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Best Android Xbox Emulators

We know how it can be costly to purchase an Xbox to play some of your old time favorites like Halo 2, Ride or Die, Agent Under Fire and Avatar: The Last Airbender. This original version of Xbox is one of the oldest 6th generation video gamer consoles first released on November 15, 2001.

If you want to run Xbox games of back in the day without paying a big price, you can download an Android Xbox emulator apk just for it on your smartphone. You can play real games anywhere you want without staying indoors all the time which can be a bit boring for some.

This Xbox emulator apk was first available to users by a third-party website, which came in a Chinese Version. Once you downloaded it from the site, you had to get a VPN to run it. This was because that time Microsoft was strict about its copyright rights. Hence, you had to set the server to China.

However, times have changed and now Xbox gamers can get it for free in the Google Play Store without restrictions.

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1. Gloud Games

Gloud Games Emulator

This is one of the most used Xbox Emulators you can find for playing high-end games. One of the things you’ll love about this emulator is its smooth interface. You can easily navigate through it and it has touch buttons used for easy gameplay.


  • Play 200+ games
  • You can play with friends all over the world
  • Play 100 GB games


  • Good interface
  • Pleasant graphics
  • Easy controls
  • Many games to choose


  • You may not be able to play heavy games
  • It requires a fast internet connection
  • May not be favorable for small screen smartphones
  • It has limited servers
  • Games are paid and while others are trial versions
Google Play

Grab the Wireless Xbox Controller for Android

Xbox controller
Wireless Xbox Controller for Android

If you are struggling to use the controls of your small size smartphone to play with your newly installed Xbox emulator, why not get the full experience by owning this Wireless Xbox Controller?

This is especially compatible with your Android phone and you can connect with it using Bluetooth.


  • Streamlined design and textured grip
  • Up to 2x wireless range
  • Easy comfort and feel


Final thoughts

So far we were able to find one Xbox Android emulator to play some high-end games without purchasing the Xbox itself. One thing we love about this emulator is that it doesn’t require a VPN to operate it, unlike the previous version. Plus, it comes in the English language.

Have you tried one this Xbox emulator for Android before? Did it work out for you? If there is any other Xbox emulator you are using, please share with us in the comment section below.

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