The Best Answering Machine Apps for Android

If you are here looking for one of the best answering machine apps for Android, then you fortunately have very little looking to do.

There are not many answering machine apps for Android as is. To make matters worse, the ones that are available are not that great. I tested around 13 different apps for this list and it was painful to go through them.

But if you can’t get an actual answering machine or afford an assistant to do the job, you can try out the best answering machine apps for Android. They may not be perfect but they get the job done.

Note: The best answering machine apps for Android were tested on a Vivo V9 smartphone. The apps worked OK, and there were no major problems faced during testing. There are some minor bugs but those are not too big to be considered as deal breakers.

1. ReceptionHQ Answering Service

If you need an automated receptionist service, you can try out ReceptionHQ. While it is not an actual substitute to a proper receptionist, it can do a fairly good job because on the back end there is a real receptionist working.

The app is able to give greetings, divert calls, and even send automated messages. You will be allotted a number that will be answered/handled by one of the receptionist from the company. Then they will execute the selected action you specified.

There is a trial period for the app, so you can test out the service before getting the premium membership as well.

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2. Answering Service Mobile App

This app is designed for small businesses and can help them manage phone calls in an efficient way. The app allows you to keep an eye on all inbound and outbound calls as well.

Answering Service Mobile App is not suitable for personal use though; you can of course use it anyway you like but it won’t be as effective. You will still need to have actual operators to run the calls but it makes the whole process streamlined.

From tracking usage to viewing detailed reports, everything can be observed with the help of this Answering Service Mobile app.

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Answer Me:

These were some Answering machine apps for Android. I would use the phrase “Answering Machine” loosely here as they are not actual answering machines.

You could search the whole Play Store and won’t find a single one that works. Maybe I missed a few but I highly doubt that.

I’ll be doing some extensive research on why there are no answering machine apps available. Is it Google’s policies that are not allowing such apps to exist? Or no one is interested in making them in the first place? We don’t know the exact reasons just yet.

I’m sure you are genuinely disappointed to see there are not many apps in this category. If you do know a functioning answering machine app for Android that actually works, feel free to drop a link below. I would certainly love to include it on the list.

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  1. Thank you for researching what is available. This information is not easy to find. Please let me know if you find an app that works as simply as the plain old land line answering machines.

  2. Hello. On my Xperia Z5 the phone app had a real Answering machine with it. I still have all my messages on the phone. I want an ap like that for my new phone! Can’t figure why there aren’t any. On my Z5 the version is 3.0

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