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5 Best Android News App

The world is a vast place. Different things are happening each day. Since we cannot physically be everywhere, there is only one way for us to be updated about world events. Reading the news is a way for us to learn about events happening in different nations around the globe.

Our grandparents used to get their news from newspapers. Now, technology has made reading the news even easier. The internet has changed the way we as people consume the news. With the best Android news app, you don’t have to worry about missing any important world events. 

The Best Apps to Read News

You can simply download the app and read news updates as you want. While we are on the topic, let us recommend some of the best Android news apps that can help you catch the latest news.

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1. Flipboard

Flipboard - best Android news app

There may be people who do not like to read news apps because of long paragraphs and deep words. They may not have the motivation to engage with the article if the layout is bulky and bland. 

Flipboard gives news reading new branding. This is because, with fun animations, large pictures, and videos, you can say goodbye to the traditional way of reading the news. You can also better understand the Android news app as they are accompanied by animations and photos. 

The best Android news app also has a feature where you get to arrange and customize the news that appears on your feed. You can create your flip board with the sources, news, and sites that you trust. With this, only the news that you want to read will be on the app. 

In this way, you are informed of the latest happenings by your chosen news source. For example, you can choose politics and business for your feed. When you open the app, your app homepage will contain the latest headlines regarding business and politics. 

Lastly, with Flipboard, you can share the news that piques your interest by sharing its link with other people through social media or email. With this feature, you can spread the word to make people aware of what is happening around the world. You also get to discuss current events and exchange what you know about the news you shared. 

2. Pocket 


We use social media every day, by using social media, we generate content. If we look at the statistics, there are 328.77 million terabytes of data shared on social media daily. 

With that much data, you may have a hard time filtering out the news that matters to you. This is where Pocket comes in. The Android news app does not work like your ordinary news-reading app. You are the one who saves content in the app. 

For example, if you stumbled upon content or news that you cannot read at the moment, you can have the app save it for you to read later. This way, the content that you want to read does not go away. You can go to the app and read the content when you have the time. 

If you are taking public transportation and do not want to read the tiny print on your phone, you can also listen to the article you saved. This is made possible through the app’s text-to-speech feature. You can just sit back, listen to the latest news, and enjoy your commute home or on the way to your office. 

3. NewsBreak 


People stay on an app longer if the layout is nice and easy to look at. If you are looking for an Android news app that can catch up to the layouts of social media, our next app is perfect. Of course, we are talking about NewsBreak. 

When you open the app, there is a “For You” tab where any news that fits your interests is laid out. There are also videos that you can watch if you do not have the time to read everything on your feed. 

Another feature we like about the Android news app is that you can like and comment on the news articles you read in the app. With this, you can share your thoughts about the articles you read with other users inside the app. They can reply to your comments, and you can increase one another’s knowledge regarding the topic. 

4. Google News


Google News is a great app because it is straightforward with the news it delivers. This is because the app does a briefing for you. It gives you the latest news, may it be international or local. It would give you the latest news in just a glance. 

It can also give the different sides of a news article. You can get into the details as the Android news app gives you news information from multiple perspectives. You do not have to worry about integrity, as all of the sources are accredited and trusted. 

The next feature that we like about the app is that you can read your news through multiple devices. It doesn’t matter whether you are using your phone, tablet, or laptop at the moment. The app can sync your data, so the news you have on your phone is the same news you can read on other devices. 

5. GroundNews


Politics cannot be left out of the news. However, when there is news regarding politics, you may be hesitant to read it because it may be siding with one party in the political world or the other. 

With GroundNews, you can forget about political biases. When you use GroundNews to read political articles, it knows if the article is biased or not. When the app detects that the article you are currently reading is in favor of one side of a political issue or another, it gives you a warning. 

With warnings issued, bias can be eliminated. News readers can look for other articles that are not biased to one side. They can look for articles that are transparent and can give them news in the political world without biases. 

Headlines do not always give you the whole story. With GroundNews’ Ground Summary, you are given a paragraph summary of the article you are about to read. With the summary provided by the Android news app, you can decide whether the article is beneficial for you or not. The summary gives you a teaser of what information the article holds. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best Android news app?

Best 5 Android news apps:
1. Flipboard
2. Pocket
3. NewsBreak
4. Google News
5. GroundNews

Does Android have a news app?

To get started, download any of the Android news apps for Android from the Google Play Store.

What is Google News on Android?

Google News is a great Android news app because it is straightforward with the news it delivers. This is because the app does a briefing for you. It gives you the latest news, may it be international or local. It would give you the latest news in just a glance. 

Android News App: Catch Up with the World in the Palm of Your Hands

In our busy lives, we sometimes forget to learn what is happening in the world around us. With news apps, such as Flipboard, Pocket, NewsBreak, Google News, and GroundNews, staying updated has never been easier. 

With these apps, you can read the best Android news app from anytime, anywhere. You can even read or listen to articles while you are commuting. These apps offer trusted sources and curated content, as well as local news. You can never get the FOMO when you have these kinds of apps. 

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