phones.

So, if whether you’ve been through that situation or simply looking for a more flexible “Do Not Disturb” function for your phone, then this article is for you.

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We listed down the best and most popular third-party Android do not disturb Apps. Apps that you can easily download on Google Play store. These apps are simple yet feature more option than the built-in “Do Not Disturb” function on any Android phone. So, without further ado…

4 of the Best Android “Do Not Disturb” App on Google Play Store

Typically, the “Do Not Disturb” function simply silences our phone. However, some of us would want convenience and more functionality out of it. Unfortunately, Google seems to ignore our call for more functionality for this feature. Functionalities such as block calls, turn off connectivity functions, set up a various “Do Not Disturb” profile for different occasions, and more.

A man in suit holding and checking his Android phone
Toggling “Do Not Disturb” Before the Meeting Starts-Android Do Not Disturb Apps

Fortunately, certain Android app developers heeded our call and released various “Do Not Disturb” app on Google Play store. These apps feature functionality that most of us will find convenient and must have for our everyday lives.

1. Nights Keeper (do not disturb)

If you are looking for a simple “Do Not Disturb” kind of app, then the “Nights Keeper (do not disturb)” app might just be the one you are looking for.

With over 500K downloads, it’s probably one of the most popular “Do Not Disturb” third-party app for Android. It can block all calls except for the ones coming from your whitelisted contacts.

Night Keepers App Widget
Night Keepers One Tap Activate Widget-Android Do Not Disturb Apps

Furthermore, you can also create and configure several profiles for different week, days, and time. This app also allows you to easily activate a preset of “Don’t Disturb” profile via the home screen widget.

This makes the app ideal for emergency events. You can also set this app to send messages to the blocked callers. This is to let them know that everything’s fine.

Lastly, if one of your contacts that are not whitelisted needs to make an urgent call to you, you can let that call push through after several attempts. This feature is called “Emergency Call.

Night Keepers App User Interface
Night Keepers App User Interface-Android Do Not Disturb Apps


  • Power saving option per profile.
  • Setup various profile.
  • Configurable actions after a profile ends.
  • Call recognition.
  • Event log recording.


  • A couple of users report functionality failure for certain devices.
Google Play

2. Game Mode – Block Notifications during Game Play

One of the simplest, probably the simplest of all, “Do Not Disturb” app for Android is the “Game Mode – Block Notifications during Game Play” app.

This app simply adds a simple functionality to your Android phone. What this app does is it adds an extra option on your swipe down menu called “Game Mode”.

Game Mode Do Not Disturb app under swipe down menu
Game Mode Notification

This “Game Mode”, when toggled on, blocks every notification.

Game Mode Do Not Disturb app user interface
Game Mode User Interface-Android Do Not Disturb Apps

Despite being marketed as a gaming intended app, you can use this app for other purposes too. For example, if you’re in a meeting or calling it a day.

By simply switching this app on, it will block all notification without the need of you playing a video game or setting up profiles.


  • Simple.
  • App Size – Around 1MB Only.
  • Doesn’t Require Any Configuration.
  • Free.


  • No Profile.
  • No Configuration for Whitelist, Scheduling, Etc…
Google Play

3. Do Not Disturb – Silent Mode

Another app that we highly recommend is the “Do Not Disturb – Silent Mode” app. This app is yet another simple app but comes with quite an option. You can set profiles to either…

  • block calls or silent all notifications
  • customize a reply message to calls from non-whitelisted contact,
  • set profile scheduling,
  • set each profile to turn off either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, or both.
Do Not Disturb - Silent Mode User Interface Android
Android Do Not Disturb Apps – Silent Mode User Interface

One unique feature of this app is its location detection. If enabled, this feature sets a specific profile to work only within a specific location.

For example, if there’s an active profile and then the app detected that you are not within the area that you set, like home, the profile will still be active but will not block any calls or notification. How cool is that?

Lastly, this app has two versions. It is available in a FREE version or PREMIUM version. The premium version will cost you some money, but it comes with more features that the FREE version doesn’t have. Such as turning the ringer off and automatic call blocker.


  • Functionality and Features
  • Free but has a Premium version if you want more features.


  • Premium version is a bit expensive
Google Play

4. Do Not Disturb

Like the first app we mentioned, this app has also been downloaded more than 500K times. This “Do Not Disturb” app by Cabooze Software also offers similar functions found in the first three (3) app that we mentioned. It features…

  • Scheduling
  • Calendar
  • Day and Night Mode
  • Whitelist Contacts
  • Send Default or Customized SMS to Unanswered Calls
  • Power Saving Options
Do Not Disturb App Free User Interface
Android Do Not Disturb Apps

However, the only difference of this app compared to the first app is that it doesn’t have any profile creation. Furthermore, it also has a free and premium version. The free version already comes with premium functionality but expires after two weeks. You will then need to pay if you want a continuous use of the premium version.

Free and Premium Version
Do Not Disturb Free and Premium Version


  • The free version has premium features.
  • Easy to use.
  • Day mode and Night mode.


  • No profile.
  • Premium features expire after two (2) weeks for the free version.
Google Play

Bonus Tip

If you are looking for a “Do Not Disturb” app for your Android Wear, like an Android Smartwatch, then this app might be the one you’re looking for.

Do Not Disturb Sync for Wear

Android Wear Do Not Disturb on Google play Store
DND Sync for Wear on Google Play Store

With the previous release of Android Wear 2.0 back on 2017, most watches that received this upgrade or are running on this Wear OS version out of the factory has lost the ability to synchronize the Do Not Disturb state between the watch and the phone. With the “Do Not Disturb Sync for Wear” app, it basically brings back that synchronization.

DND Sync for Wear on Android Wear 2.0
DND Sync for Wear on Android Wear 2.0

For this app to work, you will need to install it on both devices, Phone and Android Wear. Once installed, you need to launch the app on both devices. One that’s done, you can now fully enjoy the “Do Not Disturb” toggle button on your Android Wear.

The "Do Not Disturb" Function on Both Devices Android
The “Do Not Disturb” Function on Both Devices

Simply swipe down on the screen of your Android Wear and tap the “Minus” icon. Once done, it will activate the default built-in “Do Not Disturb” function of your phone. Convenient isn’t it?

Google Play

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my Android Phone Compatible with these apps?

To check if your device supports the Android applications listed above, kindly visit their respective Google Play store page. To do that, simply tap on the “Get It On Google Play” found at the end of each App section.
Once you are on the Google Play store page of your selected app, proceed at the very bottom part of the page and check for something that says Requires Android.

Is there a do not disturb for specific apps?

You’ll need to access Settings on Android. Select Sound>Do Not Disturb>Schedules after that. You can select which apps to apply Do Not Disturb to, the days and times it will be active, and create exceptions using the choices on this screen.


Ultimately, the “Do Not Disturb”, also known as “DND”, function on your Android phone is one of those underrated functions that probably majority doesn’t find the need of it.

However, it is an undeniable fact that this function is one of the most important features for some of us, especially for those that have quite a daily schedule to follow.

So regardless of what app you choose from our recommended ones, we surely would want to know if your selected app from our list worked for you. If so, do let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. I have android ver 10. DND on previous version, you could set a time then it would automatically turn off DND, which was great. It no longer does that on my LQ8. Not sure if DND is part of the operating system of installed/modified by the carrier.

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