Best Android Games to Play with Friends and Have Fun
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5 Best Android Games to Play with Friends and Have Fun

Single player games are fun and all, but they lack one special ingredient; your friends. Friends make everything better, which is a fact. So whether you are sky diving or playing a video game; with friends, everything will be exponentially more fun. If you have a bunch of pals who also happen to like Android, try one of these games to play with friends and have a great time.

I love playing multi player games, especially if my friends are in my team. There is something amazing about your friend supporting you in the virtual world. Whether I’m playing League of Legends on PC or Forza Horizon 2 on the Xbox One, I’ll make sure some of my buddies are riding with me.

The same rules apply on Android but it is hard to make time for mobile games. Thankfully I have a ton of friends who love Android and they are always ready to play with me. The pick and play nature of these games make them instantly accessible. You can even play during lunch breaks if you want, that’s the real beauty of mobile gaming.

Note: The 5 best games to play with friends were tested on a Sony Xperia Z smartphone. The games worked fine and no problems were faced during testing. As with any multi player game, these also require an active internet connection for gaming with buddies. I recommend a stable Wi-Fi connection to fully enjoy the games.

1. Words With Friends Classic

This game is one of my personal favourites. I have learnt a ton of English words simply by playing this game. The premise is very simple, you make words and you earn points. There are some simple rules which apply here but that’s not a big deal. The game however is nothing but remarkable. It works well on any device you can imagine, it boots up really fast and the gameplay is extremely easy to understand.

Within minutes of installation, you will be able to play a game with either your friends or someone from the internet. The best part of this word game for Android is the social aspect of it. Simply login on your Facebook account and you will instantly see a ton of your friends already playing the game. I was surprised to see 30 of my buddies already enjoying this game when I logged in, including my uncles!

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2. Multiplayer Driving Simulator

This is a recent release which I got to try at a friend’s place. Usually, I’m not interested in racing games unless they offer something unique but this one here provides some epic entertainment. First off, the graphics of the game are not amazing. They are serviceable but not worthy of getting this app in the most graphically impressive games list. Also, the game can’t be listed as a simulator game for Android either.

So what is so special about it? It allows you and your friends to drive around in an open world. I haven’t seen this kind of gameplay in any of the racing games for Android. Sure you can race around in Asphalt or Real Racing but none of them gives you this level of creative freedom.

The cars are also well designed and look great, especially if you consider the horsepower needed to render all your friends on screen as well. Naturally, the game takes a lot of resources to run. I would recommend one of the latest tablets for optimal gameplay as my Xperia Z struggled with the frame rate occasionally. Newer devices shouldn’t have any problems, though.

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3. Draw Something Free

This game here is the single reason why my tablet is never in my room. Little cousins, siblings and even aunts who are visiting my home, like to play this game on my poor tablet. I’ll admit, this is one of the best games I have played in a while, but that is my tablet.

Now that my personal rant is over, I would like to introduce one of the best games Android has to offer. I consider the games which fully embrace the touch screen nature of Android a lot better than the ones which use virtual controls.

Draw Something gives you a simple word and you need to draw it for the other person. You cannot just write the word on screen and call it a day, though. For example, if you get the word jacket, you will need to draw one. After your turn is over, the other person will have a go at another word and you will guess what it is. There will also be a pool of alphabets at the bottom of the screen that will help you a little in guessing.

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4. NinJump Dash: Multiplayer Race

Want to race with friends in a fun 2D platform game? NinJump Dash: Multiplayer Race will give you the best opportunity. The gameplay is simple, there is a start line and a finish line. The player who crosses the finish line first wins the game. Seems like standard racing affair right? Nope! You will also need to jump like a ninja and avoid obstacles.

You can also shoot shrunken to slow down your friends and gain advantage. There are a ton of different power-ups you can pick up during the race. One of them gives you a burst of speed, which I personally love. The game plays really fast and rapidly, so you need to be on your toes all the time. The fanatic and competitive nature of the game, works in its benefit, though.

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5. Bomber Friends

This is a shameless rip-off of an already existing and well beloved videogame. Bomber Friends doesn’t even bother much with changing the gameplay and lifts the idea directly from Bomber Man. If you are above 15 years old, you may remember this amazing game which was a hit in arcades. However, this game does something which no arcade game was able to do at the time.

You can play with up to 3 other friends in this amazingly additive and surprisingly strategic game.While Bomber Friends might have copied the whole game, it still feels like a great game to play. The premise is simple, you can plant bombs which will break the weak walls in the flat arena.

You need to turn a corner and hide before the bomb goes off or you are toast as well. The aim is to break the weak walls and bomb all your friends. Your friends will try to do the same to you. The real fun starts when the arena is cleared and you face off against other bombers. This is one of the fastest and unforgiving multiplayer games around.

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These were a few amazing games to play with friends on Android. I highly recommend that you play the last two games when your friends are in the same room as you. That will give you great opportunities to exact physical revenge on them for beating you.

I personally had a ton of fun playing NinJump with my cousins on a boring wedding. You can also try out the best multiplayer games for Android to have even more fun with buddies. Or start a quest in the best MMO games for Android.

What do you seek in a good game to play with friends? I would love to know your personal preferences in the comments below.

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