Best Android Tablets for Drawing

6 Great Android Tablets for Drawing: Drawing Tablets with Stylus

Let’s face it.

Android tablets are a hundred times better today than they were a few years ago. They evolve rapidly, alongside new technology.

With that being said…

Different companies and manufacturers have come up with numerous gimmicks to sell their products. But out of all those gimmicks, having a stylus pen as an Android tablet accessory is by far, the best. It is also the reason why most people started to use Android tablets for drawing.

Best Android Tablets for Drawing

Best Over AllSamsung Galaxy Tab A with S-Pen 10.1″
CheapestAsus ZenPad Z301M-A2-GR
Highly RecommendedHuawei MediaPad M5 Pro
Best ValueSamsung Galaxy Tab S6
Runner UpsSamsung Galaxy Tab S4
 Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite

Drawing Tablets with Pen/Stylus Running on Android

Here’s something you might want to know:

Unlike the conventional drawing tablets that require a connection to your computer or laptop to function, Android tablets offer you a first-hand drawing experience.

You can draw on these tablets as if you are sketching or drawing on an actual paper. It is also more convenient since it is lighter than a laptop or a drawing tablet.

Of course, it doesn’t end there!

Besides drawing, you can also use it for other purposes such as taking notes, writing down quick notes for journalism, and it is easy to bring anywhere with you.

Amazing, right?!

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What’s more convenient is that…

There are also a lot of drawing applications available in Google Play, Galaxy Store, Amazon AppStore, and other platforms!

These apps will surely help you in achieving the best possible outcome of your art while making your life easier. You can easily download these apps for free.

If you do multimedia art as a hobby or as a profession, there is no doubt that Android tablets that come with a stylus are the best option for you.

To help you decide which one to get, here is our list of the best Android tablets for drawing.

6 Best Android Tablets for Illustrations, Journalism, & Taking Notes

It is true!

You can draw best using an Android tablet with Stylus. However, not all Android tablets with some stylus are good enough. To have the best quality graphic artwork, there’s a lot of things to consider.

You have to check the specs of the device. For example, the size of the screen, the screen display or resolution, the memory, and how the stylus pen glides with the tablet itself.

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Best Android Tablets for Drawing - Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung stepped up their game with this one and I think it is safe to say that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is arguably the Android best tablet up to date.

Specifications and Key Features:

10.5 inches Screen Display287 pixels per inch density
Runs on Android 9 Pie 7,040mAh battery life
6GB RAM128GB Storage

You might think you’ve seen it all with Samsung Tabs, however, I think otherwise.

Unlike the previous Samsung tablets, the Tab S6 has a designated S-Pen compartment at the back, which charges it as well.

And in case you are wondering if your S-Pen will fall off, well… Its magnets hold pretty well!

But here’s the thing…

The shape of the new S-pen is boxier compared to the usual round S-Pens.

I’m not gonna lie, in terms of drawing using the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, the S-Pen holds pressure well. It produces good quality lines that are not wobbly in any way!

It also has minimum palm marks on your canvas. The tip of the S-Pen is on the rubbery side. You can change the -Pen’s tip since it comes with two nibs: soft and hard.

You can purchase this tablet with a keyboard, making it function like your laptop.

Lightweight Hefty price tag
Produces good quality linesNo headphone jack
Has gesture controls via S Pen 
Excellent speaker quality 

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Best Android Tablets for Drawing - Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Now if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, then this older product from the same line might be the one for you!

Specifications and Key Features:

10.5 inches Screen Display4096 pressure levels
Runs on Android 9.0 Pie 7,300mAh battery life
4GB RAM64GB Storage

What I liked most about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is its amazing pressure level of 4096 which makes it one of the best Android tablets for drawing.

For those who don’t know…

The higher the pressure level, the more sensitive it is when you draw. Hence, its sensitivity produces more accurate lines.

Not only that.

Its S-Pen’s shape is round, which makes it more comfortable to use since it resembles a true pen. It gives you the best possible drawing outcomes.

Produces good quality linesOn the heavier side
Excellent pressure levelsA little pricey
S-Pen doesn’t need to be charged 

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S-Pen 10.1″

Best Android Tablets for Drawing- Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S-Pen

If you want a Samsung Tab for drawing, but you have a tight budget, this one might spark your interest.

Specifications and Key Features:

10.1 inches Screen Display8MP Camera
Runs on Android 9.0 Pie6,150mAh battery life
2RAM32GB Storage

Even though it is not a Super AMOLED display and the pixels are quite visible, for its price, it works great. Plus, the visible pixels did not bother me at all when I draw. The S-Pen can be easily pulled out from the tablet.

And, the great news here is that…

The S-Pen does not feel cheap at all. It works even better than most pens in the market. The tip of the pen lines up perfectly with the screen.

Also, there wasn’t much of a lag when you draw, and it doesn’t give you wobbly lines. The palm rejection feature of the Galaxy Tab A with S-Pen is on point.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S-Pen works excellent, given its price.

Produces good quality linesThe pixels are quite visible
AffordableSkinny S-Pen might make your hand ache if working for long hours
S-Pen doesn’t need to be charged 

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4. Huawei MediaPad M5 Pro

Best Android Tablets for Drawing- Huawei MediaPad M5 Pro

Huawei has been known for releasing high-quality products but with a cheaper price tag. They have been competing with large, well-known brands such as Samsung and Apple.

Specifications and Key Features:

10.8 inches Screen Display4096 pressure levels
280 pixels per inch density7500mAh battery life
4GB RAM64GB/128GB Storage

The MediaPad M5 Pro lives up to the brand.

For the pen, there is a slight lag when you draw. There is also a big gap between the line and the tip of the pen.

The good news is…

There is no visible jittering when you draw! Sadly, the tip of the pen is slippery, giving you less control and slightly wobbly lines. It is also hard to find replacement tips when it wore out. The pen also needs to be recharged from time to time.

Great battery lifeNot-so-vibrant screen payoff
Very cheap priceThin bezels which make it bit slippery
Big screenPixelation can be seen when zoomed

5. Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite

Best Android Tablets for Drawing- Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite

If you’re looking for a smaller Android tablet than the MediaPad M5 Pro without a hefty price tag, then the Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite is for you.

Just a head’s up:

This tablet is designed to be used horizontally, which makes the camera and button placements different from usual.

Specifications and Key Features:

10.1 inches Screen Display2000 levels of pressure sensitivity
8MP Camera7500mAh battery life
3GB RAM32GB Storage

The M-Pen is battery-powered and has over 2000 levels of pressure sensitivity. The M-Pen tip is hard and very slippery against the glass screen. A matte screen protector will definitely help with this issue.

Other things to note are…

There is a slight delay when you draw. But the transition from thick to thin lines (and vice versa) is easy as pie. Occasionally, you will see palm streaks when you draw.

The drawing performance is not consistent between apps. Some apps show jitter and wobbly lines with this tablet.

Produces good quality linesSlight delay when you draw
The transition from thick to thin lines (and vice versa) is easy as pieThe drawing performance is not consistent between apps

6. Asus ZenPad Z301M-A2-GR

Best Android Tablets for Drawing- ASUS ZenPad 10

This ASUS tablet has a 10.1-inch full high-definition screen resolution. It offers good quality outputs like its competitors but for half the price.

Specifications and Key Features:

10.1 inches Screen Display1024 levels pressure-sensitive
5MP Camera4680mAh battery life
2GB RAM64GB/128GB Storage

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The pen is rounded and doesn’t feel weird when you hold it. It has two buttons for shortcuts and can last for weeks with a single charge.

Perfect for long days of drawing on your Android tablet, right?

The pen doesn’t come with extra nibs. It also shows the most lag on this list when drawing. Thankfully, there are no visible jitters or wobbly lines when you draw.

Very cheap pricePoor screen resolution
Long stylus battery lifeLaggy

Draw Your Hearts Out

It is important to have the best Android tablet for drawing to match your skills. You definitely need to consider how fast the tablet is and how it performs with its stylus or pen. And of course, don’t forget how much it would cost you. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 might be pricey, but you will rip off all its benefits. Especially if you are using it for your profession.

Do you think we missed one of the best Android tablets for drawing? Let us know! Leave a comment below!

More on Android Tablets for Drawing

Can Android tablets be used for drawing?

Welcome to the new era! You can now use your Android tablet for drawing. But, not all Android tablets have this function. Be sure that it has a stylus or pen.

Why are Android tablets better than drawing tablets?

Android tablets lets you draw as if you are drawing on an actual paper. You can also use it for other purposes such as browsing the internet. Drawing pads or drawing tablets need to be plugged to a computer or laptop which is not handy.

Will all stylus or S-pens work with all Android tablets?

The answer is a hard NO. Not all tablets are designed to be sensitive to the touch of a pen or stylus. For example, the Galaxy Tab A with S-Pen is different from the Galaxy Tab A. Even if you will buy a separate S-Pen and use it on you Tab A, it will not react to it. The same condition applies to the Huawei MediaPad M5 Pro and Huawei MediaPad M5.

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