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5 Best Android Market Apps for Phones and Tablets

The Google Play store is the best place to get apps but it lacks focus or a solid quality control system. This is where the 5 best android market apps for phones and tablets come into play. These stores within a store provide you with details which are sometimes easy to miss on the Google Play Store itself. The sorting system on the Google Play Store is also one of the biggest problems the platform faces.

Android Market Apps

Thankfully Google is listening to feedback and constantly improving their premier storefront. It’s a far cry from the useless early days and yet there is a large amount of improvements which needs to be implemented. These market apps for android are there to fill the void left by the official store. We have written about 17 alternative app stores (for those who hate Google play!) in the past which completely bypass the Google play store. These best Android market apps for phones and tablets are hosted on the Google play store itself.

Note: The best Android market apps for phones and tablets were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone and Asus Memo Pad 7 HD tablet. The stores worked fine on both devices. Internet connectivity is needed when using all of the apps.

1. AppBrain – Free


The Secure Brain

Let me tell you a secret, I have been using this great market app to easily know what kind of permissions apps need for almost a year and a half. This app store for Android is the most secure and reliable one in the whole list. Other Android market apps for phones and tablets are good but this is the best one. The app is constantly updated and is strictly curated. No shady app gets through the filtering system these guys have implemented. If you want to share an app you have found with your friends, you can do so easily. This feature is missing from the Google Play Store itself.


  • Hot and new apps are served on a daily bases.
  • Comes with a fast uninstaller.
  • You can back up the list of installed apps in the app itself.

Notable Feature:

This market app for Android can easily spot top apps with recent price drops. This means if you are looking to buy one of the most expensive RPG games, this app can help you in scoring that cheap.


2. Best Apps Market – Free

Best Apps Market

Great Recommendations

The name says it all; this is actually one of the best apps markets for Android around. The app follows a clean and simple to use interface which can easily be mistaken as the official Google Play store one. One of the best things about this app is its ability to guess what you might like. I have found several games of my liking thanks to this app’s robust recommendation system. The app also brings forth hand-picked apps daily which makes it easier to spot new and exciting apps.


  • This market app can organize your apps very well.
  • You can easily spot useless apps.
  • Comes with a great search feature.

Notable Feature:

This Android applications market comes with a well-oiled algorithm which can scan the apps you have installed and gets the idea of your own personal taste. Then it tailors the recommendations exactly to your personal preferences.


3. AndroidPIT – Free

AndroidPIT - Android Market Apps for Phones and Tablets

Good Content

This is one of biggest apps around which not only offer compelling content on Android but also gives great recommendations to those who are seeking. The recommendations are actually very nice with some really missing the mark. For example the app at one time showed me three different launchers on the top. I mean I do like launchers but this doesn’t mean I only like launchers for Android. What makes this app great, are the reviews it provides with the top apps. This feature can really help you decide what app is best suited for you. However the reviews are not as in-depth as the ones I write (Editor’s Note: Blatant self-promotion).


  • You can comment on the articles.
  • Hot topics are shown right on the landing page.
  • You can access your favourite apps with ease.

Notable Feature:

This Android market app for Android comes with a great forum. There are many users active and ready to help there. It is not as thriving as XDA Forums but it is still a good one for general chit chat.


4. Mobi Market – Free

Mobi Market

Best Design

This app has the best interface in the best Android market apps for tablets and phones. The interface is better than the one we use on the Google Play Store and this is high praise coming from a guy like me. The tile-like animations and the overall flow of the app make it an attractive place to browse apps. The problem is its responsiveness. The app is extremely slow in loading images, maybe it loads full images or maybe the app is actually slow. The end result is that the app take a lot of time to fully appear.


  • There are more than 100 thousand apps on this app.
  • There is a mini game inside the app.
  • Professional editorials are a great way to expand horizons.

Notable feature:

If you are looking for free apps and free apps only then this Market app for Android is the best place. The app basically only lists the apps which are completely free.


5. Tablified Tablet Market – Free with In-app Purchases

Mobi Market

For Tablets Only

Tablified tablet market is the only app which selects hand-picked apps which are optimized for tablet use. Not many apps are optimized for big screens of tablets and this is a big problem. No one likes stretched assets in a game up scaled to fit a high resolution screen. This app tries to counter that problem by only listing apps which are tested on a tablet.



So why is it on the last number? Well for some time the app has not received updates. I talked to the developer himself and he said the app is up for a revamp but he has some other pressing engagements. The app is perfectly fine if you want to use Tablified apps, just don’t expect updates soon. The new interface is shown above, which will hopefully be implemented in coming months.

In-app Purchases: $3.99 per item


  • A serviceable interface.
  • The apps are actually tested by a human being.
  • Featured apps are usually great.

Notable Feature:

The app comes with staff picked games which makes it easier to select the top tier ones easily.



This ends the 5 best Android market apps for phones and tablets list. The apps listed here are all reliable and unlike other third party market apps, provide some security to the users. Even though there is very little chance of malicious apps being leaked into these Android app markets, I still advise you to measure caution.

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Now go and download some great apps for your phone and have fun.

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