7 Best Android Security Apps to Live Free Life

You want to stay safe right? Do you want to protect your family and belongings as well?

This is precisely the purpose of the best Android security app list. It aims to cover almost every aspect of smartphone security. While Android security is one piece of puzzle, we are introducing some of the best Android apps to help you secure many other aspects of your day-to-day life. From keeping your smartphone safe to keeping in touch with family in emergencies, the Best Android Security App list will have you covered with most of the things related to security.

Since these Android apps are all from different categories, we have chosen the best Android security app from individual category. This is also why, despite the numbering on the Android apps, there is no single best Android app on the list. All of the apps play an equally important part in making sure everything is secure in your life while you continue enjoying your best Android smarphone.

Note: All of these Android apps were tested on a Samsung Galaxy S 3 running on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. None of these Android apps ran into any issues while performing their pre-defined mobile operations. Two of the apps in the 10 Best Android Security Apps list require a rooted Android device in order to work efficiently. We will point these out in the respective Android app descriptions as we move ahead on the topic of 10 best android security apps to live a worry free life.

1. DroidWall – Android Firewall – Free Android App to Boost Security

droidwall Best Android Security App

The wall within

Some apps on your Android smartphone constantly try to connect to the Internet. This is not only insecure but also quite annoying, especially if you are not on an unlimited data plan. This is where DroidWall comes in. It is a simple Android app that selectively restricts the network connectivity of any other Android app installed on your smartphone. Would you like to consult a map without constantly giving away your position? Install DroidWall, and stop any Android app from accessing the Internet.

Note: This Android app requires a rooted Android device. If you don’t have a rooted Android based phone or tablet, don’t worry. There are many other Android Rooting apps on the list that can help.

Features of DroidWall (Android Firewall):

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Does what it advertises.
  • No pesky intrusions.
  • Has advanced features.

Notable Feature: DroidWall actually stops any Android app on your phone, whether it is an Android system app (Samsung apps we are looking at you) or any normal Android app.


2. MobilePatrol – Free Android Informative Security App

mobilepatrol Best Android Security App

Know your surroundings

MobilePatrol is an innovative and convenient Android app. It is more of an informative app than a full on Android security app. This app lets you track what sorts of crimes are happening in your surroundings. The app informs you of criminals  disguised in your neighbourhood. You would want to know who the new neighbour is, right? This Android informative security app lets you view vital security information such as emergency alerts, jail bookings, VINE notifications, warrants and most-wanted persons. It is always better to know about nearby security risks.

Features of MobilePatrol (Android Informative Security App):

  • In contact with local authorities.
  • Fetches direct official information.
  • Offers crime tips.
  • Generates emergency Alerts.
  • Gets services listings.

Notable Feature: This Android app works directly with local sheriff’s offices, so the information is official and up to date.


3. Avast Mobile Security for Android Devices – Free

Avast Mobile Security

Beware of malware

There are countless Android apps and viruses out there ready to attack your Android smartphone. That is why having a capable Android Antivirus app on your Android device is essential. Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus is a neat Android app which protects your smartphone from external virus attacks. If you are worried about getting your information stolen or personal data leaked, get Avast. It is one of the best Android security apps when it comes to protecting your Android device against malware and other alien virtual probes.

Note: There is a premium version of this Android app available but the free one gets the job done really well.

Features of Android Based Avast Mobile Security:

  • Reliable and fast antivirus app.
  • Almost no stress on system resources.
  • Non-intrusive and quite.
  • Constantly updated database.

Notable Feature: Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus silently runs in the background process and never bothers you unless there is an actual problem.


4. mSecure Password Manager for Android Smartphone – $9.99

mSecure Password Manager

My lips are sealed

Many people use simplistic passwords just because it is hard to remember complicated passwords. Dates of birth, names and even “mypassword” are some of the most common passwords used by a lot of Android smartphone users. This makes hacking and hijacking your account a lot easier for malicious individuals. This is where the best Android security app steps in to help you  create and save  more secure passwords. Frankly speaking, it is indeed a chore to remember complicated passwords, but with mSecure on your side you will never have to worry about writing them down.

Features of Android mSecure Password Manager:

  • Clean interface.
  • Cloud saves.
  • Secure passwords.
  • One play saves.

Notable Feature: mSecure Password Manager generates secure passwords for you that are very hard to crack via guessing or brute force.


5. Android Trend Micro Mobile Security – Free and Paid @ $29/year

Trend Micro Mobile Security Best Android Security App

Premium security

5.a Android Trend Micro Mobile Security Free version

If you require an Android all-in-one mobile security app and are willing to pay a premium price, the Trend Micro Mobile Security app is just for you. It has a very effective and efficient virus scanner along with anti-theft measures. This is a wholesome mobile security app which provides a quality service but at a high price for Android smartphones.

Features of Trend Micro Mobile Security (Free version):

  • Virus scanner.
  • Secure browsing.
  • Data theft scanner.
  • Backup and restore service.

Notable Feature: This Android app also comes with a Facebook scanner which scans privacy loopholes in your social networking profile and advice accordingly. The app is quite handy if you value your privacy on the Internet.

5.b Android Trend Micro Mobile Security Paid Subscription Version

A yearly subscription of Trend Micro Mobile Security will open up many advanced features like Lost device protection. This is a great Android security app if you can afford to pay a premium price. The subscription can be bought from within the app itself or on the site of the developer.


6. Android Titanium Backup Pro – $6.58

titanium backup pro Best Android Security App

Strong metallic protection

Titanium Backup Pro is not an Android security app, per say, but it does have some amazing features. You will need an Android rooted device for this app to work at its full potential, but it more than makes up with its immense utility. Titanium Backup Pro is an incredible Android app which can not only backup everything on your smartphone but can also save it on remote server. By everything, we mean everything. This includes text messages, contacts, emails and even Android app data. You will no longer have to start Subway Surfer from scratch again, even if you change your smartphone. You can even disable some Android system apps or the apps which came bundled along with your smartphone. If you feel like some Android apps are bugging you or using the Internet to send data, simply block it with Titanium Backup Pro and rest easy.

A free version of Titanium Backup is also available but it lacks the fundamental functions that makes it a great Android security app. Titanium Backup free version is good for basic Android users, but Titanium Backup Pro is highly recommended for advanced Android phone users.

Features of Titanium Backup Pro:

  • Very powerful.
  • No compromises made on quality.
  • Easy backups.
  • Store backups anywhere for easy retrieval.

Notable Feature: App blocking is the best feature of Titanium Backup Pro. It’s a simple function which makes life so much easier.


7. Life360 – Family Locator – Free Android App for Parents

Life360 Best Android Security App

Where are you?

This is the perfect Android app for parents who worry about their children. You simply install this app on every Android based smartphone used in your household and you will have a neat tracking service. But let your kids know about installing this app on their phone, or it will be a direct violation of their trust. Life360 helps you locate your family when you want and whenever you want it. This Android app uses GPS and WiFi to locate family members who can then be directly contacted. It is a handy smartphone app when there is an emergency and you need everyone back at home.

Features of Life360 – Family Locator App:

  • Almost accurate location tracking.
  • The map shows everyone added in your circle.
  • A unified chat room for free.
  • Location reached notifications.

Notable Feature:  You can easily create groups called circles in this Android app and can track family and friends separately.



Just like that the best Android Security app list comes to an end. We suggest that you at least try out some of the free Android apps first and then move on to the paid versions. We  do not recommend  you to root your Android device just to use a few apps on your phone. Remember the best security gadget you have is your brain. Use good judgment and make sensible decisions, whether you are planning a walk or installing a new Android app. You might even think about protecting your data with the top Android backup apps or watching over your family with an Android surveillance camera app.

Never install any Android apps from shoddy locations, and do not take candy from strangers. Checkout the 10 best Antivirus apps for Android article to see if there is a better version out there. If our best Android security app list has helped you in any way, do tell us in the comments below. Also, feel free to share your own experiences with us.

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