Best Android Racing Games

10 Best Android Racing Games to Push the Pedal to the Medal

Are you looking for Android racing games to download? You should try these games we found.

Here’s the deal:

The sheer rush of adrenaline you get when overtaking an opponent nearing the finish line is thrilling. But, not all of us can actually race in real life. It will take so much money to do so.

Good thing, we can now race using only our Android phones. But how?

Well, there are racing games you can download on your smartphones. These racing games has all the necessary ingredients to make your experience incredible, from fast cars to tight controls. So, if you are a speed junky, these games are the right ones for you.

The thing is you might not be on a real race track, but with these games, you will come as close to it as it gets.


There are a ton of games in the App Store that you can choose from, but not all of them are worth your phone’s storage space. So, we looked for the best racing games and listed them here.

Now, if you want to know them and become a virtual Michael Schumacher right now, let’s get started.

Note: These racing games were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone running on Android version 4.3. They worked fine during our testing. Some apps in this list require a large storage space. We recommend downloading the apps on a WiFi network.

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Top 10 Must-Try Racing Games for Android

1. Fast & Furious 6

best android racing games fast and furious 8
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Let’s get something straight, you don’t get to play as Vin Diesel or Paul Walker in this game.

We were disappointed when we saw that too but the game has some great redeeming qualities. The graphics for one are top-notch and the controls are simplistic. There are cameo appearances from the characters from the movie though, but none of them are playable in any way.


Either way, you will get a slick-looking game with solid mechanics and varied gameplay. The game also runs quite smoothly even on old hardware; this is a big plus in our books.

10 best android racing games
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  • Licensed cars make the game realistic.
  • Working with the crew from the movie.
  • Online races are stable.
  • Joining a crew is easy and helpful.

Notable Feature: The game has 1080p high definition graphics, which will really shine on the latest smartphones.

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2. Carmageddon

best android racing games carmageddon
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Carmageddon has a rating of 4.8 on the Google Play Store and it shows.

But, we still have to be honest and share its faults. For one the game is a port of an old video game and secondly, the controls are a little wobbly.

If you are one of the lucky gamers who got to play the original, Carmageddon is perfect for you. But if you were born somewhere after 1999, this will be a hard game to love completely. There are cars, there is chaos and there is carnage in Carmageddon and it’s an absolute blast.

best android racing games carmageddon
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  • Gore is funny in this game.
  • Squishing humans of hilarious.
  • A great pool of cars to choose from.

Notable Feature: Carmageddon never stresses you to win the race. With wide-open tracks, you will find yourself trying to put the hurt on other racers more often than doing a straight run. You will essentially turn this game into the last man standing match to earn more points.

download best android racing games in google play

3. Fast Racing 3D

best android racing games fast racing 3d
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Fast Racing 3D is among the lightest one on the 10 best android racing games list.

It comes in relatively very small size and runs buttery smooth on almost any device. Although another game on the list does everything better than Fast Racing 3D but comes with almost 20 times the size.

The best part about Fast Racing 3D is the tracks, they give you ample room for maneuvering your car and are not punishing. You will instantly get into the game and have a good time.

best android racing games fast racing 3d
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  • Wide-open tracks.
  • Small size for easy installation.
  • A good number of cars.
  • Graphics are serviceable.

Notable Feature: Fast Racing 3D has some watered down textures and the background scenery is definitely downscaled. The tradeoff is that the game runs very smoothly on almost any device, even old ones.

download best android racing games in google play

4. GT Racing 2: The Real Car Exp

best android racing games gt racing
App Logo

GT Racing 2 comes from the house of Gameloft, who are undoubtedly the kings of smartphone games.

The game seeps of quality and sleekness, whether it is the race tracks or the cars themselves. The only reason this amazing game is a little bit behind is that the IAPs are somewhat aggressive. Not that we are complaining, the gorgeous looking game more than makes up for the grind you will have to do.

We would have appreciated if Gameloft were to loosen the in-app purchase noose a bit.

10 best android racing games
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  • Amazingly detailed licensed cars.
  • Great looking graphics.
  • Dashboard view for ultimate immersion.
  • Online play for bragging rights.

Notable Feature: There are 13 real tracks in the game including real Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. The track details are astounding in the game.

download best android racing games in google play

5. Beach Buggy Blitz

best android racing games beach buggy blitz
App Logo

If you are tired of pressure inducing races, Beach Buggy Blitz will relax you in more than one way.

The game takes place on a tropical island with lush greenery and blue beaches. Also, there is no pressure of coming in first either; you just need to keep going until time runs out. The game may be an endless runner in spirit but the driving mechanics are solid. The tracks are randomly generated so you will have to be alert in order to post the high score on the board.

10 best android racing games
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  • Great karting mechanics.
  • Multiple characters to keep things fresh.
  • Many cars with unique stats to choose from.
  • A great sense of progression.

Notable Feature: The coins you collect with your skillful driving can be used to upgrade your ride. This adds a solid incentive to drive better and faster.

download best android racing games in google play

6. Need for Speed: Most Wanted

best android racing games need for speed
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Need for Speed: Most Wanted for Android is a great game to play if you are not familiar with the console version.

It has great graphics, a pumping soundtrack, and amazing cars.

But if you have played the PC and console, the android version will feel lacking in content especially if you consider the price. Need for Speed Most Wanted is a great game but fans of the series will feel disappointed by the lack of much needed open world. But, this is the only thing we can negatively say about it.

10 best android racing games
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  • Over 40 customizable cars.
  • Two modes of controls.
  • Full car damage looks great.

Notable Feature: The handling of cars is very responsive, even console-like. This is a very hard thing to nail on a mobile game, as the hardware limitations never allow a full physics engine to run.

download best android racing games in google play

7. Asphalt 8: Airborne

best android racing games asphalt 8
App Logo

We have listed this amazing game in the top 10 multiplayer games on the Android article too and we are doing so again.

The reason is Asphalt 8: Airborne is simply an incredibly balanced game. Although it is a free title, it never feels that you are not getting VIP treatment. The licensed cars look and sound great and the sheer number of options at your disposal is staggering.

Drive, ram, drift, speed, and win in this absolutely gorgeous and breathtakingly optimized game. Surprisingly Gameloft is behind this title as well and yet the IAPs are kept on the low side.

10 best android racing games
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  • 47 great cars.
  • Performing stunts like barrel rolls are fun.
  • Jump and drift to earn nitrous.

Notable Feature: Asphalt 8: Airborne features real-world locations, all of them have unique characteristics and charm. The shortcuts and multiple pathways keep every race interesting.

download best android racing games in google play

8. Slingshot Chronostasis

best android racing games slingshot chronostasis
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The most unique android racing game we ever encountered, Slingshot Racing is a blast to play.

It is a top-down game with miniature cars and a very unique driving mechanic. Your ski comes equipped with a slingshot that attaches to special poles around the track. You simply need to tap any corner of the screen to launch the magnetized slingshot and increase your speed as well as cover the corner.

This physics-based game uses only one mechanic to build an environment that rewards timing and skill.

10 best android racing games
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  • Great looking and performing game.
  • Simple controls are easy to understand.
  • The gameplay is very rewarding.

Notable Feature: Slingshot Racing won our hearts by being incredibly accessible all the while requiring skill and masterful timing for success.

download best android racing games in google play

9. CSR Racing

best android racing games csr racing
App Logo

CSR Racing combines great graphics with solid gameplay to deliver the ultimate drag racing experience.


The car models are made with great care and are incredibly detailed. Winning races earns you money to spend on upgrading your car and making it better at winning. The gameplay is not overly complicated and to be honest, it is quite easy to get into. This is where the game gets to you, shifting gears at the right moment becomes crucial for that microsecond lead.

10 best android racing games
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  • Greatly detailed cars.
  • Upgrades have a real impact.
  • Shifting gears never felt so meaningful.

Notable feature: Wining close races feel wonderful. The sense of accomplishment this game gives to skillful gear shifters is astounding.

download best android racing games in google play

10. Real Racing 3

best android racing games real racing
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This is it folks, the best android racing game available.

Real Racing has shown what the Android platform is capable of delivering and that too without any cost. Real Racing has the best-looking graphics we have ever seen in any Android game. The cars are incredibly detailed and the way the light shines off them is amazing.


From the front bumper to the spoiler, the cars exhibit amazing life-like characteristics. You can try to leave marks on the road and remain there for the rest of the race. The sun glistens off the car in a very realistic manner.

The best part of Real Racing is the dashboard/driver view, which immensely adds to the experience. In short, Real Racing is as real as it gets on a mobile platform.

10 best android racing games
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  • 70 intensely detailed cars to choose from.
  • Real tracks for you to race on.
  • Multiplayer with friends, even if there are not online.
  • More than 1500 events to complete.

Notable Feature: Despite being a smartphone game, Real Racing is quite hard. Especially once you get your in-game carrier rolling you will have to try hard to come in first place.

download best android racing games in google play

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To Sum It All Up

These were the best android racing games we came across in our extensive search for racing satisfaction. We strongly recommend Real Racing as it showcases the power of our beloved platform. Amazing graphics merging with solid and addictive gameplay makes these games a must-have for any racing fan. You can even check out the top strategy games or RPG games if you get bored with the racing games.

Racing cars while traveling in your daily mode of transport never felt this great. If you have another game that we missed or any questions about the games, feel free to honk the horn in the comments below. And remember we are always up for a good race, happy racing!

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