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4 Best Anti-Lag Apps for Android You Should Use Right Away in 2023

Lag is something no one likes, whether it’s on their PC or smartphone. It probably causes you discomfort just b seeing the word mentioned somewhere. Fortunately, there are some anti-lag apps for Android that help mitigate the problem. However, they may or may not work for your particular hardware. Thankfully, we can explain why lag happens and how you can totally avoid it as well.

But before we start on the best anti-lag apps for Android, we need to define what lag is.

What is Lag?

1. High Ping Lag

If your internet ping is too high, the usual causes are that you are too far away from the server or have a bad connection. Because of this, you will experience lag in online video games.

2. Frame Rate Drops

People often call frame rate drops lag and, in some way, they’re right. Your experience will be lagging and there are many reasons why the frame rates would drop.

The most common reason is that there are lots of background apps using system resources and none left for the active app to use. Another reason could be hardware related. If you are going to run the latest and most resource consuming mobile game on 5-year-old hardware, it will not be a pleasant ride.

3. Unresponsiveness

All of us have experienced unresponsiveness when using an app at least once. The app gets stuck or takes inputs really slow. There are several factors affecting the responsiveness of an app. The most common one is that the memory is being used by other apps. Another reason is that the app itself is not optimized, and this happens in apps that are in beta or alpha stages.

Thankfully, the best anti-lag apps for Android will do the work for you and try to eliminate all of the above issues without putting any stress on your hardware. Of course, they are not going to magically make your smartphone run as if it were new, they will just use some software measures to ensure that your experience runs optimally.

Best Apps to Fix Lag on your Android Device

1. Speed BOOSTER – Memory Cleaner & CPU Task Manager

speed booster logo
App Logo

If you want to press a button in an app and start boosted mode, then Speed Booster is made just for you. It is a neat little package that claims to boost your Android CPU speed and free app memory. Even if we believe the last part, we didn’t see any change in our CPU “speed” at all. However, the app is capable of killing unnecessary background tasks.


  • Boost Battery Life
  • Homescreen Widget
  • Task Manager

The app comes with a great looking interface that is very easy to use. Additionally, it can close apps that drain your memory and close down background tasks to free up more resources, so you can have a better experience with the app at hand.

Google Play

2. PINGER – Anti Lag For All Mobile Game Online

App Logo

This is a tool made for gamers who like to play games online. It basically routes your data through optimized channels to reduce ping during games. This works really well if the server is far away from you. For example, if you are in Asia and want to play on a European server, this app will come in handy.


  • Made specifically for gamers
  • one tap boost
  • small memory footprint

This app won’t completely eliminate lag, but it will minimize the lag jitters you face during gameplay. All you need to do is run the app and start it by pressing the button. After that, you can minimize it and let it run in the background. The app may or may not benefit you depending on your region, server, the game you’re playing, location and lots of other factors, so you shouldn’t totally depend on it.

Google Play

3. Game Booster – Play Games Faster & Smoother – Free with In-app Purchases

Game Booster icon
App Logo

This Game Booster claims to be able to make your apps run 3 times faster. However, when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. The app makes your games run faster than usual – so it does its job, but it isn’t actually 3 times faster after all.


  • Memory optimization
  • FPS Monitor
  • Advanced features for rooted phones

This app basically optimizes the process running on your processor, clear memory from the RAM and lets the active game or app use almost all system resources. Additionally, if your device is rooted, the app will work even better and some extra features will be available. However, rooting is not completely necessary.

Google Play

4. Anspeeder – lag remover and game booster – Free

anspeeder logo
App Logo

This is one of the simplest and most effective apps in the anti-lag category. It cleans your RAM and helps improve the performance of your device, by accelerating it. This is an app that can be used on almost any Android device since it works with Android 4.1 or up.


  • Kills unnecessary tasks
  • Clears RAM
  • Improves overall performance

This is a very simple app that doesn’t require much effort to use. Even though the interface design could be improved, it does its job with only the press of a button.

Google Play


Which is the best anti-lag app for Android?

Most of the apps have really similar features, but some have something extra that makes them better. So, if we had to choose only one app, we’d go with Clean Master because it seems to be the swiss army knife of mobile optimization.

Are anti-lag apps for Android effective?

It depends on your device. They cannot perform magic on very old or damaged hardware. They can only improve the performance of your phone to some extent, but don’t expect to play the most resource-consuming game on your 5-year-old phone.

Does rooting your Android phone fix your lag problem?

Rooting in itself cannot fix the lag you are experiencing. However, after rooting, you can install custom ROMs, which can work a little better. However, phones are prone to slow down over time, and there isn’t much that you can do about it, unfortunately.

Anti-Lag Apps – Enhance Your Android Performance

These apps are all great options to help you prevent lag on your Android device.

With that said, you cannot make your smartphone run faster than its hardware, so if you have an old smartphone and the best anti-lag apps are not doing a good job, perhaps it is time to move to a newer device.

Do you have any suggestions? Opinions or recommendations? Please drop a comment below, we would really love to hear from you. 

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  1. Dear JOA Team
    i’m playing Pro Evolution Soccer on my Mobile Phone
    i use to play online since 2017 and it was really smooth
    but we have to face lag cheaters now
    they input lag when we have to defend maybe using lag switch, as i read
    so our players are slow and theirs are running
    do all the apps you presented in this article can help me to equilibrate the lag and bring back normal speed ?
    PES is my favorite game and playing online is what i love but now it’s very frustrating to play against all that cowards lag cheaters.
    Thanks in advance for your answer.

  2. That is a decent list of the apps which I appreciate but one of them and I’m surprised you on not aware of them but the
    “Cheetah” App is bad news!!!
    They have been busted for stealing peoples data,ad fraud and a pile of other things. Please link below. Don’t help these
    people they caused enough pain. Thank you, went with Dr Booster! Works great!


    1. Hi Spent! Thanks for the information! The article was made when Clean Master was still on the Play Store, we apologize for the inconvenience.

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