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10 Best Android Games For Cats – Entertain Your Kitty!

Smartphones are supposed to be for adult use only. This is because to be able to use such a highly-technological device you must have the basic read and write traits, aside from that you must able to understand how such things work to be able to operate it.

Thanks to the continuous development in the field of technology, smart gadgets have become more inclusive. It is now available to babies, blind people, deaf people, and even animals too.

Now, even your pets are considered a primary client when it comes to the demographics of who uses smartphones and tablets. Smart gadgets are now able to entertain not just you but your entire family and that includes our furry pets.

Throughout the years there has been a wide availability of games that your furry pets can enjoy. If you are a cat-person then you are in luck for this article will talk about all the best Android games that your cats will surely love.

1. Cat Fishing 2

cat fishing 2
This fun Android game for your cat is definitely a must-try

Fish, cats always love them. Cats go crazy for fish in a way that humans go for water. They play around with the fish or eat it. It is always between the two.

Being wholesome animal lovers we don’t want any fish sacrificing their lives just to entertain our kitties, nor do we want to clean the fishy mess created by their playful banter, or buy fish every now and then just to entertain them. 

Cat Fishing 2 is a clever Android game for your cat that shows a swimming fish in your tablet or phone’s screen and tho it is not necessary whenever your cat catches a fish they score a point, not that they know it.

It has three rounds wherein for the first round there is one fish that your cat can catch, then there is the second round where there will be two fish to fish and finally for the third round, there will be three fish to catch.

It has a time limit for each round wherein the fish will disappear from the screen. Also, in case your cat gets bored of the game the app emits a meow after 30 seconds of inactivity.


  • FREE
  • Emits a ‘meow’ sound to entice the cat back


  • Has a time limit
  • Limited to three rounds
  • Only has one type to play around
Google Play

2. Cat Alone 2

Cat Alone 2
The sequel to Cat Alone is even more interesting

Cat Alone 2 is the second version of its original game Cat Alone. This time they feature a different set of objects that your cat can play with.

They have a red light, spider, feather, mouse, dandelion and water drop as objects of choice. The Cat Alone 2 like Cat Alone has a vibration feature that you can turn on to mimic real-life activity.

It is a simple Android game built especially for cats. There’s nothing special and it similar to your cat just playing with a live screensaver. The only difference is you can set this up for your cat and have them choose their preferred object to catch.


  • FREE
  • Has a vibration feature that may excite your cat
  • Has a different set of objects that cats can play with


  • You have to manually choose between the objects
  • Simplistic gameplay
Google Play

3. Cat Alone

cat alone
Your cat might get addicted to this clever Android game

Cat Alone is the original version of Cat Alone 2. It has a range of objects that your cat can catch, namely Laser Pointer, Ladybug, Finger, Fly, Butterfly, and Cockroach.

It has 6 stages or levels that your cat can beat and achieve. You can choose which object your cat can play and change whenever the fur babies get bored.


  • FREE
  • Has 6 stages that your cat can play with
  • Has laser pointer that cats love


  • Older version
  • Has to be launch manually
Google Play

4. Crazy Cats

crazy cat
Crazy Cat is an exciting game for your cat

Crazy Cats introduce a game that you and your pet can play at the same time. It has a variety of the usual critters that a cat usually chase and that includes their favorite mice and bugs.

It is quite different than ordinary chasing app in a way that the app gives a higher score for fast moving critters, again, not that cats know it. The app works better and looks better on a wide screen so we suggest playing it on a tablet than a smartphone.

Another quirky thing for Crazy Cats is that you can control the movement of the critters thru Bluetooth connection from the tablet and your phone. This way you and your beloved can enjoy the game at the same time.


  • FREE
  • Cat owners or parents can play it too
  • Has a variety of critters


  • Has an unnecessary scoring system
  • Does not work well with small screens
Google Play

5. Mouse

Your cat won’t be able to resist this game

When in doubt, always get back to the old way. When nothing works in entertaining your cat, maybe trying the old cat and mouse game is the best course of strategy. As they say – though proven wrong – cat’s greatest enemy or prey is the mouse.

This app offers you a somewhat realistic digital mouse that your cat can chase thru the screen. We advise that you use a tablet for this app so that your cat can fully enjoy catching the mouse.


  • FREE
  • Realistic mouse representation
  • Classic cat and mouse gameplay
  • Has a longer time limit


  • Does not work well with small screens
  • Has only ‘mouse’ as its object of the chase
Google Play

6. Pocket Pond

pocket pond
This game is great especially when your cat likes catching fish

Pocket Pond is another fish-chasing app that both you and your cat can play when the both of you get bored with other games.

Pocket Pond is a little bit more digitally advanced than other fish-chasing apps because it shows rippling water whenever the fish moves. It makes it a bit more realistic than just putting a fish on the screen.

It is an app that lets you interact with other player’s ponds as well. You also have the option to decorate your pond. The app does not only cater to cats but for you as well because you can raise, feed, and play with the fish in the pond that you have decorated.


  • FREE
  • Cat owners can play it too
  • You can modify the surrounding
  • Has an active interaction with other users


  • Only has fish as its object to chase
Google Play

7. Laser Cat Simulator

Laser Cat Simulator
Laser Cat Simulator will have your cat busy for hours

When playing with a digital fish does not do the work try an app-controlled laser. This app is perfect for any fur parents that easily get bored by moving the laser pointer around. Laser Chaser is an app that shows a red dot that moves randomly to entertain your cats for a couple of minutes.


  • FREE
  • You don’t have to manually point the laser for it to work
  • Has a longer time limit


  • Has only laser pointer as its main object to chase
Google Play

8. Cat Playground – $2.55

Cat Playground
This paid cat game has a library of different games

Cat Playground is truly a cat’s playground because it packs multiple cat games in just one app. It compiles some of the games listed here and some more. Of those listed here, Laser Chase is included in their roster of cat games that your cats can play along.


  • Has multiple cat games in it
  • Colorful HD graphics


  • Not free, you have to buy the app to be able to play it
Google Play

9. Game for Cats

Game for Cats
Game for Cats is a cute mouse-catching game for your cat

Game for Cats is originally an iOS app but it has an Android version that you can play with, and it is free too! Like other apps, it also focuses on cats’ behavior of chasing anything small that moves around.

It has a laser pointer that your cat can chase for free but if you wanted an upgrade, say you wanted your cat to chase a mouse you have to buy it to be able to play it. Still, a good ‘ol laser pointer is good as long as your cat does not get bored with it.


  • FREE
  • Has the irresistible laser pointer as the main object of the chase
  • Finally available on Android OS
  • Works with small screens


  • Has in-app purchases if you want to upgrade to other objects.
Google Play

10. Cat Toys I: Game for Cats

Cat Toys I
Cat Toys is a game with a lot to offer

Cat Toys I: Game for Cats is another app that packs a lot of cat games in one. Your cats can play with different types of sea creatures, mouse, bugs, insect, and laser beams.

It also has a different background for each object to chase. You will be glad to know that the app can run forever as long as your cat does not get bored with it and that your tablet has a long life.

This is also one of those apps that you can control the movement of the creatures, bugs, mouse, etc. This is good whenever you and your cat are looking for a change of environment.


  • FREE
  • Has lots of creatures to choose from
  • Has different backgrounds
  • Unlimited playing time


  • Has lots of in-app ads
Google Play

Wrapping it up

Cat games are pretty good entertainment for your cats, it keeps them busy and you can continue with whatever you are doing without them barging into your ‘me’ time.

As much as we love them, sometimes they just get bored and decides to mess with us or our work. Aside from that, seeing that we love our cats so much that we are willing to go the extra mile and buy them their own tablet solely for their play time.

There are numerous cat game apps that you can choose from. Sometimes it is much safer to just choose the traditional mouse and fish games for your app but the games on this list are sure to entertain your cat just the same.

Do you have a pet who plays games on your Android device? Share your story in the comments!

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