Android Tablets Under 200 Dollars

5 Android Tablets Under 200 Dollars: Best Budget Tablets

Looking for a new tablet, but can’t afford to spend a lot of money? Or maybe you don’t want to spend too much on a gadget? Well, it’s a good day for you! Because we’ve come up with a list of Android tablets under 200 dollars, just for you!

There are Android tablets under 200 dollars that you can get your hands on! Yes, you read it right! You get tablets for such an affordable price without compromising on quality and features.

Sounds great, right?

There are cheap Android tablets in the market that blend affordability and quality. This is because cheap does not always mean “cheap” quality. A lot of these affordable tablets have managed to remain feature-packed, portable, lightweight, slim, and durable.

The Best Budget Android Tablets Under 200 Dollars

Best OverallSamsung Galaxy Tab A7 8.0
CheapestHuawei MediaPad T5 Tablet
 Acer Iconia One 10
Best ValueLenovo Tab 4 10.1
Highly RecommendedASUS ZenPad S 8

Smartphones are, indeed getting larger and larger. Despite this, tablets are still in the game and far from becoming obsolete.

You ask why?

This is especially because companies are now making cheaper options for those looking for a decent tablet for gaming, video streaming, web browsing,  entertainment, or as an additional device to have aside from a smartphone and a laptop.

And we all know that…

While giant techs keep making expensive and high-end tablets, they still offer cheaper alternatives. Because, at the end of the day, everyone’s their target market, right?

So now…

There are budget-friendly Android tablets under 200 dollars out there if you know where and what to look. And this is something that we are hopeful to help you with.

Without further ado, let’s dig into our list and find out more!

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6 Best Cheap Android Tablets Under 200 Dollars

Don’t have enough money to get an expensive new tablet? Don’t worry. You can get a new one without spending that much. There are some affordable Android tablets you can buy at under 200 dollars. At such a cheap price, you’ll not be getting something “cheap.” Check them out below.

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 8.0

Best affordable tablet from Samsung– Android Tablets Under 200 Dollars

Samsung is known for its high-end smartphones and tablets. But this doesn’t mean that the company’s not releasing affordable tablets with great quality. Speaking of affordability and quality, the tablet that most fits the description is the Galaxy Tab A7.

This tablet is perfect for those who are into slim, lightweight and portable tablets. With an 8-inch display, it’s just slightly larger than large smartphones. It may be portable, but it still offers more room for viewing. Thanks to its minimum bezel-maximum view design. And since it’s slim and lightweight, it’s easy to carry and use around on the go.

It has a vivid display and quality dual-speakers, making it perfect for entertainment. Since it has a large battery that can run up to 13 hours on a single charge, it’s a binge-ready tablet. You can watch movies, TV shows, and videos, browse the web, or listen to music non-stop for hours without having to recharge it.


  • Minimum bezel, maximum view
  • Lightweight and slim design
  • Premium metallic finish
  • 8.0-inch display (1280×800 resolution)
  • Surround sound (dual speakers)
  • 13-hour battery life on a single charge
  • Quad 2.0 GHz processor

2. Huawei MediaPad T5 Tablet

Best for entertainment- Android Tablets Under 200 Dollars

If you want a new tablet primarily for entertainment, you should check out Huawei’s MediaPad T5 Tablet. It’s a powerful tablet that runs EMUI 8 that is based on Android 8.0. With an Octa-core processor that offers up to 2.35 GHz frequency, this tablet promises powerful, blistering performance.

This tablet is the ultimate affordable alternative for those looking to use a tablet to watch movies, binge TV shows or series, or listen to music. Thanks to its large 1010p Full-HD Vivid Display with a 15:10 aspect ratio, and its dual speakers with 360° soundscape made in partnership with Harman Kardon. It offers a great immersive cinematic and auditory experience.


  • 10.1-inch 1010p Full-HD Vivid Display
  • 16:10 aspect ratio
  • Harman Kardon dual speakers (360° soundscape)
  • Sleek and lightweight metal body
  • Children’s Corner
  • 1o-hour battery life
  •  Octa-core processor (up to 2.36 GHz)

3. Lenovo Yoga Tab 3

Uniquely designed tablet- Android Tablets Under 200 Dollars

The Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 is the most uniquely designed tablet here. But the design is not just purely for aesthetics. It’s more made for better function and productivity. Its kickstand is designed for Multi-Mode Positions, allowing you to view and use the tablet in 4 different positions. Whether you’re watching a movie, following a workout instruction, scrolling through a recipe, or whatever, you can use this tablet any way you like it.

With its 4 JBL speakers and brilliant 2K display, you can watch movies and videos with theater-like experience. It also has an 18-hour battery life, which means that you can binge on your favorite show for long hours. This tablet even has voice controls, a rotatable projector, and a camera. Talk about ease and entertainment.


  • Brilliant 2K display
  • 4 integrated front-facing Dolby Atmos speakers
  • Lenovo Media Cast
  • Rotatable projector
  • Multi-mode positions
  • 8MP 180° rotatable camera
  • 18-hour battery life

4. ASUS ZenPad S 8

ASUS ZenPad S 8- Android Tablets Under 200 Dollars

Another Android tablet that you can get at under 200 dollars is the ASUS ZenPad S 8. It’s a portable tablet with a powerful 64-bit Quad-Core processor. Its 8-inch display offers a brilliant, vivid 2K IPS display for a better cinematic experience. This is especially true with its TruVivid technology. And if you’re worried about spending too much time staring at the tablet’s screen, ASUS got you protected with its Bluelight filter technology.

Not only does this tablet have a great visual display, but it also sports a 178-degree viewing angle. This means that you can tilt it and adjust it to the right angle for easy and comfortable viewing. Adjust it any way you like it.


  • 8-inch 2K IPS Display
  • 64-bit Intel Atom Z3530 Quad-Core processor
  • TruVivid and Bluelight filter technology
  • 178-degree viewing angles
  • 5MP PixelMaster rear camera

You can also check out these other great ASUS Android Tablets.


5. Acer Iconia One 10

Acer Iconia one 10-Android Tablets Under 200 Dollars

Acer Iconia One 10 may not be as powerful as the other tablets in the list or may not even be as feature-rich. But this does not mean it does not deserve to be included as being among the best. It has a great 10.1-inch display with decent viewing quality and is matched with dual-stereo speakers.


  • 10.1-inch display (1280×800)
  • MediaTek MT8167 SOC
  • Quad-core processor
  • Dual stereo speakers
  • 6,100mAh battery

Frequently Asked Questions- Android Tablets Under 200 Dollars

Which Android tablet is best?

The best Android tablet would depend on your preference and what you’re using the tablet for. However, one of the best tablets that you can get for as low as just over 100 dollars is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7.

Are Android tablets dying?

Not quite. While tablets are losing steam in the last few years, there are still people who prefer using this great device.

Which cheap Android tablet is best for gaming?

Of the 6 tablets featured here, the best tablet for gaming is Huawei MediaPad T5. With this tablet, you can play most games efficiently and smoothly, including games with heavy graphics.

Android Tablets Under 200 Dollars-Minded

As smartphones are getting larger and larger, some people think that they can do without a tablet. However, it would help if you get to know more about Android tablets.

Some people are still interested in getting a new tablet but are just not willing to spend a lot of money on them. Luckily, there are a handful of Android tablets that you can get at a low price. If you’re not so sure what to get, Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is a safe choice. That is not to say, however, that the other tablets featured here are not equally as great.

What do you think of this article? Let us know by dropping some comments and suggestions below.

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