Best Android Phones of 2015

10 Best Android Phones of 2015

It has been an amazing year for Android; we have seen some pretty amazing devices come out. We have witnessed the rise of new smartphones and unexpected falls of some, but in the end, it was yet another amazing year for Android. The best Android phones of 2015 list is going to be all about the devices that pushed the technological boundaries as well as improved the user experience.

If you are one of those who demand the best but don’t really want to pay a premium for them, this is the perfect time to purchase a new smartphone. The real problem is to find the one that suits your needs well. As for me, I want to get them all because I seriously like what they have to offer. Each Android manufacturer has stepped up their game and delivered the best crop of smartphones we have ever seen.

This feature will be a yearly thing from now on, and we will be listing the best smartphones that year just in time for the holidays. So let’s dive into the real action and see which Android devices have impressed us throughout the year.

1. Nexus 6P

I would not have considered a phone made by Huawei to have such an impact on me. Don’t get me wrong, they have made some really compelling devices in recent years. Their mid to budget range smartphones are doing amazingly well in many regions. However, I was effectively stunned to see the latest Nexus smartphone from Google.

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The Google Nexus 6P goes all in and delivers an experience that we had yet to see. There is very little wrong with the Nexus 6P especially if you prefer the stock Android experience. The smartphone is made from the premium materials and looks the part as well. The innards of the phone are also top notch and employ components from the best manufacturers. Most of all, Google has managed to make the experience smoother and a lot easier to play around.

Why This One?

If you want the purest Android experience and money is not a big problem, Nexus 6P is the best smartphone for you.

2. Galaxy Note 5

Samsung has been spectacular in the Android market and for good reason as well. They truly deserve the number one spot in terms of smartphone sales. Their Smartphone range goes from extremely cheap devices all the way to premium Android experiences. The Samsung Galaxy Note has always been the best smartphone from the Korean company, and nothing has changed this year.

The smartphone comes with a 5.5-inch QHD screen that is absolutely marvelous to look at. The smartphone also deviated from the norm and introduced a full metal body with superior build quality. This also sacrificed some features that hardcore power users held dear. While some of the useful functionality was lost, Samsung more than made up with a stylish design and great specs.

Why This One?

The S-Pen has a lot to offer especially to the creative folks. Here are some S-Pen apps we listed.

3. HTC One M9

When HTC M9 was announced and actually shown, I was baffled. The smartphone looked almost like the previous flagship smartphone from the manufacturer. However, upon closer inspection and actually using the phone myself, I found it slightly better, faster and more stable than its predecessor.

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The smartphone is smaller than the two listed above, coming at just 5 inches. I believe a lot of people are intimidated by the phablet sized smartphones and HTC seems to think that way as well.

The smartphone has a full HD resolution that, in my honest opinion, is more than enough for a smartphone of 5 inches. It also comes with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB internal memory. Thankfully HTC decided to include a microSD card slot despite the smartphone being made of great materials.

In the looks department, HTC M9 is a great looking device. I also liked that both speakers are on the front side of the smartphone, it makes media consumption a pleasure.

Why This One?

Get this phone if you need the best but can’t be bothered with a large phone.

4. LG V10

LG came out swinging this year with their latest flagship smartphone. While the LG G4 was not a slouch either, the LG V10 ups the game to another level. Touted as a luxury device, the LG V10 comes with two front facing cameras.

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Yes, you read it right; the smartphone has two front-facing cameras that will allow you to take great looking selfies for social sharing. Your selfie game will be on point after getting this smartphone.

The phone comes at a giant 5.7 inches and is made with premium materials. That is not all, the screen is a QHD IPS LCD one. The specs are top notch and the smartphone even has 4 GB of RAM in it.

One might think that this is enough, but LG says no! The Smartphone comes with an always-on secondary screen right on top of the big one. The small screen will have different functionality depending on the situation or the app in use.

Why This One?

It has almost everything you could want from a smartphone.

5. Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

This smartphone right here is made to turn heads. For a very long while, Samsung devices have been unimaginative when it comes to the chassis and bodies. This changed when the company released the Samsung Galaxy S6 with a metallic finish and unibody chassis. Samsung Galaxy Edge + comes with a curved screen that bends inwards on the left and right side of the vertical screen.

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The specs are also of top quality and the screen is absolutely a joy to look at. I don’t know how it would feel in daily usage, but I’m pretty sure it would look amazing in your hands.

Samsung has really upped their game on this device. However, there is a downside to all of these premium materials being used, which is the price. The Samsung Galaxy Edge + is retailing for a lot more than previous Samsung smartphones. The edges don’t kill here, it’s the looks and as we all know looks are always expensive.

Why This One?

It has everything you could ask for and more, it has the killer looks.

6. Sony Xperia Z5

Sony has been making some amazing smartphones the past couple of years. I especially really love their Xperia Z series. I still have the Xperia Z1 with me and apart from some flaky battery timings, it is serving me well. The Sony Xperia Z5 is the top of the line entry from the Japanese tech company and it is holding nothing back.

The smartphone comes with a 4K resolution IPS LCD screen. Sony thought that the new smartphone needed more resolution and went overboard here. But if you love high-resolution displays, you will love this one. I actually tried to see an individual pixel with my naked eye and I was almost touching the screen with my eyeball when I saw it.

As per the norm, the smartphone comes with a stellar 23 MP camera which takes great pictures. Sony also managed to cram a 3430 mAh battery inside the slim chassis. The only problem I see is that the design is almost identical to the first version of the smartphone.

Why This One?

Comes with a resolution which most TVs and Monitors don’t have.

7. Nexus 5X

For a lot of people I know, the Nexus 5 made by LG was one of the best Android smartphones. LG has been a spectacular hit with the fans as they have already made 2 previous Nexus smartphones. This one is surprising because it is released alongside the more expensive Nexus 6P. Google was wise enough to keep everything the fans liked about the previous iterations and improved on them.

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The smartphone comes with a slightly bigger screen than the Nexus 5, coming at 5.2 inches. The screen resolution is of full HD nature. The smartphone also comes with the same camera used in the Google Nexus 6P, so you will get the same photographic performance out of it. The smartphone is aimed at mid-ranged customers and it reflects both in specs, build quality as well as the price.

Why This One?

It is a lot cheaper than the top end smartphones on the list.

8. OnePlus Two

OnePlus One was a sleeper hit, it came out of nowhere and surprised a lot of people. OnePlus 2 is another story. Just like you were astounded at how amazing the first Star Wars was (if you were alive back then) and lined up for the second one, this smart had the same impact.

One of the most important reasons why people are purchasing the OnePlus 2 is its price. While the smartphone comes loaded with great specs, the company has managed to keep the price very reasonable. The smartphone comes in two variants one has 3GB of RAM and the other has 4, I would recommend the 4 GB one for two-year peace of mind.

The smartphone while made with plastic feels really great in hands. The large screen on it works really well in direct light and is very pleasant to look at. The whole package of OnePlus 2 has a classy vibe to it. The camera seems to work great and the Gorilla Glass 4 protection is just the cherry on top.

Why This one?

Comes with a reasonable price tag.

9. Blackberry PRIV

This one is for the business class Android users who value security. I know Android can be a bit unsecure (not a big concern), but if you have the secret codes of making Coke Cola on your phone, you might as well get a BlackBerry Priv. This smartphone holds significance because BlackBerry usually doesn’t make Android smartphones.

The smartphone comes with everything you can expect from a flagship releasing in 2015. It has a 5.4 inches AMOLED screen. The QHD resolution really makes the screen pop. But this is not why the smartphone is on the list here.

The reason BlackBerry Priv captured my attention is the retractable mini keyboard. This is a physical keyboard we are talking about here, not a virtual one. If you absolutely must have a keyboard that slides down from the back of the phone, this is the only flagship Android smartphone to come with one.

Why this One?

A physical keyboard is hard to come by in flagship smartphones these days.

10. Moto X Pure

The smartphone is also known as the Moto X Style in some regions, but it has everything but pure style. The smartphone is kind of unimaginative when it comes to the physical appearance, but everything else is of top class. From the IPS 5.7 inch screen of QHD resolution to a 21 MP camera on the back, Moto X Pure has it all.

The smartphone comes with a 3000 mAh battery to keep the lights on for a long time. It also has a capable quad-core processor combined with a respectable 3 gigs of RAM. The front facing camera is of 5 MP and comes with a dedicated front facing flash as well.

Why This One?

Not many phones come with a front facing flash for optimal and bright selfies.


These are the few Smartphones that captured our interest over the course of the year. Which phone are you currently using these days? Will you be willing to update this year or wait out another? Do give us your opinions and likings below.

If you have any questions about the smartphones listed on the best Android phones of 2015, feel free to sound off in the comments. I would love to help you select a phone that is best for you.

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