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5 Best Android Printer Apps to Put Ink on Paper

Smartphones are not just phones…they are smart too. This means they are tools to get your productivity up and make you better at what you do. If you are a student or work at an office or even own a business, you will be required to print a lot of stuff. You might just want to print out coupons to save some cash. It’s a pain to carry USB drives around or hassle with connections when you can just use your phone to print.

The sheer ease printing apps provide is beyond words. Here is one simple story about a boy and his favorite Android printer apps: A grumpy professor demanded a hard copy of his assignment, so the nifty boy whipped out his Android printer app and voila! He provided a hard copy within seconds. We’ve talked about how to print from your Android, but now it’s time to highlight the best apps to go about doing so.

Note: All of the 10 best Android printer apps were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone running on a custom ROM based on Android L. During the testing the apps were tested on various printers (which allowed this function) made by multiple mainstream manufacturers. There were no problems faced during the testing.

1. Cloud Print Plus – Free

Cloud Print Plus Andorid printer apps

A plus in every way

This app was one of the first in the Android printer apps list to offer Google CloudPrint service back in 2011. And it is still one of the most reliable ones available to date. The app basically allows you to print files from your smartphone to almost any printer. You can share printers with your friends, print out SMS, make hard copies of your contacts, print directly from social media and of course get emails on paper. This is one of most robust Android printer apps out there and it clearly shows. Some very advanced features can be unlocked through in app purchases. Overall the app is well polished and extremely reliable.


  • A great and easy to use interface.
  • An internal file browser for quick access to files.
  • Make and print drawings.

Notable feature:

You can print directly from Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive and Box including many others. This means you can get photos printed as soon as your cousin with the DSLR uploads them.


2. Brother iPrint&Scan – Free

 Brother iPrint&Scan

Brother thou shalt printeth

Using your local wireless connection you can print any document, file or photo with your Android phone. The whole process takes seconds and you are done with the work. The interface is extremely well designed and allows you to navigate with ease. If you use a Google Account, you will be able to print from virtually anywhere by using the remote print function. Supported models are listed at the dedicated site, but almost all of the new ones are game.


  • Can print emails and PDF documents.
  • Printing docs directly from hosting sites.
  • Automatically searching for compatible devices.

Notable Feature:

The remote print feature allows you to set up a printer at your parent’s home. Now you can print photos for them remotely and with ease. We recommend that you visit them regularly though.


3. PrintShare Mobile Print – Free and $12.95

 PrintShare Mobile Print

Print and share

3.A Free version

This is one of those apps that looks terrible but performs its actual function so well that it is on every list. The app has a primitive looking interface, especially when viewed on tablets. Apart from that, the functionality is top-notch. You can even print a test page to ensure compatibility with the printer. The app allows you to directly print from Google Cloud Print and print 20 pages from remote mode over the internet.


  • Fast and reliable.
  • Printing directly from cloud services.
  • Print images with almost all mainstream formats.

Notable Feature:

With this app installed you can print contacts, SMS, agendas and even call logs. This helps you in keeping important information in hard copy form. We all know that the digital info can easily be lost.


3.B Paid Version

The paid version of this app adds much-needed functionality and utility to an already robust offering. You can use direct printing via WiFi, Bluetooth and USB with the paid version. You can also remote print an unlimited number of pages.


4. iCanPrint – Trial and In-app purchases


I can print…can you?

iCanPrint knows that printing is usually a hectic business, therefore it follows a fast and reliable interface design. The app shows big icons for everything that you can do so you won’t get lost in a plethora of options. It is one of the few apps that has advanced features which are easily available for anyone who knows how to use them.

For example you can search network printer automatically or specify an IP address. This feature is immensely useful if you are in a building with multiple networks. The app can also guide you through the initial testing procedure which makes the whole process a lot easier. This is however a paid app though and through, if you want to use it beyond the trial period you will have to shell out some cash.


  • Cut or copy source from emails, contacts and calendars.
  • Print shared sources from gallery, browsers and other apps.
  • File explorer is a great feature.

Notable feature:

This is the only app in the Android printer apps list that supports multiple languages. English, French, Spanish, German and Traditional Chinese all are supported.


5. PrintBot – Free and $4.49

PrintBot android printer apps

This bot prints!

5.A Free Version

PrintBot is one of the most easy to use Android printer apps available. This app allows you to email from K9Mail, which is a first we have seen in many apps we tested. The app lets you print images and PDF documents from all applications, which means printing webpages and emails is all fair game. Simply clicking on the file and using the send/share functionality to export the file to PrintBot will allow you to print stuff you need.


  • A clean and simple interface.
  • Features are listed in a manageable format.
  • Supports printing over JetDirect, IPP and LPR protocol.

Notable Feature:

This app supports more than 3,800 different models from leading manufacturers. HP, Epson, Canon, Samsung, Lexmark all are supported. Chances are this app will support your printer right away.


5.B Paid Version

The free version only allows you to print 3 watermark free pages every month which renders it almost useless for professionals. The paid version doesn’t come with any restrictions.



The 5 best Android printer apps are all great in what they do, that is printing wirelessly for you. By using these apps you will definitely became a hero at some point in your career. Download presentations from your Google Drive and directly print them on paper. Remember folks, print only the essentials and try not to waste paper. Happy printing! Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions.

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